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Lying Wonders of the Red Planet

Author: Douglas Woodward

The history of the Red Planet features enchanted fiction, diabolical deception, frustrated hopes, cutting-edge science, and dark occult beliefs. Over the past half-century, this story intensified as the exploration of our planetary neighbor expanded with satellite photo-flybys and robotic science labs creeping across Martian surfaces.

Despite discovering Mars' unsuitability for life, myths continue to flourish about intelligent life once present there, channeled encounters with aliens, rapid space travel back and forth, and a massive military base some ancient alient theorists believe exists below the surface.

Douglas Woodward supplies a compelling account of personages and their theories on Mars which reveals the secrets behind the alien story like physics genius Nikola Tesla, German rocket scientist Werner von Braun, and late astronomer Tom Van Flandern.

Whether scientist or author, all saw Mars as a stepping stone to the stars and the means through which humanity would discern its place in universe.

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S-1215: Lying Wonders of the Red Planet


The Way of Salvation

Dr. E. F. Webber founded Southwest Radio Ministries in 1933 in the middle of America's Great Depression on faith. Faith charactized Dr. Webber's life, family, and ministry.

The Way of Salvation presents four of Dr. Webber's most inspirational messages on two CDs.

Makes a great gift for those who love the old-time gospel messages.

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X-984: The Way of Salvation 2-CD Set


April 2014 Prophetic Observer

Author: Noah Hutchings

With few exceptions, Christendom observes Good Friday as the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified. A few believe that Jesus was crucified on Thursday, and a few more hold to the opinion that He was crucified on Wednesday.

The primary reason that the vast majority of Christians accept Friday as the day of crucifixion is that Jesus was crucified not only on the Day of Preparation but also on the "day before the Sabbath." A Jewish sabbath was a day in which limitations were placed upon physical activities, which not only refer to Saturday, the last day of the week, but also to certain holidays or feast days.

If, as the vast majority of Christendom believe, that Jesus was crucified on Friday, then His body would have lain the tomb only 24 to 26 hours - one night and one day - not the three days that Jesus said in Matthew 12:40. "For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man may be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth."

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L-762: April 1995 Prophetic Observer

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LYING WONDERS OF THE RED PLANET, 2 programs with Noah Hutchings and Doug Woodward on CD
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A-5777: Lying Wonders of the Red Planet on CD


A SERMON TITLED EAGLE SAINTS, 1 program with Noah Hutchings and Dr. E. F. Webber on CD
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A-5778: A Sermon Titled Eagle Saints on CD


THE DAY JESUS DIED, 2 programs with Noah Hutchings and Jerry Guiltner on CD
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A-5779: The Day Jesus Died on CD