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The Final Countdown Volume 11 Update 1 3-DVD Set

Host: Pastor Billy Crone

Pastor Billy Crone delves into new topics in Volume 11 of his The Final Countdown Update. Exploring The Rise of Falsehood, Pastor Crone delves into false messiahs, false myths and the visions of Mary which the Bible calls a familiar spirit or a demon.

Pastor Crone then explains why the UFO phenomenon is demonic deception and shows evidence that world leaders, including the Vatican are not only promoting them but their desire is to be the global emissary for first contact.

Moving on to the Rise of Wickedness, Pastor Crone begins with general wickedness promoted by a wicked educational system and a wicked media system, how atheism produces a godless, murderous society with the rise of atheist churches and the explosion of murder through the killing of children in and out of the womb. The recent legalization of marijuana and increased drug use introduces a spiritual wickedness along with an increase of witchcraft and satanism.

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X-1165: The Final Countdown Volume 11 3-DVD Set


The Blood of Lambs and The Beautiful Truth 3-DVD Set

Authors and Host: Kamal Saleem with Lynn Vincent and Larry Spargimino

At the age of four, Kalam Saleem learned at his mother's table that his highest calling was to be martyred while killing infidels - particularly Americans and Jews. When he was seven, he went on his first terrorist mission - smuggling weapons into Israel for Yasser Arafat.

By the age of fifteen, Kamal was already an explosives expert. He trained international terrorists in the desert camps of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi.

Though he severed his ties with terrorism more than 20 years ago, it was not until 9-11 that Kamal stepped out of the shadows and revealed his true identity. Today, Kamal is a different kind of warrior. He now stands as a watchman on the wall and shouts to America, "Open your eyes and fight the danger that lives among you."

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S-1220: The Blood of Lambs Book


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X-1139: The Beautiful Truth 3-DVD Set


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G-292: The Blood of Lambs Book & The Beautiful Truth 3-DVD Set



THE FINAL COUNTDOWN: FALSE MESSIAHS, FALSE VISIONS, AND DEMONIC DECEPTION IN THE LAST DAYS, 3 programs with Larry Spargimino, Noah Hutchings, and Pastor Billy Crone on CD
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A-5847: The Final Countdown: False Messiahs, False Visions on CD


THE VERY REAL THREAT OF TERRORISM IN AMERICA, 2 programs with Larry Spargimino and Kamal Saleem on CD
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A-5848: The Very Real Threat of Terrorism in America on CD