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God's Ghostbusters

Recently some 300 exorcists flocked to Poland for a week-long congress to examine the current fashion for vampirism world-wide and its clear connection between this fascination and a surge in demonic possession. This comes as the world is experiencing an explosion of ancient occultism combined with wicked fascination for ghosts and all things paranormal.

In the United States alone, there are now more than 200,000 registered witches and as many as 8 million unregistered practitioners of "the craft." On college and high school campuses, vampires, werewolves, and other "creatures of the night" are esteemed as objects of desire and idolized by young people who view them as cult icons of envious mystical power.

Church goers are enchanted by the darkness as well. An April 13, 2011 article, "Mysticism Infecting Nazarene Beliefs," was preceded only a few days before by a UK Telegraph article describing how a "surge in Satanism" inside the church has sparked a "rise in demand for exorcists" within traditional religious settings.

Why is this happening now? God's Ghostbusters provides shocking answers in this collaborative work by Gary Bates, Chuck Missler, Gary Stearman, Thomas and Nita Horn, Russ Dizdar, Donna Howell, Derek and Sharon Gilbert, Michael Hoggard, Noah Hutchings, Terry James, John McTernan, Jeff Patty, Fred DeRuvo, and Douglas Woodward.

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S-1110: God's Ghostbusters


The One Year Bible

This bestselling daily-reading Bible divides the text into 365 sections so you can read through the entire Bible in one year - in as little as 15 minutes a day.

Each 15-minute daily reading includes a portion from the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. This arrangement of Scripture brings variety and a fresh approach to each day's reading while providing a clearer understanding of the Bible's larger message.

Some of the features of The One Year Bible include:

Ideal for personal devotions and instructional reading, take the first step in this year-long journey by reading The One Year Bible and see how God's Word comes alive in your life.

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S-1122: The One Year Bible


Last-Days Diary

Author: Terry James

Many fears are wrapped up in global issues and events and whether they signal "doomsday" or the end of the world as we know it In his weekly commentaries, Terry James carefully analyzes the scenarios that Jesus and the prophets of the Bible foretold will precede Christ's Second Coming.

Last-Days Diary presents these commentaries in a journal format to give a running narrative of what in the world has been going on for the past two years. Terry James unveils just how near we are to the Tribulation hour:

The progression of prophesied issues and the march of these unfolding events ignites a burning necessity to look more deeply into these matters so critical to our immediate future.

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S-1143: Last Days Diary


From Terror to Freedom

Author: Mano Bakh

Mano Bakh was a high-ranking military officer in Iran's navy when the Islamic revolution brought the Ayatollah Khomenei to power. Learning that he was targeted for death by the new Islamic regime, Bakh escaped from his home country with his family and made it to the United States.

From Terror to Freedom is a serious and alarming warning that there can be no accommodation or peace with the Islamic world, as suggested by President Obama. Mano Bakh's story is a wake-up call to every American citizen from someone who had to flee Iran with his family for their lives.

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S-1155: From Terror to Freedom


Gift Offer: From Terror to Freedom and Change to Chains
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G-277: From Terror to Freedom and Change to Chains