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Beyond the Revelation

Author: Pastor Terry Alexander

There is a bumpy, muddy, winding, and at times, uncertain road that winds through the 66 books of the Bible over a period of 6,000 years, from the First Eden to the Last Eden. We are now nearing the last and most dangerous sections of this road.

In Beyond the Revelation, Terry Alexander travels this road with us until we reach that blessed and holy city where there will be no hunger, no tears, no sorrow, no sin, no crime, no sickness, no disappointments, not even a red light.

We read in the Holy Scriptures the promised blessings of God awaiting us in the New Jerusalem, the Paradise of God. But the Bible indicates that this is only a partial list, and that you and I cannot even begin to imagine what lies beyond the last verse in Revelation.

Beyond the Revelation takes you through time, space, and places in God's eternal kingdom that you may have never traveled before.

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H-016: Beyond the Revelation