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Map of Russia

Russia is what is left of the old Communist U.S.S.R. Although Russia no longer holds its satellite countries, it is still the largest nation in the world at 6.5 million square miles with 142 million people.

Southwest Radio Ministries supports two missionaries to the Russian people, Truett Dodd and Brother George. Both men have unique ministries and feel called by God to minister to the material and spiritual needs of the Russian people.


Truett Dodd was a businessman in Alabama, running a successful plant nursery business for many years. After turning the business over to his son in 1982, Truett acknowledged he was unhappy and searched for meaning in his life. After a friend suggested he try mission work in 1986, Truett spent the next 7 years planting churches in New Mexico and Nevada.

Truett Dodd

In 1993, Truett decided to leave New Mexico and retire. Driving to Alabama, Truett said he saw the word "Russia" on his front car windshield. When he arrived in Mobile, he met a man the first Sunday in church who asked Truett if he would go with a team on a mission trip to Siberia.

That short mission trip transformed Truett's life. He started to visit hospitals and prisons in Siberia, handing out Bibles to the patients and inmates and witnessing to them. He eventually even started churches in Omsk, a poor town in Russia.

Today, Truett Dodd continues his ministry to the people of Russia despite a heart attack, cancer treatments, and persecution of Christians by the Russian government.


Brother George is known as "The Bible Smuggler" for his activities in China, Russia, Hungary, and Romania. Brother George passes out Bibles and Christian literature in parts of rural Russia and the Ukraine. Brother George also trains Christian young men to go to Russia to witness and pass out Bibles to the Russian people.


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If you feel the Lord leading you to support this important missionary effort to Russia, we are privileged to have you as our partner in faith.

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