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A Christian's Involvement in Politics: Discovering Your Biblical Civic Duty

Author: Pastor Paul Blair

The Pilgrims, Puritans, and our Founding Fathers understood that God created the institution of human government and had a lot to say about it in the Bible. From America's birth through the Greatest Generation, Biblical morality permeated our society and Biblical principles were evident in our public policy.

Within the last generation, Christians have been told to abandon the culture and leave political issues to unbelievers. Now we are suffering the consequences. Can God bless this nation that has turned its back on Him?

A Christian's Involvement in Politics answers fifteen most often-heard excuses for Christian apathy and also provides suggestions to Reclaim America for Christ.

Paul Blair

Paul Blair was raised in Edmond, Oklahoma, and was a three-year starter at offensive tackle for Oklahoma State University. After college, he was a fourth round draft pick of the Chicago Bears pro football team in 1986, one of only three rookies to make the team of the defending world champions. He spent five years in the NFL, retiring after the 1990 season due to a fourth and final knee injury.

At the age of 26, Paul made absolutely sure of his eternal salvation and committed his life to Jesus Christ. His passion is for souls, for Americans to understand their Christian heritage, and the restoration of Godly morality and decency in America. Since 2000, Paul Blair has served as senior pastor of Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. He is also chairman of Reclaiming America for Christ and involved in Patriot Pastors and the Black Robed Regiment. Rick Scarborough's Vision America awarded Paul Blair the 2011 Daniel Award for National Pastor of the Year.

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S-1108: A Christian's Involvement in Politics