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God's Final Jubilee

Author: Dan Goodwin

A jubilee year was the fiftieth year following forty-nine years of cultivating the land. Many important events have occurred in jubilee years. The next jubilee year in Israel will be 2017.

In relation to His second coming, Jesus said that there would be signs in the sun and the moon. A red moon event occurs when the earth comes between the sun and the moon. Such an event is very rare, yet there will be four red moon events in the coming year, and all occur on Israeli feast days.

This will be miraculous, and almost impossible, yet it will happen.

Dan Goodwin presents a fascinating study on the history of Israel in relation to calendar dates and historical events.

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S-1217: God's Final Jubilee

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The Way of Salvation

Dr. E. F. Webber founded Southwest Radio Ministries in 1933 in the middle of America's Great Depression on faith. Faith charactized Dr. Webber's life, family, and ministry.

The Way of Salvation presents four of Dr. Webber's most inspirational messages on two CDs.

Makes a great gift for those who love the old-time gospel messages.

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X-984: The Way of Salvation 2-CD Set



GOD'S FINAL JUBILEE, 4 programs with Noah Hutchings and Dan Goodwin on CD
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A-5780: God's Final Jubilee on CD


A SERMON FROM THE PAST: THE WAY OF SALVATION, 1 program with Noah Hutchings and Dr. E. F. Webber on CD
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A-5781: A Sermon From the Past: The Way of Salvation on CD