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Producer: Galilee Experience

Each year, the Jewish calendar we feature from Galilee Experience is always one of our most popular items.

16-Month 2014-2015 Jewish Calendar

The beautiful Blessed Is the Man 2014-2015 calendar has many outstanding features:

This calendar makes an outstanding gift for your pastor, Sunday school teacher, as well as friends and relatives. It will be an inspiring reminder of how every day each of us ares blessed by the Lord.

Since these calendars are printed and shipped from Israel, you’ll want to make sure you order your calendar today. Limited quantities.

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S-884: 2014-2015 Jewish Calendar: Blessed Is the Man

1 for $20.00

3 for $50.00

Cancer Wars DVD

Host: Bill Schnoebelen

Millions suffer a personal and terrifying Armageddon after cancer diagnosis.

Through extensive research and prayer, Dr. Bill Schnoebelen exposes how the cancer industry's deadly monopoly, lies, and public campaigns have suppressed life-saving, non-invasive, natural cancer therapies in order to scare patients into having revenue-driven deadly procedures.

Truth and hope prevail through the amazing world of natural and alternative cancer treatments. Backed by proven success rates, Dr. Schnoebelen shares detailed information on healing anti-cancer modalities and the spiritual roots of this modern plague.

In Cancer Wars, learn what the Holy Spirit wants you to know concerning disease, prayer, repentance, and the victorious liberating power of Jesus Christ.

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X-1153: Cancer Wars DVD



BLESSED IS THE MAN, 3 programs with Noah Hutchings, Larry Spargimino, and Eric Morey on CD
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A-5825: Blessed Is the Man on CD


CANCER WARS, 2 programs with David Schnittger and Bill Schnoebelen on CD
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A-5826: Cancer Wars on CD