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Question: We are continually seeing an increase in the correlation between science and Scripture. Many scientists who do not even claim to be "Christian" are claiming that the Bible is in agreement with much of science. Ancient literature is filled with myths and inaccurate statements about the universe. The Bible is unique because of the absence of such erroneous statements.

Do the teachings of the Bible on scientific matters prove that the Bible is the Word of God?

Answer: The fact that the Bible and science line up in so many ways should prove to the unbiased observer that the Bible is the Word of God. For example, the ancients believed that it was possible to number the stars, but Jeremiah 33:22 says "the host of heaven cannot be numbered."

However, there are not too many unbiased observers in todayís world. By that I mean that people will generally believe what they want to believe. If they donít want to believe that the Bible is the Word of God they will have many reasons to prove their point.

Some people have their minds already made up. There are people who vehemently deny that the Holocaust ever took place. Others deny that man has walked on the moon. Nothing that you or I could do will ever convince them. Their attitude is, "Donít confuse me with the facts"!

I once heard a story that illustrates this point. A man was in a serious automobile wreck. He was rushed to the hospital and needed surgery to save his life. The doctors tried to get him to sign a release form giving them permission for surgery, but the man refused.

One of the doctors tried to talk to the man but the man was adamant. He wouldnít sign the form. The doctor was flabbergasted and said, "Mr. Jones, why wonít you sign this form so that we can perform life-saving surgery on you?"

The man looked at the doctor and said, "Doc, Iím already dead, and I donít need surgery." The doctor replied, "If I can prove to you that you are very much alive, will you sign this paper?" The man agreed. Then the doctor asked him if he knew that dead men donít bleed. The man said that he believed that to be true. Dead men donít bleed.

The doctor suddenly jabbed the man in the finger with a needle, and a bubble of blood began to form. The doctor smiled triumphantly. But the man said, "Well, doc, isnít that something. Dead men do bleed."

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that the Bible is true. However, while evidence appeals to the mind, admitting that the Bible is true requires the will. It requires willingly admitting that "I am a sinner and I need to submit to God's plan for my salvation." Some people just arenít willing to admit that.