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Blood Moon, Biblical Signs of the Coming Apocalypse Book & DVD

Author: S. Douglas Woodward

The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come Joel 2:31

Are the blood moons of 2014-2015 portents of pending calamitous events in the Middle East? Are they true harbingers of doomsday? Does end-times Bible prophecy have any relevance to the way Christians live their lives in the 21st century? Are there authentic heavenly signs of the apocalypse that can tell us when the end of the age is?

Douglas Woodward brings his acute analytical skill and decades of biblical study to the hot topic of the "blood moon" prophecies. He delivers an enduring classic on eschatology destined to be a cherished inspirational resource and vital prophetic reference for many years to come.

Douglas Woodward has written seven books on history, biblical eschatology, religion, and philosophy. He is often a featured guest speaker at Bible conferences and a frequent guest on television and radio programs.

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S-1226: Blood Moon, Biblical Signs of the Coming Apocalypse


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X-1148: End-Time Signs: Bood Moons to Earthquakes DVD


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G-296: Blood Moon Book & DVD


Second Amendment Issues DVD

Producer: Southwest Radio Ministries

Miles Hall is the owner and president of H&H Shooting Sports in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

In this interview with David Schnittger, Miles Hall discusses his passion for the Second Amendment and the American citizen's right to bear arms. He highlights some of the current threats to our God-given right to self-defense from the courts, state legislatures, and the federal government.

Mr. Hall also talks about how his Christian faith impacts his business decisions and why Christian leadership is important in the workplace.

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X-1149: Second Amendment Issues DVD


Reasons to Affirm a Global Flood

Author: Paul Humber

The idea that the earth experienced a world-wide flood in its distant past is seldom mentioned in today's schools, colleges or media. It is safe to say that much of modern academia has rejected such a concept.

It is particularly sad that even Christian scholars espousing the inerrancy of Scripture have questioned the fact of a global flood.

But it is important to acknowledge real facts that have so often been ignored by many in the scientific community. We must move the issue of the great flood described in Genesis to the forefront.

Reasons to Affirm a Global Flood helps to refute the arguments of those doubting the global flood of Noah's time with compelling evidence that proves the trustworthiness of the Bible.

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S-1227: Reasons to Affirm a Global Flood


Reasons to Affirm a Young Earth

Author: Paul Humber

School children are taught, and most believe today, that the earth - and life on earth in all its forms - are millions or billions of years old. Biblical chronology indicates the earth and life on earth to be 6,013 years old.

Most people today do not accept the biblical record; therefore, to prove to our children, as well as adults, we have to support biblical truth to unbelievers today with historical and scientific evidences.

According to our Bible, it was 4,000 years from Adam to Jesus Christ, and we know it has been 2,013 years since the birth of Jesus Christ. Paul Humber presents 50 reasons why this is true, thus affirming a young earth in thousands of years rather than millions or billions of years to accommodate the theory of evolution.

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S-1183: Reasons to Affirm a Young Earth



END TIME SIGNS FROM BLOOD MOONS TO EARTHQUAKES, 3 programs with Larry Spargimino and Douglas Woodward on CD
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A-5814: End Time Signs From Blood Moons to Earthquakes on CD


SECOND AMENDMENT ISSUES, 1 program with David Schnittger and Miles Hall on CD
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A-5815: Second Amendment Issues on CD


THE TRUTH BEHIND NOAH'S FLOOD, 1 program with Larry Spargimino and Paul Humber on CD
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A-5816: The Truth Behind Noah's Flood on CD