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International Merger by Foreign Entanglements

Author: Arthur Thompson

One of the most dangerous aspects of preserving American liberty and independence is the field of foreign entanglements, yet few Americans are aware of either the danger or issues involved.

International Merger by Foreign Entanglements outlines the scope of the problem of what is behind the so-called free trade agreements that have shipped American jobs overseas, entangled the U.S. in supra-national governmental structures, and set us on a pathway of integration with other nations rather than our protecting our cherished independence as a country.

This book explores in-depth the scope of the problem of what is behind the plethora of free trade agreements, pacts, and partnerships presently being considered by the U.S.

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S-1245: International Merger by Foreign Entanglments


Adoniram Judson's Soul Winning Secrets Revealed

Authors: Tin Tin Aye and Jack McElroy

Adoniram Judson was a Christian missionary who lived in the early 1800s. He was the son of a Congregational minister but eventually felt the call of the Lord to go to Asia.

In 1812, Judson traveled to Burma with his first wife, who eventually died in that country. While in Burma, Judson translated the Bible into Burmese and established a church.

The impact of Adoniram Judson on early missions has long been known, but few books reveal the unrelenting passion for souls that motivated his untiring dedication to the mission field.

Adoniram Judson's Soul Winning Secrets Revealed is an eye-opener into the man who was one of the earliest missionaries to Asia and his passion for souls.

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S-1251: Adoniram Judson's Soul Winning Secrets


The KJV Devotional Bible

The KJV Devotional Bible features a spectrum of devotions, notes, and quotes that are interspersed among the verses that inspired them.

This Bible will impress upon you the high regard in which the KJV has been held for over four centuries. You will find 400 carefully selected excerpts from books, sermons, hymns, and poems, penned by a wide variety of writers.

The KJV Devotional Bible includes devotional excerpts from:

Key features include a concise history of the KJV, dictionary and concordance, contributor profiles, words of Christ in red, and two ribbon markers.

The KJV Devotional Bible will give you a greater understanding of and appreciation for the part which this honored translation of the Bible has played throughout history, generation after generation.

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S-1242: KJV Devotional Study Bible



INTERNATIONAL MERGER, 2 programs with David Schnittger and Art Thompson on CD
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A-5867: International Merger on CD


WINNING THE LOST FROM A BURMESE MISSIONARY, 2 programs with Larry Spargimino and Jack McElroy on CD
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A-5868: Winning the Lost From a Burmese Missionary on CD


BIBLE STUDY ON PRAYER, 1 program with Larry Spargimino and Southwest Radio Staff Members on CD
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A-5869: Bible Study on Prayer on CD