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L-R: Arab worshippers at the Dome of the Rock - Jerusalem, Tour group in bedoin tent in Petra - Jordan, Rev. Noah Hutchings, Rabbi Arial of the Temple Institute with Noah Hutchings and Carol Rushton - Jerusalem, Ruins at Qumran and the Dead Sea - Israel


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The Revelation of Jesus Christ for Today - Revised Edition

The Book of Revelation is the most misunderstood of all the sixty-six books of the Bible. However, Noah Hutchings makes the complex easy to understand in this verse-by-verse commentary, presented from a pre-millennial, pre-tribulational position on eschatology.

Noah Hutchings puts his 53 years of study and world travels into an exhaustive verse-by-verse study of the Apocalypse with a contemporary application.

There are many commentaries on Revelation, but there have been critical changes in the scientific, political, and military status of the entire world that has a bearing now on what the apostle John saw for the coming Tribulation period.

There are serious new national alignments in Europe, the Orient, the Middle East, Israel, and our own country. How will world terrorism, fanatic Islam, and apostasy within Christendom plunge the nations into world government?

In Revelation For Today, the Bible reader will discover a new understanding of this exciting last book of the Bible.

Features: Cross-referenced scriptures and a new Signs of the Times section with most chapters

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H-511: Revelation For Today - Updated Edition