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And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh - Luke 21:28


Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh - Matthew 24:32

Leaked Transcript: US President Demands Unilateral Ceasefire From Israel

Israeli Official Confirms US President Ceasefire Demand From Israel

US State Dept. Slams Israel for Destroying Gaza Power Plant

Mark Levin Blasts US President for Bullying, Hatred of Israel

Hamas Invites Hezbollah to Attack Israel From Lebanon

Hamas Commander Calls War With Israel a Religious Jihad

Israel Agrees to 4-Hour Humanitarian Ceasefire

Marco Rubio: There's a Ceasefire When Hamas Ceases to Exist

Hamas Co-Founder's Son: Israel Fighting on Behalf of the Free World

Hamas Rockets Bomb Arab Refugee Camp

IDF Launches New Military Op in North, Central Gaza Strip

At Least 64 Gazans Killed, 100 Wounded in Israeli Air Strikes, Tank Fire

IDF Troops Destroy 3 Tunnels, Discover Weapons, Maps, Explosives

Third Rocket Arsenal Found at UN School in Gaza Strip

Media Cover-Up of Hamas Crimes Starting to Be Exposed

Hamas Supporters Block London Tunnel, Display Al Qaeda Flags

Israel Buries More Fallen Soldiers

Life for Israelis Near Gaza Border

IRS, US State Dept. Conspired to Target Pro-Israel Group

Hamas Celebrates Murder of 3 Kidnapped Jewish Teenagers in Video

Hamas: Our Aim Is the Extermination of the Jews

US Intel: If We Destroy Hamas, We Might End Up With Something Worse

Hamas Denies Agreeing to 72-Hour Ceasefire

. . .Fires Rockets at Jerusalem

Pro-Terrorist Supporters Wave Al Qaeda Flags in London

Israeli Official to President Obama: Leave Us Alone!

Qatar Invests in the West to Fund Hamas

5 IDF Soldiers, One Hamas Terrorist Killed in Terrorist Attack

IDF Lost 10 Soldiers on Sunday

Gaza Terrorists Fire More Rockets Into Israel

IDF Destroys Home, Offices of Hamas Leader

IDF Hits Gaza Power Plant, Knocks Out Power to Parts of Gaza Strip

John Kerry Promotes Hamas Over Israel in Ceasefire Talks

US State Dept.: Israel Can Defend Itself Until It Gets Too Violent

Hillary: It's OK for Hamas to House Rockets in Schools, Hospitals

Nancy Pinocchio: Qataris Tell Me Hamas Is Humanitarian Organization

Pro-Hamas Messages, Swastikas Found on Miami Synagogue

Knesset Bars Pro-Hamas Arab Knesset Member for 6 Months

Zoabi Refuses to Apologize for Defending Hamas' Kidnapping, Murder of Teens

UK Retailer Tesco Bans Goods From Israeli Settlements in Judea, Samaria

Temple Institute Starts Campaign to Build the Third Temple

Hamas Fires Rocket at Israel, Hits Hospital in Gaza Instead, Kills 10

Hamas Rejects Ceasefire, Continues Spewing Rockets Into Israel

IDF Hits 20 Targets in Gaza Between Ceasefires

Pro-Terrorist President Obama Pressures Israel, Not Terrorists

Terrorist Arrested Before Entering Jerusalem

Arabs Continue to Riot, Throw Rocks at Jews Throughout Israel

Egypt's Military Helps Israel, Destroys 13 Gaza Tunnels

At Least 160 Children Died Digging Terror Tunnels for Hamas

Local UK Governments Openly Work With Hamas, Fly PLO Flags

Nazi Salutes Seen at Pro-Terrorist Rally in Paris

Jewish Center in Toulouse Firebombed After Anti-Israel Protest

Jewish Students Shown Photos of Ovens, Told to Get in Them - in CHICAGO

Natan Sharansky: The Beginning of the End of Jewish History in Europe

Iran: We Will Hunt Down Israelies House to House

Hamas: We Cannot Coexist With Occupiers

Researcher Claims Hamas Inflating Death Toll Numbers in Gaza

Turkey to Send Another Flotilla to Gaza

Content Warning: Protesters Shout "We Are Hamas" - in Miami

Hamas Supporters Assault Woman in Montreal

Thousands Attend Pro-Israel March Held in French City of Marseille

Mega-Mogul Simon Cowell Attacked for Donation to Israeli Military

Ceasefire to Last for 12 Hours, IDF Still Looking for Tunnels

More Israeli Soldiers Confirmed Dead

IDF Opens Hospital for Gaza Arabs, Hamas Prevents Access

Video: Hamas Terrorists Beat Arabs Trying to Flee Israeli Air Attacks

Pro-Terrorist Supporters Bash Israel in New York City March

Gaza Arabs Make $2,900 a Year, Hamas' Khaled Mashaal Worth $2.6 Billion

Ken Blackwell: President Obama Turns His Back on Israel

Andy McCarthy: No, Israel Is Not Murdering Arabs in Gaza

Pro-Israel Music Video: Maximum Restraint

John Kerry Pushing Cease Fire Between Israel, Gaza Terrorists

Hamas Morale Reportedly Collapsing as Terrorists Flee IDF

Israel Surprised by Number, Sophisticatino of Tunnels in Gaza

Five Arabs Killed in Rioting in Judea, Samaria

Host of TV Show in Jordan Burns Israeli Flag Live on Air

More Airlines Resume Flights to Israel

Israel Kills Top Islamic Jihad Terrorist, Strikes 30 Homes in Gaza

Thirty-Third IDF Soldier Killed in Gaza

Thousands of Arabs Riot in Judea-Samaria, Throw Rocks, Fire at IDF

PLO President Cites Qur'an to Encourage Arabs to Fight Israel

Two Rockets From Gaza Intercepted Over Gush Dan, Tel Aviv

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rockets Into Southern Israel

Hamas Refused to Allow Civilians to Flee UN School Before Israeli Attack

Israel Rescues Stranded Israelis From Turkey

Iran Holds Huge "Death to Israel" Rallies

Israeli Ambassador Refuses to Take Any Guff From Anti-Israel CNN Reporter

NY City Cupcake Company Compares Jews to Nazis

Arab Terrorist Supportes in Hungary Demand Boycott of Israel

Canada's Foreign Minister Stands With Israel

IDF Removes Wounded Dog From Battlefield, Hamas Rigs Donkey With Explosives

Gaza Terrorists Fire on IDF From Hospital

US to Send $47 Million to Hamas Terrorists in Gaza

Ted Cruz: Obama Administration Most Anti-Israel US Administration Ever

France to Give Gaza Terrorists $14.8 Million

IDF Shelling Kills At Least 15 at UN Gaza School

Berlin Anti-Israel Rally Draws Chants of "Jew, Jew, Cowardly Pig"

Hundreds of Jews in Diaspora Immigration to Israel

IDF Exchanges Fire With Terrorists in Northern Gaza

Iron Dome Intercepts Rockets Over Tel Aviv

Three Israeli Paratroopers Die After Entering Booby-Trapped Home

Egyptian Troops Shoot, Kill Terrorist Heading to Israel

150 Arabs in Gaza Surrender to IDF

FAA Bans American Flights Into Tel Aviv

Ted Cruz: Obama Has Imposed Economic Boycott on Israel Through FAA Ban

Hamas Rejects Another Cease Fire

Islamic Movement Official: Gaza Will Rub Israel's Nose in the Mud

Hamas: Their God Changes Direction of Our Missiles in Mid-Air

Hamas Spokesman: Israel Is Acting Just Like the Nazis

Israeli Official Compares Hamas to Nazi Germany

Turkey: Israel Is a Terror State

Turkey Suspends Airline Flights to Israel

Hamas Song Mocks Israel, Jews in Kidnapping of Israeli Soldier

Arabs in Miami: From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free

UN Attacks Israel for "War Crimes" Against Terrorists

British Official Supports Hamas

Arab Supporters Attack Israeli Soccer Team in Austria

Sign on Belgian Cafe: Dogs Welcome, Not Zionists

Over 620 Arabs Killed in Gaza Strip Since Start of Israeli Military Op

30,000 Attend Funeral for IDF Soldier From California

Report: Ties Between Hamas, CAIR

IDF Heads for Gaza City

Israel: We May Have to Retake Gaza to Ensure Security

IDF Stops Two More Terrorist Attacks, Kills 10 Terrorists

Israel Said to Have Bombed Sudan Weapons Warehouse Storing Arms for Hamas

13 IDF Soliders Killed in Gaza Military Op

Israel Sets Up Field Hospital to Treat Wounded Arabs

Hamas Tells Supporters to Describe Terrorists as "Innocent Civilians"

Pro-Hamas Supporters Riot, Destroy Property in Paris

Mass Rallies Held Around the World Supporting Hamas

John Kerry Mocks Israel Before Appearance on Fox News

US State Dept. Uses Twitter Account "#UnitedForGaza"

UN Demands Israel Stop Gaza Military Op

UN Finds Hamas Rockets in Gaza School, Returns Rockets to Hamas

Israel Launches Ground Offensive in Gaza After All Options Exhausted

One Israeli Soldier, 15 Terrorists Already Killed in Ground Offensive

Tel Aviv Restricts Large Gatherings, Rockets From Gaza Continue

Muslim Cleric to Israel: We Will Give the Skulls of Your Midgets as Gifts

CNN Reporter Calls Israel "Scum" for Ground Invasion Into Gaza

White House Warns Israel to Be "More Careful" About Civilian Casulties

Israeli Official Holds His Own in Hostile CNN Interview

Arabs Fire Toward Israeli Town, IDF Responds

20 Missiles Found in UN-Run School in Gaza Strip

IDF Kills 3 Hamas Terrorists, Thwarts Major Terrorist Attack

Gaza Terrorists Break Humanitarian Ceasefire, Send Mortars Into Israel

IDF Says Death of 4 Children "Tragic", Says It Was Targeting Terrorists

Egyptian Official: Hamas Responsible for Gaza Destruction

Top US Firefighters Help Israel Amid Rocket Fire

African National Congress Official Posts "Hitler Was Right" on Facebook

Israel Indicts Three Suspects in Murder of Arab Teenager

Hamas Sends Threatening Text Messages to Israelis

IDF Drops Leaflets Warning Gazans to Leave

400 French Jews Make Aliyah Despite Rocket Attacks

Knesset Member Unrepentent After Being Fired as Israeli Deputy Defense Minister

Stupid Music Star Rihanna Tweets "Free Palestine"

Israel Promises "Great Force" After Hamas Rejects Ceasefire

Hamas Fires Rocket Barrage at Tel Aviv

IDF Warns Gazans: You Better Leave, We're Coming In

Hamas Wants International Airport in Return for Phony Truce Deal

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Claim They Are Operating in Gaza Strip

Americans Still Support Israel, Increase Grows Among Republicans

Israeli Jew Dies From Rocket Attack

CA School Assignment Leads Students to Conclude Holocaust Never Happened

Hamas Refuses to Observe Ceasefire Attacks Israel With 35 Rockets

Hamas Rockets Hit Eilat, Three People Lightly Injured

Arabs Rejoice as Rockets Hit Ashdod

Iran Cheers: Don't Stop

Israel Responds, Bombs Targets in Gaza

Israel Attacks Hamas Drone Facility, Home of Hamas Leader

Israel Fighting Syria After Rockets Fall on Golan Heights

IAF Officer: Slightest Doubt Cancels Missions

Israelis Work to Restore Electricity to Gaza Despite Attacks

Turkey Accuses Israel fo State Terrorism

Iran Calls on Islamic World to Help Gaza

Neo-Nazis, Muslims in Germany Chant "Jews Are Beasts!", Throw Stones

German Police Allow Protesters to Use Megaphone for Anti-Israel Chants

Hamas Leader: We Put Our Trust in the Support of Liberals

Prime Minister of Canada Issues Statement in Support of Israel

Israel Charges Three Jews in Murder of Arab Teenager

Gaza Terrorists Rain Down More Rockets on Israel

Iron Dome Intercepts 7 Rockets From Hitting Ashdod

Two Rockets Fired From Lebanon Hit Galilee

Egypt Stops Two Rocket Attacks Aimed at Israel From Sinai

All Israel Within Range of Gaza Rockets

Israel to US: Imagine 80% of Americans Under Attack

Relative of Hamas Leader Killed in Israeli Air Strikes

Israeli Jets Abort Attack When They See Civilians

Gaza Rocket Knocks Out Power Line Supplying Electricity to 70,000 Gazans

PLO President Wants UN to Put "Palestine" Under Int'l Protection

Saudi Arabia Sends Money to Help Poor, Defenceless Hamas-Ruled Gazans

Thousands of Anti-Semites March in Paris Against Israel, Jews

French Anti-Semites Attack Jews Guarding Paris Synagogue

Jews Attacked in Los Angeles by Protesters Flying PLO Flags

Pro-Israel Students Attacked in Boston

Plane Flies Swastika Across New York City

Hamas Threatens Airlines Sending Flights Into Ben Gurion Airport

Rocket From Lebanon Hits Israeli Border Town of Metula

IAF Strikes, Kills Senior Islamic Jihad Member, Two Other Terrorists

Gaza Rockets Injure Two Israeli Soldiers, Burns One Disabled Man

PLO Lawyer Blames Israel, Defends Hamas-Islamic Culture of Death

US President Says He's Willing to Negotiate With Hamas

Even Progressive Democrat Senators Abandon PLO, Hamas

Israeli Rabbi: Religious Jews Can Leave Radios On During Shabbat

Dry Bones Middle East Cartoon

Israel Tells Gazans Living Near Border to Vacate Homes

Hamas Tries to Hit Israel's Nuclear Reactor in Dimona

Gaza Terrorists Fire More Rockets at Tel Aviv

PLO Joins Hamas, Islamic Jihad in Launching Missiles Into Israel

Hamas Using Gazan Arabs as Human Shields, Tells Them to Ignore IDF Warnings

. . .Encourages Gazans to Continue to Volunteer to Be Human Shields

Israeli Air Force Attacks 550 Targets in Gaza

IAF Kills Hamas Rocket Commander

Jordan Allows Violent Protests at Israeli Embassy in Amman

UN Security Council to Meet to Condemn Israel for Defending Itself

Life Under Siege in Israel

"Mommy, What Have I Done to Hamas?"

Tourists Continue Tel Aviv Beach Vacations Despite Attacks

Arabs Stone Bus on Major Israeli Highway

Hamas Says All Israelies Are Now Legitimate Targets to Be Killed

Gaza Terrorists Hit Jerusalem With Rockets, Arabs Celebrate

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rockets at Tel Aviv

. . .And Haifa

Terrorists Fire Rockets From Civilian Areas in Gaza Strip

IDF Attacks Homes of Hamas Terrorists

IDF Thwarts Hamas Attack From the Sea, Kills 5 Terrorists

Israel Pounds Gaza in Major Counteroffensive Against Attacks

IAF Kills Islamic Jihad Terrorist Riding on Motorcycle

Hamas Has Hundreds of Long-Range Rockets From Syria, Hezbollah

Israel's Defense Minister Says Military Op in Gaza Will Expand

Jordan Condemns Israel for Attacking Poor, Defenceless Gaza Terrorists

Arab League Calls for "Urgent" Meeting of UN Over Israel's Military Op

US Official Attacks Israel for "Denying Palestinians Sovereignty, Dignity

. . ."Return Gaza to the Stone Age"

Don't Do It, Israel! Hamas Wants Ceasefire

Israel Signs R&D Agreement With Japan

Israel Calls Up 40,000 Reservists

The Economist Names Tunisia, Not Israel, as Only Democracy in Middle East

Israel Launches Major Operation Against Gaza, Hamas

Israel Air Strikes on Gaza Kill Five Including Terrorist

Hamas Vows to Continue to Kill Jews

PLO President Demands Israel Stop Attacking Hamas

US State Dept.: Hamas Does Not Play a Role in Unity Government

Father of Murdered Arab Teen Rejects Joint Condolence Call With Jews

Arab Riots Continue in Israel, Woman Injured by Stone Throne at Bus

US President Lavishes Praise on PLO, Not Israel in Israeli Newspaper

Three Israeli Jews Confess to Murder of Arab Teenager

Arab Teens Attack Israeli Police With Knives

Israel's Prime Minister Speaks With Father of Murdered Arab Teen

Jewish Group Organizes Visit With Family of Murdered Arab Teenager

Gaza Terrorists Hit Beersheba With Rockets

. . ."Run Before It's Too Late"

Israel Kills At Least Nine Terrorists From Strikes on Gaza Strip

Arabs Firebomb Joseph's Tomb

Arabs Fly Nazi Flag Over Main Highway in Israel

Israeli Political Party Announces Split From Likud

Rockets From Gaza Strip Continue to Fall on Israel

Arab Rioting Spreads Throughout Israel After Boy's Funeral

Jews Attacked in Israeli Arab Town

IDF Sends Reinforcements to Southern Israel as Gaza Attacks Continue

Arabs Damage Israel's Light Rail System, May Take Months to Repair

GE-Sponsored Website Accuses Israel of War Crimes

Jewish Family Escapes From Syria, Flees to Israel

Rand Paul: No More Aid to Hamas, PLO

Coincidence? or Terror? Wildfires Surround Jerusalem

Hamas: We Will Continue to Kidnap, Murder Jews

PLO Blames Israel for the Murder of the Three Jewish Teenagers

Arab Children Celebrating Murder of Israeli Teens

Cries of Pain, Exclamations of Joy Heard on Teen's Phone Call to Police

PLO President Asked Egypt to Block Israeli Op in Gaza Strip

Israeli Police Say Arab Teen's Murder Was Criminal Act

IDF Destroys Home of Passover Eve Murderer

Mother of Hamas Kidnapper: I'll Be Proud of Him Until My Final Day

Israeli Student Expresses Joy at Teens' Murders on Facebook Page

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rocket During Teens' Funeral

Police Offers Who Failed to Respond to Kidnapped Teens Fired

Civilians Found Teens' Bodies

US President Orders Israel Not to "Destabilize" Hamas

Israel Bombs Gaza Strip, Homes of Arab Kidnappers in Hebron

Israeli Arabs Attack Ambulance Carrying Bodies of Dead Teenagers

US State Dept.: Hamas-PLO Unity Gov't Trying to Keep US Requirements

Israeli Cabinet Divided Over Response to Teens' Murders

Knesset Member Calls for Death Penalty, Annexation After Teens' Murders

Women in Green Starts New Jewish Community Where Boys Were Kidnapped

. . .Jews Also Start New Settlement Near Ma'aleh Adumim

Murdered Teens to Be Buried Next to One Another in Israeli Cemetery

Bodies of Three Israeli Kidnapped Teens Found Near Hebron

Police Tell Jews on Temple Mount to "Respect Ramadan"

At Least 16 Rockets From Gaza Strip Hit Israel

Israel: Either Hamas Stops Attacks or We Will

Israeli Oil & Gas Company Reaches $30 Billion Deal With UK

Syrian Rebels/Terrorists Said to Control 95% of Syrian Golan Heights

Israeli Air Force Kills Two Terrorists

Israel Hits Four Terrorist Targets in Gaza Strip

Hamas Urges Iran to "Join the Struggle Against Israel"

UN Rejects Request by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait to Condemn Israel

Israel Names Suspects in Kidnapping of Jewish Teens

US Lawmakers Condemn PLO, Hamas for Kidnapping

Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, France Ban Commercial Ties With Judea, Samaria

Poll: Arabs Support Destroying Israel, Jews

Israeli Firefighters Save Yad Vashem Museum From Massive Wildfire

Hundreds of Arabs Surround, Threaten Jews on Temple Mount

Hamas Terrorists in Gaza Targeting Israeli Pipeline to Eilat

Israel Launches More Air Strikes Against Gaza

Iron Dome Shoots Down Rockets Fired From Gaza

IDF Building Assault Stations on Syrian Border After Attack

UN Fails to Agree on Statement Condemning Israel

Mother of Israeli Kidnapped Teen Speaks at UN

PLO Threatens Pro-Israel Christian, Tells Him to Leave Arab Village

Israel Hits Targets in Syria After Crossborder Attack Kills Teen

. . .Kills At Least 10 Syrian Soldiers

Dozens of Terror Tunnels Discovered in Judea, Samaria

Freed Terrorist Charged With Murder of Israeli Police Chief

UN Promotes Iran to Vice Chair of Legal Committee, Israel Not Legitimate

Israel Sees Dramatic Rise in French Immigrants

Hamas Vows Revenge for IDF West Bank Operations

Hamas Terror Summer Camp to Host 100,000 Kids

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rocket Into Israel

PLO Police Assault CNN Reporter, Cameraman During Hamas Rally

Mother of Kidnapped Israeli Teen Talks to CNN

Presbyterian Church Divests in US Companies Doing Business in Israel

Google Honors Late Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon

Kurds Sending Oil Shipment to Israel

Terrorist Thug Jibril Rajoub: Israel Only Understands Language of Kidnappings

Hamas on IDF Arrests: We'll Rain Hell on Israel

Five Hamas Terrorists Killed in Gaza Tunnel Explosion

89-Year-Old Philly Man Accused of Serving as Nazi Guard at Auschwitz

Arabs Successfully Pressure Australia to Reverse Pro-Israel Remarks

Israel Bans Islamic Relief Group Due to Hamas Ties

Israel Launches More Air Strikes Across Gaza to Respond to More Rockets

Three Arabs Arrested for Attack on Jerusalem Policeman

School Bus in Belgium Carrying Jewish Children Stoned by Muslims

Caroline Glick: The World Says It's the Jews' Fault

Hamas Attacks PLO for Condemning Kidnapping of Jewish Teens

Israel: Speech by Hamas Chief May Have Been Signal for Kidnapping

Hamas Praises Knesset Member for Defending Kidnappers

Another Arab Teenager Receives Death Threats for Condemning Kidnapping

Human Rights Watch: Jews in "Illegal" Settlements Should Not Be Kidnapped

Israel Re-Arrests 51 Hamas Terrorists Released in Shalit Deal

Israel to Return to Prison Released Terrorists That Are Re-Arrested

Israel Approves of 172 New Homes in East Jerusalem

Met Cancels Theater Broadcast of Jewish Opera Over Anti-Semitism

Israeli Arabs Support Kidnapping of Teens With "Three Shalits" Campaign

Druze Leader Offers Support to Families of Kidnapped Teens

Anti-Israel Pastor to Take Over Scottish Church in Jerusalem

Israel Concerned Over US-Iranian Alliance in Iraq

PLO Vows to End Unity Government If Hamas Abducted Teens

EU Waits 5 Days Before Condemning Kidnapping of Israeli Teens

Israeli Arab Teen Threatened for Condemning Kidnapping

Hamas Threatens Israel Over Arrests, Possible Expulsions

PLO Newspaper Adapts World Cup Logo to Celebrate Teens' Kidnapping

IDF Arrests Dozens of Hamas Terrorists in Search for Missing Teens

Egypt Calls on Israel to Show "Self-Restraint" in Search for Kidnapped Teens

PLO Runs Cartoon Mocking Kidnapped Israeli Teenagers

Over 30,000 Pray for Kidnapped Teens at Western Wall

Arab Released From Israeli Prison Shot, Killed Throwing Stones at IDF

IDF Arrests Two Hamas Terrorists in Hebron

Rockets Fired Into Israel From Gaza, IAF Hits 5 Targets

Israel Summons EU Envoy Over Statement Praising "Palestine"

Israeli Security Forces Making Progress in Search for Kidnapped Teens

Terrorists Tied to ISIS Claim Responsibility for Kidnapping Israeli Teens

Arabs in Gaza Praise, Celebrate Kidnapping of Israeli Teens by Terrorists

Hamas Attacks PLO for Cooperating With Israel's Search for Missing Teens

Three Jewish Teens Missing, Feared Kidnapped in Judea, Samaria

Masked Arabs Throw Stones at Police From Temple Mount After Friday Prayers

Terrorist Opens Fire on IDF Near Ramallah

PLO Film Glorifies Terror Attacks

Israel's Justice Minister Meets With PLO Official in London

Al-Ayyam Newspaper Group Stops Printing Hamas Newspapers

Tel Aviv Holds Pride Parade

US State Dept.: We Still Support Hamas After Gaza Rocket Attacks on Israel

88 US Senators Send President Message of "Grave Concern" on PLO-Hamas Gov't

IAF Kills Gaza Terrorist, Israel Vows to Hunt Down Terrorists

UNESCO Deletes "Israel" From Jewish Exhibit

Ted Cruz: Israeli Strike on Iran Could Happen in Matter of Months

Hamas Calls for Killing of Jewish Soldiers, Settlers

Israel's Defense Minister: Hamas Could Seize Control of Judea, Samaria

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rocket Into Israel

EU Diplomats Meet With PLO-Hamas in Gaza

Gaza Banks Reopen After PLO-Hamas Dispute

Israel Warns Deal With Iran Will Lead to Dozens of Iranian Nukes in 10 Years

IDF: 170,000 Rockets, Missiles Aimed at Israel

IDF Preparing to Target 50,000 Al Qaeda Terrorists in Syria, Iraq

Tourism to Israel at Record Levels

Likud's Reuven Rivlin Becomes Israel's 10th President

GOP House Wants to List PLO-Hamas Unity Gov't as Terror Group

Israel's Cabinet Approves Bill to Limit Terrorists for Hostages Trades

IDF Says Hezbollah Stronger Than Many Nations

PLO Protests Australia's Dropping of "Occupied" Jerusalem

UN Envoy's Visit to Gaza Signals Approval of PLO-Hamas Government

Israel to Sell Tanks, Drones to Foreign Countries

Catholics Hold Mass at David's Tomb

PLO TV Shows Israeli Cities as Part of "Palestine"

Israeli Police Raid PLO TV Station in Jerusalem Over Incitement


Persia. . .shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land - Ezekiel 38:5, 16

Iran: We Will Hunt Down Israelies House to House

Boeing to Provide Plane Parts to Iranian Airline

Iran Holds Huge "Death to Israel" Rallies

Iran Cheers: Don't Stop

Iran Calls on Islamic World to Help Gaza

Iran Says It Needs More Nuclear Centrifuges

Protests Against Iran's Mullahs to Be Held in Paris

Iran Sending Drones, Military Equipment to Government Forces in Iraq

Iran Sponsored, Aided Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorist Founder

UN Promotes Iran to Vice Chair of Legal Committee, Israel Not Legitimate

Iran Rejects West's "Excessive Demands"

Iran Says President Obama Lacks Will to Fight Terrorism in Iraq

President Obama: Iran Can Play Constructive Role in Iraqi Crisis

John Kerry Says US May Give Iran Information About Iraq

Saudi Arabia Warns Iran to Stay Out of Iraq

Iran Refuses to Compromise on Centrifuges in Talks With West

Over 5,000 Iranians Sign Up to Defend Iraq's Holy Sites

How Nice of You: Iran Vows to Do Everythng Possible to Protect Iraqi Shrines

Ted Cruz: Under No Circumstances Should US Partner With Iran

Great Britain to Reopen Embassy in Tehran

Iran Sends Troops Into Iraq

Iran's Ayatollah: Islamic Messiah Is Coming to Free World, Kill Infidels

Iranian General Reportedly in Baghdad to Direct Defense Against Terrorists

Saudi Arabia Says It Wants Better Relations With Iran

Iran Promises to Cut Plutonium Output to Reach Deal With West

US State Dept. Confirms Iran Shipping Oil to Syria

Advisor to US President Asked Iran to Release Imprisoned Saeed Abedini

Ted Cruz: Israeli Strike on Iran Could Happen in Matter of Months

Israel Warns Deal With Iran Will Lead to Dozens of Iranian Nukes in 10 Years

US Holding One-on-One Meeting With Iran This Week Over Nuke Program

White House Tells US Delegation to Make Interim Deal With Iran

President's "Spiritual Adviser" Recently Visited Iran

Iran's President Visits Turkey, Will Sign 6 New Agreements

Iran Executing Two People a Day

US Nuclear Specialist Claims US-Iran Nuke Deal Will Be Signed This Winter

Sudan Rejects Iranian Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Kuwait's Emir to Visit Iran Sunday

Saudi Arabia Invites Iran to Islamic Bloc Meeting

US President Hails Possibility of Deal With Iran


And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates. . .that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared - Revelation 16:12

China Orders Demolition of Over 100 Churches in Zhejiang Province

John Kerry Excited About Cooperating With China on Climate Change

Japan Promoting Halal Tourism to Attact Muslims

China Reportedly Developing New Scramjet-Powered Hypersonic Missile

North Korea Fires More Missiles Into the Sea

China Thinks It Can Defeat US

China, South Korea Ditching US Dollar to Trade in National Currencies

China Sentences Christian Pastor to 12 Years in Prison

China's Military Creates High-Level Cyber Intel Center

Russia, China Creating Anti-Dollar Alliance

North Korea Fires Two More Short-Range Rockets Off East Coast

China Bans Ramadan Fast in Muslim Xinjiang Region

Overwork in China Killing Chinese White Collar Workers

Chinese Teenagers Entering US Through Southern Border

Chinese Ghost Town Tries to Copy Manhattan

China Expands Removal of Crosses, Destruction of Churches

Canada Approves Pipeline to Pacific Coast to Ship Oil to Asia

China Buying US Golf Courses

Top Al Qaeda Terrorist Commander Captured in Philippines

CA Hired Chinese Company to Repair Bridge Does Shoddy Work

Chinese Billionaire Buys Bankrupt US Electric Car Company

More Russian Companies Set to Drop US Dollar for China's Yuan

China Expanding Its Military

Russia, China Plan Joint Ratings Agency to Compete With West


Son of man, set they face against Gog, the land of Magog. . .And I will. . .put hooks into thy jaws and I will bring thee forth - Ezekiel 38:2, 4

US Sales to Russia Increase

Pro-Russian Rebels Suffer Setbacks in Ukraine

Russia Massing 15,000 Troops on Ukrainian Border

Obama Administration: Russia Firing at Ukrainian Military Targets

Hillary: The Russian Reset Worked!

Ukaine's Prime Minister Announces Resignation

Putin Responds to Criticism Over Malaysian Plane Crash

Evidence Suggests Pro-Russian Separatists Shot Down Malaysian Plane

. . .Putin Seizes Plane's Black Box

. . .23 Americans Dead

Maylaysian Plane Shot Down Over Eastern Ukraine, 295 on Board

Airstrike on Apartment Building in Ukraine Kills At Least 11

Russia Refuses to Allow Access to Kidnapped Ukrainian Pilot

Russia Shoots Down Ukrainian Military Plan, Returns Troops to the Border

Ukraine Retakes Slovyansk From Pro-Russian Separatists

Pro-Russian Separatists Try to Hold Out in Donetsk

Russia Threatens Former Satellite Countries for Signing EU Agreements

Russia, China Creating Anti-Dollar Alliance

Russia Using Malware to Attack US, European Power Plants for 18 Months?

Ukraine Launches Offensive Against Pro-Russian Separatists

Russians Flee Putin's Oppression for Freedom in Ukraine

Putin May Bar Firms Using Foreign Banks

Russia's Gazprom Signs Deal With Austria

Russia Test Fires Six New Cruise Missiles

Pro-Russian Separatists Agree to Cease Fire in Ukraine

Putin Puts 65,000 Russian Troops on Alert, Prepares to Invade Ukraine?

NATO Reports New Russian Troop Buildup on Ukraine's Border

Pro-Separatist Ukrainian Commander Is Russian Military Intel Colonel

Putin Offers Iraq's Maliki Russia's Support Against Terrorists

Russia Secretly Building Space Weapons, Proposes Treaty Banning Space Arms

UK Sends Jets to Intercept Russian Bomber, Fighters Near Baltic

Putin Advisor Proposes Anti-Dollar Alliance to Take Down US

Putin Christens New Nuclear Submarine

Gas Pipeline Explosion Reported in Ukraine

Former Russian Top Anti-Corruption Cop Commits Suicide During Questioning

Russian Tanks Head to Ukraine

Russia Cuts Gas Supply to Ukraine

Russia Sends Tanks Into Ukraine

Russian Separatists Shoot Down Ukraine Transport Plane, Kill 49

Norad Admits Intercepting 4 Russian Bombers Off California Coast

Ukraine Retakes Key Port City From Pro-Russian Separatists

Russian Bombers Fly Within 50 Miles of California Coast

Pro-Russian Separatists Fly Confederate Flag

Young Russians Long for "Glory Days" of Communist Soviet Union

Two US Stealth Bombers Headed to Europe to Check Russia

Ukraine Rejects Russia's Offer to Cut Gas Prices

Ukraine, Pro-Russia Separatists Battle for Control of Border

Russia's Takeover of Crimea Brings Poverty to Citizens

More Russian Companies Set to Drop US Dollar for China's Yuan

Russians Pulling Their Money From US Banks

Russia, China Plan Joint Ratings Agency to Compete With West

Russian Militias Shoot Down Ukraine Military Helicopters

US Says Russia Withdrawing Troops From Ukraine's Border

Pro-Russian Separatists Shoot Down Ukrainian Army Helicopter, 14 Dead

Putin Says Russia Is Ready to Provide Humanitarian Aid to East Ukraine

NATO Scrambles F-16 Jets Over Lithuania After Reports of Russian Jets

Poroshenko Wins Presidential Elections in Ukraine, Vows to Work With EU, Russia

Russia, China Holding Joint Naval Drills in Shanghai

Russia Conducts Test-Launch of ICBM

China Signs Non-US Dollar Deal With Russia's Largest Bank

Russia, China Agree to Closer Cooperation


The first was like a lion, and had eagle's wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked. . . - Daniel 7:4

Illegal Alien Minor Charges US With Inhumanity, Abuse

TX Sheriffs: Illegal Alien Invasion Depleting Resources, Damaging State

Schools Have to Spend Your Money on English Classes for Illegal Alien Kids

IN Governor Learns of Illegal Alien Children in His State Through Press

House GOP Bill Gives $659 Million of Your Money to Illegal Aliens

Jeff Sessions: House Border Bill Is Surrender to Lawless President

Democrat Lies About Amnesty: Illegals Will Reduce Deficit

Powerline: Nothing in Amnesty That's Positive for Americans

Krauthammer: Impeachment Talk Comes From President's Lawlessness

House GOP Creating Massive New Gov't Entitlement Program Through VA Bill

Jury Awards Nutjob Jesse Ventura $1.3 Million From Family of Dead War Hero

President Giving Americans Over $7,000 a Month to Take in Illegals

TX Residents Pack Court to Protest Illegal Alien Invasion on Border

TX Governor: National Guard Tells Illegals, "What You Are Doing Is a Crime"

Ben Sasse: President Needs to Visit Central America & Tell Them to Stay There

President Thanks Muslims For "Building the Very Fabric of Our Nation"

John Boehner Supports President's Amnesty Plan

GOP: Of Course, We Won't Cuttoff Gov't Funds If President Declares Amnesty

President Allows Illegals to Protest Outside White House Without Arrest

Pro-Amnesty Mexico, CA Protest Texas Putting Troops on Southern Border

Americans Jam Phone Lines in Washington, DC to Protest Amnesty Plan

George Will: Hey, I Support Amnesty, Too!

Average American Household Income Declines 36% Since 2003

Report: Surveillance Programs Hinder Journalists, Lawyers

Democrat to Americans: You Don't Have a Right to Know Everything

Federal Judge Strikes Down Washington, DC's Draconian Anti-Gun Law

Federal Highway Fund Pays For Bike Paths in Wisconsin

GA Democrat Senate Candidate's Charity Gave Money to Hamas

Mike Huckabee Endorses Pro-Amnesty Lamar Alexander in TN

Illegals From Central Asia Entering Texas From Mexico

Coyoto on Jet Ski Smuggles Mother, Child Into Texas

Border Agents: MS-13 Recruiting at AZ Facility for New Illegal Aliens

President to Expand "Rights" for Illegals, Will Excuse Visa Overstays

TX Congressman Finds Shocking Situation at Southern Border

Illegal Alien With TB Goes Missing in California

Professors' Op-Ed: Guest Worker Programs Cause Unemployment Among Americans

Huge Crowd in Massachusetts Protests Illegals: Send Them Home! Send Them Home!

Hillary Clinton Encourages Illegals From Central America to Flood US

Honduras President Explodes: Our Neighbor Isn't Doing Its Part

Illegal Alien Children: Obama Will Take Care of Us

US Government Cracking Down - on School Bake Sales

CNN Poll: Americans Now Wish They Had Elected Mitt Romney

President to Give Illegals Amnesty After His Expensive Summer Vacation

Democrat Pushes Amnesty by Executive Order for 3-5 Million Illegals

President Dumps 200 Illegal Alien Children in Indiana

Democrats Push Citizenship for Illegals Who Join Military

AL Senator: America, Melt Phone Lines to Stop President's Amnesty Plan

President to Use GOP Impeachment Threat to Fundraise, Fire Up Base

VA Wants $17.6 Billion of Your Money to Fix Agency Problems

FL State Senator Wants Students to Watch New D'Souza Film, America

Homeowners Association: Vet Can't Build Furniture for Needy Military Families

Mississippi Conservative Answers Ann Coulter

US Gov't Using Vans to Transport Illegals Instead of Buses to Avoid Detection

TX Residents Get Robocalls Begging Them to Take In Illegal Alien Kids

ID Governor Tells US Gov't He Doesn't Want Illegals in His State

President Wants to Give Refugee Status to Illegals From Honduras

Obama Administration Has Released Over 30,000 Illegal Alien Kids Into US

Illegal Aliens Arrested for Murder of Homeless Man in Maryland

President to Meet With Leaders of Central American Nations

Ted Cruz: President Plans to Give Amnesty to 6 Million Illegals Soon

Progressives Scream Over Texas Deploying National Guard to Border

10% of Students in Some NY City High Schools Are Illegal Alien Children

Boy Scout Claims Border Agent Held Him at Gunpoint

Jeb Bush: Don't Let Invasion of Illegals Deter You From Giving Them Amnesty

Karl Rove: Republicans Need to Work With President Obama

President to Release $34 Billion in New EPA Regs After Mid-Term Elections

Google to Collect More Data on You

Doctor With Gun Saves Lives by Shooting Gunman at PA Hospital

VP Biden: Voter ID Laws Repress Minority Voting

Fast Food Workers to Hold Convention in Chicago to Demand Higher Wages

CA Couple Will Be Fined Whether They Water Their Lawn or Not

La Raza CEO: It Sickens Me, Makes Me Angry to Hear "USA! USA!"

IA Governor Protests President Dumping 138 Illegal Alien Kids Into His State

Democrats on FEC Imposing Regulations on Publishers to Ban Conservative Books

VA Denies Disabled Vet With Cancer Benefits, Tells Him to Get a Job

US Government Spending $10 Million to Build Robot Buddies for Your Children

More Companies Eliminating GMO Ingredients From Products

President Pulls Border Patrol Agents From Border, Assigns Them to Desk Jobs

TX Governor: 3,000 Murders, 8,000 Sexual Assaults by Illegals Since 2008

Gang Member, Wanted for Murder, Killed in Shootout With TX Police

Smuggler Attacks US Game Warden Near US Border

93-Year-Old Omaha Woman Beaten, Raped, Killed in 2013 by Illegal Alien

Illegal Alien Children Don't Appear at Immigration Hearings

Univision Anchor Openly Supports Open Borders, Amnesty for Illegals

TX National Guard Border Deployment Won't Begin for At Least 30 Days

Appeals Court Strikes Down ObamaCon Subsidy Provision

US Gov't Gives ObamaCon Official Ethics Waiver Despite Conflict of Interest

Beretta Gun Manufacturer Leaving Gun Control Maryland for Tennessee

Environmental Groups Call For an End to Capitalism

Businessman Beats Career Politican in GA GOP Primary Runoff

TX Governor Perry to Deploy National Guard to Southern Border

US Gov't Gives Legal Status to Illegal Who Stole Identity of His Dead Baby Son

OK Governor Says US Government Sent State 1,200 Illegal Alien Children

More Children Shot, Killed in Chicago This Weekend

President to Sign EO for Homosexuals, Lesbians in US Government

World in Chaos, President Goes Golfing

First Lady Wants Talking Shopping Carts to Tell Shoppers to Eat Healthy

MA Governor Compares Deporting Illegals to Sending Jews to Nazi Camps

White House: Privacy Rights of Illegals More Important Than Americans

Smugglers Operating in Plain Sight Across Rio Grande

TX Ranchers Rounding Up Illegals Who Evade Checkpoint

. . .23 Americans Dead

. . .President Obama Spends 40 Seconds on Downed Malaysian Plane

. . .Then Goes to Fundraisers

Ronald Reagan's Speech After Soviet Union Shoots Down Korean Plane

Over 500 Serious Injuries, Deaths at VA Hospitals in 2013

Obama Administration Exempts US Territories From ObamaCon Scam

LA Governor Jindal, School Superintendent to Meet Concerning Common Core

LA Private Charity Hospitals Are $52 Million Under Budget

Coyotes Give Illegal Alien Girls Birth Control for Rapes

ABC: Federal Agents Not Screening Illegals in Order to Detect Diseases

Poll: 59% of Likely Voters Want to Return Illegals to Home Countries

Microsoft to Cut Up to 18,000 Jobs Over the Next Year

Illegal Alien That US Gov't Released Arrested for Murder, Kidnapping

President: American Public Not Entitled to Know Where We're Putting Illegals

Illegal Aliens Using Texas Pipeline to Avoid Capture

After Opposing Deportations, MD Governor Rejects Illegals in His State

Nevada Sheriff Releasing Illegal Aliens Into the Community

Mayor Turns Nashville Into Sanctuary City for Illegals

Florida Giving Illegal Alien Children to Foster Homes

US Gov't Offering Americans Money to Take Illegals Into Their Homes

Baptist Child, Family Services Withdraws Bid for Illegal Alien Resort

Honduras Wants US Aid

La Raza Founder & TX University Professor: We Must Eliminate the White Man

Gallup: 1 in 6 Americans Says Illegal Immigration Most Important Problem

Erick Erickson: Ted Cruz Is Leading on the Border & Everywhere Else

Smallpox That US Goverment Misplaced Is Alive and Viable

Gang Threatens to Kill More Policemen in New Jersey

Federal Judge Forbids "Redskins" From Being Used in Court Documents

Senate Republicans Block Bill Overturning SC Hobby Lobby Decision

Armed Citizens in MI Protest Invasion of Illegal in Their State

CT Officials Reject US Gov't Request to House Illegal Alien Children

MD State Police Investigating "No Illegals" Graffiti as Hate Crime

Pregnant Teenagers Part of Illegal Migration Across US Border

US Gov't to Open $50 Million Resort to Illegal Alien Children

US Gov't Giving Illegals EBT Cards to Shop at Walmart

Illegal Alien Children Include MS-13 Gang Members

MA Cities Overwhelmed With Flood of Illegals, City Services Stressed

MA County Sheriff: We're All Becoming Border States

Los Angeles Homeless Upset Mayor Giving Shelter to Illegal Alien Kids

Death Toll of Illegal Aliens Rising

Harry Reid Rejects Cornyn-Cuellar Border Security Bill

TX Republican: Hundreds of Miles Where You Can't Put a Border Fence

Massive Protest Against Illegal Immigration Scheduled for July 18 & 19

National Day of Protesting Against Illegal Immigration in TN

National Day of Protesting Against Illegal Immigration on Facebook

CBO: US Risks Fiscal Crisis From Rising Debt

ObamaCon Scam Misses Its Target on Uninsured By Half

US Gov't Spending $3.7 Million on Sex Lectures at Barbershops

John Kerry Doesn't Like Americans Saying US Is Exceptional

OK Supreme Court Upholds Common Core Repeal Law

Californians to Vote on Whether to Split Into 6 States in 2016

First Lady, USDA Want to Take Over Grocery Stores, Make Them Part of US Gov't

Baptist Minister Wins GOP Nod for Open NC House Seat

Black Conservatives to Hold Event to Counter NAACP Conference

Senate Republicans Paid for Attack Ads Against Conservatives

Establishment GOP Teams Up With Democrats to Defeat Conservative KS Governor

Progressive Michael Bloomberg Donates Republican Lindsey Graham's Campaign

Cruel, Heartless, Inhumane: Dead Illegal Alien Boy Found Floating in Rio Grande

AZ City Residents Plan to Block President's Dumping of Illegals

95% of Illegals Expect to Be Allowed to Stay in US

House Working on Own Border Security Plan

Peggy Joseph Turns Against President

House Cuts IRS Tax Enforcement Budget by $1.2 Billion

First Lady's Food Policy Czar Asked to Not Attend School Nutrition Summit

White House: President Has Improved the World's Tranquility

Night Time on Southern Border Sees Floods of Illegals Entering US

Qur'ans, Urdu-to-English Dictionary Found on Texas Ranch Near the Border

More Diseases Flooding Into US Through Illegal Alien Kids

Man Tries to Hang Himself on US-Mexico Border Fence

Illegal Criminals Using Road Spikes to Deter Border Patrol Agents

IA Governor: I Don't Want These Illegal Alien Kids in My State

MD Residents Protest US Gov't Plan to Dump Illegal Aliens in Their State

Big Business Making Amnesty Push in States Despite Border Crisis

Cesar Chavez Opposed Illegal Immigration

Democrat, Republican Submit Bill to Speed Up Deportations

Marco Rubio: Immigration Reform Bill Won't Stop Illegal Alien Tsunami

President Fires US Troops Serving Overseas

Bowe Bergdahl Refuses to Speak With His Parents

Bodies of Dead Children Found Along Rio Grande Riverbank

Mexican Deported Four Times Now Arrested in TX for Sexual Attack on Girl

Border Agent: Diseases Coming in That We Haven't Seen in Decades

TX County Not on the Border Arrests Over 27,000 Illegals So Far This Year

Blacks in Chicago Blast President Over Illegal Immigration

President Dramatically Increases Asylum Approvals

OK Congressman: Are Illegals Using "Environmental Areas" to Enter US?

UAW Compaigning Again to Unionize TN VW Plant Despite Deal to Wait 1 Year

VA Senator Files Complaint With FTC Over Secret Facebook Experiment

America Film Gathers Momentum, Tops Michael Moore "Roger & Me" Film

President Dumps Illegals Into Nebraska Without Telling NE Governor

. . .Dumps Almost 750 Illegal Alien Kids in Chicago

. . .Dumping More in Massachusetts, Angers County Sheriff

Democrat Wants to Process Illegals Before They Come to US

Black in Baltimore: Where Can I Get Asylum?

Border Patrol Agent: 70% of Agents Pull Off Patrols for Paperwork

New War in America: Is Illegal Immigration Humane or Inhumane?

More Lies From AG Eric Holder: Immigration Laws Are Being Enforced

AG Eric Holder Says Opponents of President Are Racist

Holder Attacks Sarah Palin for Calling for President's Impeachment

Holder, Justice Dept. Investigates Outhouse Float in NE Parade as Racist

Holder More Worried About Conservative "Extremists" Than Terrorists

President Defends Religious Freedom of Muslim Extremist

David Coleman Pushes Common Core US History Exam

MS-13 Gangs Using AZ Processing Center for Illegals to Recruit Members

TSA Allowing Illegals on to Planes Without ID

US Government Officials Escorting Illegal Alien Kids to Meet Families

Adult Illegals Are Posing as Kids to Enroll in US High Schools

Agency That Removes Illegals Will Be Bankrupt by Mid-September

Mother of Police Officer Killed By Illegal Protests Illegal Invasion

First Lady: We Must Fight as Hard as We Can to Bring More Illegals Into US

EPA Wants to Garnish Wages of Polluters

VA Overpaying Misclassified Workers by Millions, Can't Fix It

President Obama to Take 15-Day Vacation in Martha's Vineyard

Mexico, Guatemala Agree to Allow More Illegals to Flood Into US

40% of Federal Criminal Cases in 2013 Were in Mexican Border Districts

Muslim Prayer Rug Found on Mexico-Arizona Border

US Gov't Temporarily Surrenders, Cancels Illegal Alien Flights

White House: Security on Our Border Is Stronger Than Ever

President's Funding Bill Gives Illegals Free Lawyers, Schools, Health Care

Many Illegal Kids Will Be Allowed to Stay in US

Train Derails in Mexico, Strands 1,300 Headed for US

TX Rancher: We Found 254 Dead Bodies on Our Property in 2012

Armed Militia Sets Up Command Center to Fight for National Sovereignty

Content Warning: More Black Americans Confront Illegal Supporters in CA

Border Agent: Why Would Illegals Pay a Smuggler When US Allows Entry Free?

Most Americans Want Illegal Kids Returned to Their Home Countries

President Has 72% Approval Rate Among Muslims

Federal Judge Orders IRS to Explain Lois Lerner's Emails Under Oath

Lois Lerner: We Need to Be Cautious About What We Say in Emails

TX Congressman Files Motion Ordering Arrest of Lois Lerner

IRS Employee Suspended for Campaigning for President Obama

WA Senator Wants to Exempt ObamaCon From Law She Voted for in 1993

ObamaCon Increasing Health Insurance Premiums in Minnesota

US Government Sends 14,000 Draft Notices to Men Born in 1800s

USDA Nutrition Consultant Calls for "Social Justice" in Food Policy

John Kerry Excited About Cooperating With China on Climate Change

NY Senator Schumer: Religious Americans Must Choose Between Faith or Business

Ann Coulter Tells Chris McDaniel to Shut Up, Go to Back of the Bus, Sit Down

GOP RINOs Team Up With Democrats in GA to Defeat Conservative

MS GOP Chair Attacks True the Vote for Contesting Cochran "Victory"

Federal Appeals Court Decision Could Mean the End for ObamaCon?

EPA Regulations Literally Killing 68-Year-Old Louisiana Peach Orchard

Germany Expels US Top Intelligence Official

President Wants to Turn Military Bases Into Camps for Illegal Alien Kids

Illegal Alien Children Already Costing US Citizens $26 Million This Year

President Using Your Taxdollars to Buy Games, Toys for Illegal Alien Kids

TX Governor Rick Perry Says President Could Stop Illegal Alien Crisis

President in Denver Blames Republicans for Lack of Border Security

President in Denver: Let's Have a Picnic

Ted Cruz: President Plans Continuing Border Invasion "Indefinitely"

Boehner Considering Adding Immigration to Lawsuit Against President

AZ Senator McCain: Illegal Aliens Deprived of the Rights of US Citizens

Houston Black Woman Is Furious: Why Can't the Kids Go Back?

Mark Levin Slams President for Stance on Israel, Amnesty

Dave Brat Also Blasts President for Attacking Israel

US Citizen in Oregon Sentenced to Jail for Collecting Rain Water

Texas Man Kills Six, Including Four Children Before Surrenduring to Police

True the Vote Charges Pro-Cochran Officials Destroying Evidence

MO GOP Leads Investigation Into Charges of Racism in MS GOP Runoff

US Government Releasing Illegal Alien Criminals Into Arizona

Previously Deported Illegal Alien With TB Ignored by Feds

Dept. of Homeland Security Closing Roads to Keep Out Reporters

Illegal Minors Admit to Committing Acts of Torture, Murder

Democrat Rips President for Playing Pool Instead of Visiting the Border

Ted Cruz Sends President Map With Directions to Border Towns

Man Offers President Drugs in Colorado

MS-13 Gang Members Leave Graffiti on Walls of Illegal Processing Ctr

CA Churches Asks Members to Take In Illegals, Don't Tell Media

Murrieta Resident: My Granddaughter Has Hand-and-Foot Disease From Illegals

US Government: Jesus Was a Refugee

President Obama Wants Almost $4 Billion to Give Illegals More Stuff

Tom Coburn: We Can Put Them on Planes and Fly Them Home for $8 Million

John Boehner Tells President Good Chance for Amnesty Bill Next Year

Erick Erickson: This Is a Bad Deal

How Eisenhower Solved His Illegal Alien Border Crisis

US Government Made $100 Billion in Improper Payments in 2013

US Government Spends $430,608 to Promote Mother-Daughter Dancing

US National Institute of Health Misplaced Smallpox Vials

FL Receives $7 Million for Wasting Only $47 Million in Food Stamps Funds

Content Warning: Senate Dems Introduce Bill to Override SC Hobby Lobby Ruling

Sarah Palin Calls for President to Be Impeached

Harry Reid: We're Going to Do Something on Hobby Lobby Ruling

NV Democrat Candidate for Lt. Governor Campaigns on Her Abortion

OK Congressman Tom Cole Attacks Erick Erickson for Telling the Truth

Militia Groups Heading to Texas to Secure the Border

Stop Illegal Immigration! CA Protesters Block Another Busload of Illegals

President Releasing 290,000 Illegals Into US

TB Spreading in Illegal Alien Detention Centers

Todd Starnes: Kids Have Lice So Bad They Can Be Seen Crawling on Their Faces

HHS to News Media: You Can't Report on Anything You See

More Chinese Crossing the Border Illegally

300,000 From Central American Countries Heading to US

80% Drop in Deportation of Minors From Presidents Bush to Obama

Over 99% of Illegal Aliens Evade Deportation

Hundreds March in Los Angeles Demanding Rights for Illegal Aliens

Appeals Court Demands Arizona Give Driver's Licenses to Illegals

TX Governor Perry Refuses to Meet President When He Visits Texas

President Too Busy With Texas Fundraisers to Visit the Border

Ted Cruz Says 95% of Illegals Coming to US for Amnesty

IL Democrat Senator: I'm Fed Up With Critics of This Administration

Content Warning: VP Joe Biden Says Tea Baggers Stopping New Gun Control Laws

US Navy Warns It Can't Meet Longterm Funding Needs

US Senate Advances Pro-Second Amendment Bill

John Walsh Gets New Show on CNN, Promises to Fight NRA, Second Amendment

Schools, Nutrition Groups Turning Against First Lady's School Food Rules

Michelle Malkin: Hillary Sure Gives A Lot of Money to Clinton Foundation

Owner of Costco Orders Removal of Dinesh D'Souza's Book America

GOP Senate Committee Linked to Racist Ads in MS GOP Runoff Election

Ted Cruz Slams GOP Machine in MS Runoff Election

Erick Erickson: Suing the President Is a Political Stunt

President Orders Border Patrol Union Official Put Under Gag Order

Marine General: Illegals Creating Crime-Terror Threat on Southern Border

President to Illegals: I'm Going to Give You Everything You Want

US Government Allowing Illegal Kids to Invent Families

More Sheriffs Refuse to Detain Illegals for Deportation

President Obama to Unlease Riot Squads Against Illegal Immigration Opponents

Illegal Alien Mothers Crossing US Border at Alarming Rate

Democrat: President Releasing 500 Mothers With Kids a Day at US Bus Stations

Buses Idling Near Texas Border, Waiting to Take Loads of Illegals Into US

San Diego Border Patrol Agent Catches Scabies From Illegal Aliens

Dueling Anti-,Pro-Illegal Immigration Rallies Divide California

. . ."Viva La Raza!"

NC City Wants ID Cards to Help Illegals

Militia Group Heads to Texas to Help Police Southern Border

What a Joke! Border "Protection" Chief: Illegals Are Not Dangerous

Head of Dept. of Homeland Security Makes Clear Illegals Are Here to Stay

TX Governor Rick Perry: President Doesn't Care About Illegal Invasion

OK's Jim Bridenstine: President Is to Blame for Invasion of Illegals

Invasion of Illegals Push Conservatives to Consider Impeachment

US Government Increases Security at Airports, Not Southern Border

US State Department Spends $450,000 to Teach Afghan Women to Play Cricket

Seattle Businesses Gather Signatures to Repeal $15 Minimum Wage Hike

Rhode Island Parents Fight Common Core

Voter Fraud Suspected in MN Democrat Election

La Raza President Attacks CA City Residents for Defending Their City

US Gov't Eliminates "Alien" Regarding Illegal Alien Children

Opposition Building to Bringing Illegal Kids to Dallas

TX Rancher Discovers $2 Million Marijuana Farm on His Property

Mexican Drug Cartels Have Ties to ISIS?

More Anti-Amnesty Protesters Gather in Murrieta

Border Patrol: US Gov't Aiding, Facilitating Smuggling of Illegals

"Queen Sheila" Gives Lollipops to Illegal Kids, Insists No Security Threat

China, South Korea Ditching US Dollar to Trade in National Currencies

US Surpasses Saudi Arabia, Russia as World's Largest Oil Producer

US Gov't Hurts NM Businesses by Declaring Mouse "Endangered Species"

House Ethics Committee Promises to Reverse Decision on Free Trips

Bank Threatens Gun Shop After Posting Anti-Obama Signs

13 Already Shot During July 4th Holiday Weekend in Chicago

Public School Teacher Slams "Toxic Culture of Education"

AZ University Offers Students Extra Credit for Not Shaving Armpits

Joan Rivers: We All Know Obama Is Gay, Michelle Is a Transvestite

Jobs Report: Number of Full-Time Jobs Fall, Part-Time Jobs Rise in June

Record 92,120,000 Americans Out of Work, Not Looking

VA Employees Stop Processing VA Applications for ObamaCon Applications

Membership in Teachers' Union Declines for 5th Straight Year

WI School Board Blasts First Lady Over Lunch Program: She Wasn't Elected

Seven Books Selling Better Than Hillary's Hard Choices

US Gov't Sues WI Company for Firing Employees Who Can't Speak English

Obama Administration Giving Illegals Free Bus Tickets to Invade Your City

Obama Administration Bars OK Congressman From Seeing Illegal Alien Kids

Deported Mexican Felon Captured 80 Miles Into Texas

TB Shows Up in California High School

Border Patrol Union Says Diseases From Illegals Threaten Agents, US

Murrieta, CA Protesters: We Want Our Borders Enforced

Murrieta Mayor Warns More Protests Ahead for Illegals

Packed Murrieta Town Hall Applauds "Immediately Secure Our Borders"

. . .Feds Booed for Justifying Illegal Aliens in US

AZ Congressman Calls Americans "Racists" for Not Wanting Millions of Illegals

TX Republican Pushes Amnesty for Illegals

Obama Administration Won't Discuss "New Plan" for Illegals

Federal Court Rules Teen Smuggler Shot by Border Agent Has Rights

President Rejects Border Visit, Prefers Parties, Vacations, Golf, Fundraisers

Poll: Americans Say Obama Worst US President Since WWII

Poll: Americans Holds President Responsible for Border, IRS, Iraq

Poll: Voters Support Hobby Lobby Decision by 10-Point Margin

First Food, Now Sparklers: US Gov't Tells Kids No to Fourth of July Treat

NC Evacuates Outer Banks Before Hurricane Arthur Hits

US Universities Spend Over 6 Figures to Woo Hillary to Their Campuses

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Gives $3 Million to the Bill & Hillary Fund

Thad Cochran's Campaign Operatives Can't Defend Runoff Win

America Movie Opens for Fourth of July Weekend

Smugglers Threaten TX Ranchers: Look the Other Way or Face the Consequences

Federal Judge to IRS: Explain Why I Should Believe You About the Lost Emails

TX Governor Rick Perry Invites President to the Southern Border

Supreme Court Lets Stand Rulings Blocking ObamaCon Contraception Mandate

President Threatening Doctors for Warning About Diseases From Illegals

. . .Hand and Foot Disease, Chagos, Chicken Pox - Dengue, Ebola Too?

Security at US Nuclear Sites Dismantled to Save Money

Protesters in Murrieta, CA Block Three Buses of Illegals From Unloading

Bus Stop in Texas Flooded With Illegals

Over 1 Million ObamaCon Enrollees May Be Illegal Aliens

Official Believes Illegals Are Renting Kids to Cross the Border

Report: Illegals Cost California Taxpayers Over $25 Billion Each Year

Louie Gohmert: US Will Be Third World Nation If We Don't Close Border

Krauthammer: If Fences Don't work, Why Is There One Around the White House?

President to His Cabinet: Find Creative Ways to Fight Constitution

VA Offers Vietnam Vet Appointment Two Years After His Death

Unions Try to Block Ballot Initiative to Eliminate Public Pensions

74% of Americans Don't Believe They Have to Give Up Privacy for Security

Almost 80% of Americans Believe Corruption in US Gov't Is Widespread

Patent Office Received No Complaints Before Stripping Redskins Trademark

Firefighters Battle Wildfire in Rural Northern California

Supreme Court Takes Case on Church Free Speech Rights

NOW President Displays Her Ignorance on RFRA, Hobby Lobby Case

NJ Governor Christie on Hobby Lobby Case: Who Knows? Who Cares?

Former MS Governor Haley Barbour Paid for Racist Ads Against McDaniel

FEC Starting Investigation Into Barbour's Pro-Cochran SuperPAC

WA School District Complies With First Lady's Food Rules, Bans Cupcakes

First Lady Orders You to Skip Dessert, Eat Healthy Foods on July 4th

Congress Makes It More Difficult to Discover Who's Getting Free Trips

Obama Administration Can't Manage ObamaCon Program

SC Union Decision May Impact MN Governor's Similar Attempt

Nearly 49,000 "New" NV Residents to Receive Driver's Licenses

MS Republican to Join Democrat Party

Photo in Valerie Jarrett's Office: Worship Me as God

President Vows Unconstitutional Powergrab in Immigration Battle

Illegals Bringing Swine Flu Into US

Nancy Pinocchio Calls Illegals "Americans"

US Gov't Busing Thousands of Illegals Across US

CA Mayor Urges Resident to Fight Illegal Alien Transfers

US Court Allows Mexicans to Sue Border Patrol Agent Who Killed Their Son

11-Year-Old Illegal Found Dead Near Texas Border

TX Sheriff: We Come Across Dead Bodies of Illegals Quite Often

Poll: Americans Want Decrease in Immigration Levels

Virus Kills Millions of Pigs in US, Devastate Pig Farmers, Raise Pork Prices

Supreme Court Rebukes President in Rulings

Mark Levin Explains Hobby Lobby Decision

Democrat: Birth Control Is a Right Under the Constitution

Court Exempts Catholic TV Network From ObamaCon Contraception Mandate

IL Mother Happy Over Union Ruling

President Nominates Former Head of P&G to Run VA

GM Recalls Almost 8 Million Cars

McDaniel Volunteers Find More Illegal Votes Cast in MS Runoff

Democrat Says He Was Told to Buy Votes for Thad Cochran in GOP Runoff

John McCain: I Thought Republicans Wanted Blacks to Vote GOP

Hobby Lobby Wins!

Supreme Court II: Unions Can't Force Non-Union Employees to Pay Dues

Let's Hope So: Ginsburg Says Hobby Lobby Ruling May Create Havoc

Left Displays Unbridled Hysteria Over SC Hobby Lobby Decision

Red State: Totalitarians Oppose Today's Supreme Court Rulings

CNN Compares Iraqi Shi'ite Militia to Tea Party

US Government May Dump Illegals in Michigan

Chinese Teenagers Entering US Through Southern Border

40% of Kids in Fairfax, VA County Schools Don't Know English

GOP House Majority Leader: Amnesty Tomorrow, Border Security Tonight

AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wants US Military Deployed on Southern Border

President: I Refuse to Apologize for Unconstitutional Executive Orders

Liberty Activists Fly Blimp Over NSA Spy Center in Utah

OR, Other States on July 4 Weekend: "Breath Test or Lose Your License"

John Boehner Reportedly Pormised Latino Group Amnesty Bill

GOP House Leaders Featured in Pro-Amnesty Video

Illegals Storm Congress, Demand Their "Rights"

Buzzards Find Four Dead Illegals in Rural Texas County

Americans Forming Human Chain at Border to Block Illegals

Illegal Alien Owes US Government $22 Million in Back Taxes, Not Deported

Benghazi Terror Suspect Arrives in US

EPA Spending $1.6 Million for Hotel on Environmental Justice Conference

Actress Amy Adams Gives Up Seat in First Class to US Soldier

McDaniel Supporters Barred From Reviewing Voter Rolls in 3 MS Counties

. . .At Least 6,700 Ineligible Ballots?

MS Tea Party Leader Commits Suicide

Black Alabama Republican Has Different Campaign Ad

Mexican Military Helicopter Fires at U.S. Border Patrol Agents

First Lady of Honduras to Look at TX "Immigration" Shelters

Captured Illegals: Obama's Gonna Let Me Go

Ranchers: Illegals Are Everywhere

Border Agents Catching Chicken Pox, TB From Illegals

MI Hospice No Longer Accepting Patients Thanks to ObamaCon Scam

More GOP Shenanigans: Cantor's Staff Take Money That Would Have Helped Dave Brat

90% of Illegals Never Show Up for Their Court Dates

Swine Flu Confirmed at Texas Center for Illegal Kids

Illegal: I Was Told If My Kids Get Into US, They Can Go to School

New York to Issue ID Cards for Illegals

Democrat Senators Block Bills to Prevent Illegals From Getting Benefits

Nancy Pinocchio to Exploit Illegals, Will Go to Border to "Welcome" Them

Anti-Amnesty Group: Mail "Gently Used Underwear" to President, Speaker

Hospitals Begin Data Mining on Everything You Eat, Do - It's for Your Own Good

Pentagon Openly Recruiting "Transgenders"

Vet Could Lose Home for Displaying US Flag in Front Yard

Vet Says Cracker Barrel Fired Him for Giving Muffin to Needy Person

RINO Groups Spent $23 MIllion to Crush Tea Party Candidates in GOP Primaries

Chris McDaniel: We've Found 1,000 Illegal Votes in One County Alone

. . .But Will It Be Enough?

Supreme Court Tells President on Recess Appointments: No, You Can't

President "Deeply Disappointed" Supreme Court Slapped His Hands

Supreme Court Unanimously Voids MA 35-Foot Abortion Clinic Buffer

Red State: A Good Day for the Rule of Law

US Gov't to House, Feed Illegals in Border Patrol Academy

Bystanders Allow Woman to Be Beaten, Video Assault, Don't Stop Beating

New York City's Big Gulp Ban Is Over

"Stash Houses" Contain Illegals on Texas-Mexico Border

Immigration Official: Years Before Minor Illegals Cases Heard in Court

Pro-Amnesty Republican Feigns Anger About President Not Enforcing Laws

Public Outrage Pulls the Plug on Illegal Alien Detentional Center in CA

IRS' Lois Lerner Wanted to Audit IA GOP Senator

IRS Commissioner Gave $85,000 to Democrat Party

EPA: Oops! We Lost Our Emails, Too - So Sorry

Michelle Malkin: VA Red-Flags "Disruptive" Vets

GOP Senators Donated to Thad Cochran's Campaign to Defeat Chris McDaniel

35,000 Democrats Voted in MS GOP Primary to Lift Thad Cochran to Victory

Rand Paul on Thad Cochran's Dirty Victory: I'm for More People Voting

Erick Erickson: Will There Be a Consequence in Mississippi?

Daniel Horowitz: This Is TREACHERY!

It's Unanimous! Supreme Court: No Police Cell Phones Searches Without Warrant

US Supreme Court Rules Against Streaming TV Service

First Quarter Revision: GDP -2.9%

Officials at US Export-Import Bank Under Investigation

Walmart Responds to "The Corporate Daddy" NY Times Piece

Op-Ed: Congrats to GOP Establishment on Pyrrhic Victory in MS

Tea Party Leader: Chris McDaniel Should Run as Write-In Candidate

RINOs Use Illegal Tactics to Defeat Tea Party Chris McDaniel in MS

Thad Cochran's Campaign Put Out Flyers Saying McDaniel Hated Blacks

Sarah Palin: If Republicans Act Like Democrats, Then What's the Use?

Erick Erickson: Thad Cochran, Puppet for the GOP Establishment

US Government Releasing Illegal Alien Families Into US Population

TX Ranchers Live in Fear, Under Constant Attack From Illegals

President Blames GOP for Poor Border Security

Border Patrol: No One Is Afraid of Breaking the Law

Local Police Forces Using SWAT Teams, Becoming Increasingly Militarized

IRS Admits Leaking Confidential Info to Use Against Romney in 2012

IRS Admits Leaking Info for Use Against Nat'l Organization for Marriage

Erick Erickson: Why Is AG Holder Not Prosecuting This?

US Archivist Says IRS Broke the Law in "Lost" Emails Case

Whistleblower: VA Changed Records to Make Dead Patients Appear to Be Alive

President's Advisor: Punish Companies That Ignore Climate Change

Phony Report Says US to Pay Heavily for Climate Change Damage

US Government Eases 40-Year-Old Ban on US Oil Exports

Medicaid Gives $14 Billion of Your Money for Services Never Performed

OK Voters Dump Pro-Common Core School Superintendent Janet Barresi

Report: Shots Fired From Mexico at Texas Police

IRS Commissioner Lies to Congress, Says He's Not Obstructing Investigation

. . ."I Can't Remember"

Democrat Elijah Cummings Defends IRS Commissioner Lying to Congress

. . .But Trey Gowdy Lets Lying IRS Commissioner Have It

Border Patrol Group Demands All Illegals Be Deported

Chicago's Mayor Installing Spying Devices on City Streets

Seattle Woman Sees Drone Spying on Her Through Her Apartment Window

President: Defense Department, UN Must Protect the Bees!

EPA Regulations Issued Under Preisdent 38 Times Longer Than the Bible

ObamaCon Falls Over 20 Million Short of Enrollment Goal

Clintons to Receive Nearly $1 Million From You and Me in 2014

Wealthy Daughter of Corrupt Political Family: I Just Don't Care About Money

Supreme Court Limits EPA Global Warming Rules

FL Governor Signs New School Choice Law

Nearly Half of Detroit Residents Can't Pay Their Water Bill, Turning to UN?

Inhumane: Toddlers Without Parents Being Pushed Across US Border

Springfield, MA Mayor Rejects Illegal Aliens

US Government Suspends Plans to Fly Illegals to California

VP Biden Pushes Citizenship for Illegal Alien Children

US Government Won't Allow Media at Border for "Safety Concerns"

Senator Jeff Sessions on Amnesty: Elites Treat People as Commodities

Attorney: Outside Contractor Stores IRS Emails

South Dakota Republicans Call for President's Impeachment

Congressman Charlie Rangel Challenged by Hispanic Democrat

Thad Cochran Robocall Says Vote for McDaniel "Disrespectful" to President

Multi-Millionaire Hillary: I'm Struggling to Pay the Bills, Just Like You

FISA Court Renews NSA Spying Program on Americans

Over 400 US Military Drones Have Fallen to Earth Since 2001

Arrogant IRS Commissioner Refuses to Apologize for Lost Emails

Democrats Defend IRS Attacks on Tea Party, Conservative Groups

IRS Commissioner Used to Work at Freddie Mac

Valerie Jarrett Meets With Rupert Murdoch to Plot to Destroy US Through Amnesty

Drug Cartels Use Flood of Illegals Into US to Hide Activities

Illegals Mass at Rio Grande

Illegals Causing Tuberculosis Outbreaks in US

Mr. Amnesty, John Boehner, Calls for Troops on Southern Border

Gallup: 31% of Americans Approve of President's Open Borders Policy

Marc Faber Blasts Federal Reserve's Policies

WA Judge Orders Deployed Sailor to Attend Hearing or Lose Daughter

President Expands Gov't Benefits for Homosexual, Lesbian Couples

Over 11 Million Americans on Disability, Sets New Record

Dinesh D'Souza's "America" Banned From NY Times Best Seller List

Mike Huckabee Prepares for Presidential Campaign, Hosts Pastors

Rape Victim Blasts Hillary for Lying About Her in Trial

AR University Bans Washington Free Beacon From Using Clinton Archives

IRS Commissioner Dismisses Emails as Not Part of Official Record

Audience Gasps When IRS Commissioner Says Lerner's Hard Drive Was Destroyed

GOP Responds to IRS: We Don't Believe You

TX Governor Rick Perry Unloads on US Open Border, Illegals

Illegals Spreading Diseases After Entering US

Border Patrol Agents Frustrated, Quitting

Two-Thirds of Americans Reject President's Illegals Policy

VA Concentrates on Green Energy Agenda as Vets Die

Bipartisanship! Senators Propose Raising the Gas Tax

Gallup: Americans Rejecting TV News

Yuk: RINO Kevin McCarthy Is New House GOP Majority Leader

Kevin McCarthy Helped Boehner Purge Conservatives From House Committees

Double Yuk: RINO Steve Scalise Elected House GOP Majority Whip

Democrats Still Trying to Smear WI Governor Scott Walker

MS-13 Gang Members Charged With Violent Crimes in Maryland

TX Man Told to Take Down US Flag Because It's a Threat to the Muslims

Lawyer Says Redskins Losing Trademark Doesn't Matter Much

Caterpillar Asia Sales Drop by 30%

Enough Already: Romney Is Early Favorite in 2016 GOP Primary

First Lady Says Founding Fathers Were Not Born in America

Just a Coincidence, Remember: IRS Destroyed Lois Lerner's Hard Drive

GOP: We Probably Have the Votes to Impeach the President

Rupert Murdoch Pushes Amnesty

Flood of Illegals Endangering Other Sectors of US Border

Report: Foreign Children Reportedly Being Released in US

Central America Promotes Illegal Child Immigration, Gives Tips

Texas Has to Fund Border Operations to Handle Flood of Illegals

Second Suspect Arrested in Border Patrol Agent's Death in Fast & Furious

LA Governor Jindal Comes Out Against Common Core

OK Taxpayers Paying for Kids to Have Free Meals During Summer Vacation

US Falls to 101st Most Peaceful Nation on Earth

Student Accuses High School of Blocking Conservative Websites

Former DOJ Attorney: Illegal for Democrats to Vote in MS GOP Primary Runoff

US Ambassador to UN: President Has Amazing Foreign Policy Team

Armed Mexican Troops Have Crossed US Border Over 300 Times Since 2004

US Patent Office Strips Washington Redskins of Its Trademark

US Holds Conference for Nigeria's Muslim Leaders, Excludes Christian

OH's GOP Governor John Kasich Touts Big Government as Helping Poor

Dana Milbank Lies About Heritage Foundation Meeting

Greg Abbott: No Common Core in Texas

ROPE Endorses Joy Hoffmeister for OK School Superintendent

Judge Rules Justina Pelletier Must Be Returned to Her Family

US Military Blimps Will Fly Over Maryland Looking for "Potential" Threats

AG Eric Holder to Prosecute Benghazi Terrorist as US Citizen in Civil Court

James Rosen Asks the Obvious: Why Did It Take 2 Years to Arrest Khattala?

Benghazi Victim's Mom: President Obama Doesn't Want to Capture Terrorists

More Hillary Idiocy: Taliban 5 Are Not Threats to US Because Their in Qatar

TX Governor Rick Perry: Record Number of Illegals Are From Terror Hotbeds

New York City Overwhelmed by Illegal Alien Children

US Ignoring Rise in Drug Trafficking in Latin American Countries

House Republicans "Ready to Move Now" on Amnesty

IRS Rules Require Federal Record Emails Be Stored in Permanent System

President Wants to Take Over More of Pacific Ocean for "Marine Sanctuary"

Democrat Senators Say LGBT Community Must Be Priority for US Foreign Policy

US Government Admits Minimum Wage Causes Unemployment

Owner of CA Taco Stand Gunned Down Trying to Defend His Family

More Hillary: Second Amendment Supporters Terrorize Americans

Just a Coincidence: IRS Loses More Emails From 6 More Employees

Tea Party Lawyers Demand Access to All IRS Computers Used by Defendants

House Appropriations Committee Slashes IRS Budget 15%

Outraged VA Residents Force US Gov't to Stop Plan to House Illegal Kids

New York Gives Illegals Voting Rights Under New Bill

Record Numbers of Americans Renounce Their US Citizenship

Lawyers Urge Amnesty for Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Children

President Ties Border Agents' Hands, Can't Use Force Against Illegals

Obama Administration Made 6 Flights to Dump Illegals Into MA

Texas Flooded With Unending Stream of Illegals

Traffickers Using Jet Skis to Dump Illegals Into US

Illegals Using "Rehearsed" Statements to Gain Entry Into US

Obama Administration Lies About Number of Illegal Alien Children

President to Honor Illegals at White House

VA County Wants Info on 7,000 Deported Illegals

Lindsey Graham Scolds Conservatives for Not Supporting Amnesty

Haley Barbour Urges Passing Amnesty

Rutherford Institute: Is Dept. of Homeland Security US Standing Army?

US Gov't Tax Revenue Sets Record of Almost $2 Trillion, Still in Debt

Sex Trafficking Flourishing Through Illegal Invasion Into US

Record High in Foreign Holdings of US Treasury Debt

Marine Jailed in Mexico Reportedly Becoming Despondent

American Flag Burned at World Cup

Conservative Beats RINO in AR GOP Primary Over Medicaid Expansion Program

RINOs Pushing Eric Cantor for RNC Chairman

Conservative Gaining Momentum Against TN GOP Senator

Supreme Court OKs Pro-Life Group's Challenge to OH Free-Speech Ban

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal Over Graduations in Church

Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Third-Party Gun Buying

Supreme Court Rules Against Argentina in Sovereign Debt Default Case

Erick Erickson: Thank You, House Republicans!

New York Times: Lack of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth

35,000 Illegals Flooding Into Texas Each Month

Arizona Threatens Legal Action Over US Gov't Dumping Illegals in State

American IT Workers Have to Train the Foreigners Replacing Them

Thousands to Be Questioned on ObamaCon Subsidies

OK Senator Has Plan to Restrict Gov't Authority Over Schools

President Tells College Grads to Attack Climate Change Deniers

GOP Establishment Seizes Control in Iowa

Mitt Romney: How Republicans Will Take Back the White House in 2016

Border Agents: We're Allowing Mexican Gang Members Into US

Obama Administration Threatens Border Agents Who Speak to the Media

FBI Investigating Makeshift Bomb Attack at AZ Power Station

At-Risk US Embassies Failed to Follow Vetting Procedures for Security

IRS Says It Has Lost Lois Lerner Emails Prior to 2011, Blames Computer Crash

March 2014: IRS Commissioner Said Lois Lerner Emails Were Archived

Change in Defense Attorneys for Marine Sergeant Held in Mexico

Progressives Angry SC Lawmakers Order Schools to Teach US Constitution

Progressive Group Fires University Professor for Denying Global Warming

FDA Backs Off Cheese Regulations After Outcry by Cheese Lovers

President Golfs in Palm Springs as Terrorists Sweep Across Iraq

Conservative Raul Labrador to Challenge Kevin McCarthy for House Leadership

Obama Administration Forbids Picture Taking at Facility for Illegals

Border Patrol Agents Changing Diapers, Heating Baby Formula

US Military Spends $3 Million on Boats for Afghanistan, Then Cancels Shipment

Ohio Wants to Kill Family's Pet Deer Because It's a "Wild Animal"

Video: MS Senator Thad Cochran Doesn't Know/Remember Eric Cantor Lost

US Gov't Pressuring Local Police to Shut Up About Surveillance

Norad Admits Intercepting 4 Russian Bombers Off California Coast

President Released Terrorist Who Had Key Role in 9-11-2001 Attacks

Former Border Agents Claim US Gov't Orchestrating Flood of Illegals

Texas Deputies Chase SUVs Loaded With Illegals

US Government Spends $50,000 to Make "Green" Cooking Stoves

New Jersey Threatens to Seize Teen From Parents for "Non-Conforming" Behavior

12 People Show Up at Anti-Gun Protest

IL Governor Signs Bill Allowing 12-Year-Old Girl to Bake, Sell Cupcakes

Wife of White House Employee Demands WA Post Fire George Will

RINO Kevin McCarthy Locks Up Votes to Take Jeb Hensarling Out of Race

IN House Rep. Marlin Stutzman Running for House Majority Whip

Anniversary of Ronald Reagan's "Tear Down This Wall!" Speech

Russian Bombers Fly Within 50 Miles of California Coast

Flood of Illegals Leaves Border Unprotected, Drug Cartels in Control

Obama Administration Dumping Illegals Into Massachusetts?

Eric Cantor Doubles Down on Amnesty for Illegal Alien Children

Darrell Issa: Flood of Illegals Will Result in Children Dying

Dept. of Homeland Security: There's a Problem at the Border

VP Joe Biden: US Needs All These Illegal Aliens Flooding Our Border

Rand Paul Publicly Joins Amnesty for Illegals Movement

Defense Secretary Admits President Ignored Law in Terrorist Release

. . .Doubles Down on Releasing Five Hardened Terrorists

VA Reportedly Told Pittsburgh Hospital to "Mislead" Congress

Georgia Can Seize Your Bank Account If No Transactions in One Year

MA DCF Files Motion, Agrees Justina Pelletier Be Returned to Her Parents

Cantor to Resign From Leadership Post, Endorses RINO Friend Kevin McCarthy

GOP Senators Don't Seem to Want to Talk to Media After Cochran Fundraiser

US Government Giving Illegals "Permisos" or Entry Into US

Hillary: Five Released Taliban Terrorists Are Not a Threat to the US

Tea Party Energized After Brat Victory to Go After TN, MS RINOs

Tea Party Conservative Dave Brat Defeats RINO Cantor in GOP Primary

Dave Brat Gives God the Glory for Victory Over Cantor

Sean Hannity Interviews Dave Brat

Meet Dave Brat

Ben Shapiro: 8 Consequences of Cantor's Defeat

Eric Cantor's Donors Also Lost Big

Red State: I'm at a Loss for Words

Erick Erickson: Why Cantor Lost

Mark Levin on Hannity: The GOP Leadership Better Wake Up!

Erick Erickson: Ted Cruz, Go to Mississippi and Support Chris McDaniel

Illegals Flagging Down Border Patrol to Gain Entry Into US

Flood of Illegal Youths Create Disaster, Sexual Assaults at Shelters

$350 Million US Gov't Grant for Illegal Alien Kids From Central America

Illegal Alien Who Sought Sanctuary at Church Wins Deportation Stay

AZ County Attorney Says US Government's Dumping of Illegal Kids Is Illegal

Valerie Jarrett, the Real President, Held Meetings With Illegal Aliens

President to Bypass Congress to Eliminate Second Amendment by EOs

VA Spent Millions on Ad Campaigns, Audits, Green Energy

Superior Court Judge Rules CA Teacher Job Protection Laws Unconstitutional

Report: Plea Deal in the Works for Edward Snowden

Lindsey Graham Has Too Many Challengers, Wins GOP Primary

NSA: Our Systems Are Too Complex, We Can't Stop Deleting Evidence

IN County Sheriff Justifies Military Vehicles: US Is a War Zone

White House: Defense Secretary Hagel Made Final Call on Bergdah Swap, Not Us

. . .Hagel Responds: Don't Pin This on Me, This Was Your Idea!

Marcus Luttrell: Weird That Bergdahl Doesn't Want to Speak With His Family

Experts Predict ObamaCon Taxes Will Cause Chaos Next Year

FDA Goes After Cheese Aged on - Wooden Boards

American Businessmen Attend London Conference on Marxism

Gunman, Student Dead From Shooting at Oregon High School

TX GOP Reworks Immigration Plank in Platform

IRS Sent Database With Confidential Taxpayer Info to FBI

President Thrusts Illegal Child Immigrants Onto Third Military Base

President Wants $2 Billion of Your Money to House Illegal Kids Entering US

Arrests of Illegals Crossing US Border Down 75%

Justice Dept. Partnering With AmeriCorps to Provide Illegal Kids Legal Aid

Supreme Court: Children Waiting With Parents for Visas Must Go to Back of Line

House Republicans Still Pushing Amnesty Bill

FL Governor Rick Scott Signs Bill Giving In-State Tuition to Illegals

TX GOP Conservatives Fight RINOs to Put in Anti-Amnesty Plank in Platform

Breitbart Starts Border Security Tipline

AZ Republican Wants Holder Impeached for IRS, Bergdahl, Illegals

Local Police Departments Acquiring Weapons of War

Over 57,000 Vets Waiting for First Visits at VA Hospitals

. . .Almost 64,000 Vets Were Never Seen by a Doctor

300 California Groups Sign Statement Supporting Common Core

CA Hired Chinese Company to Repair Bridge Does Shoddy Work

Questions Arise About Bergdahl's Father Contacting Al Qaeda on Social Media

It's Global Warming! It's Global Cooling! Icebergs Seen on Lake Superior

Mexican Official Leads Life of Luxury in US on $7,982 Yearly Salary

US Produced Enough Energy for 84% of Its Needs in 2013

World's Number of Millionaires Reaches 16 Million Households

Tampa Police Break Into Businessman's Truck for Drugs, Damage Vehicle

Justina Pelletier Begs Judge to Go Home

Grammy-Winning Producer Denounces Vulgar Lyrics in Urban Music

Hillary Claims She Was Broke After Living in White House 8 Years

Obama Administration Dumps Illegal Kids on Military Bases

Border Patrol Agents Threatened With Firing After Leaked Photos

Judge Blasts US Government for Releasing Illegals, Not Enforcing Law

McDonald's Has Longest Stretch Without Rising Sales in Its History

Pelletier Lawyers Say Justina to Soon Be Returned Home to Her Family

Eric Cantor Drops to 52% Before GOP Primary Election

President to Free Terrorist in Gitmo for Taking Up Yoga

US Treasury Reports Limits on Allowing Spy Agencies to Access Bank Accounts

Obama Administration Flying Illegals to El Paso, Dumping Them There

Illegals From Central, South America Bringing Diseases Into US

Ted Cruz: President's Lawlessness Causing Flood of Illegals Into US

Eric Cantor Wants to Give Amnesty to Illegal Youths

. . .Hometown Newspaper Endorses Cantor, No Mention of Amnesty Position

President to Expand Student Loan Program

Bergdahl Refuses to Talk to His Family

. . .How The Men Who Were Searching for Bergdahl Died

Americans Flood Emergency Rooms Under ObamaCon Scam


Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. . .All these are the beginning of sorrows - Matthew 24:7-9

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Want to Destroy 840-Year-Old Muslim Monument

Terrorists Seize Benghazi Army Base in Libya, Kill 30

Return to 18th Century: Europe Pays Ransom to Muslim Terrorists

Arab-Owned Supercars Hit London Streets

Car Bomb in Cairo Kills Three

World Bank Gives Egypt $500 Million Energy Loan

Content Warning: Video Shows Al Qaeda Terrorists Murdering Shi'ites in Iraq

15 Found Dead in Baghdad

US State Dept. Says Christianity in Danger of Disappearing in Middle East

Taliban Regaining Control of Afghanistan

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Behead 18 Syrian Soldiers, Post Heads on Fence

Iraqi Military Kills 17 in Anti-Terrorist Raid Southwest of Baghdad

Iraq Splitting Into Three Sections

Fighting in Libya Causes Oil Depot Fire in Tripoli

Egypt's Military Helps Israel, Destroys 13 Gaza Tunnels

US Evacuates Embassy in Libya Over Fighting in Tripoli

Al Qaeda Terrorists Kills Four Soldiers in Yemen

US President Requests Repeal of AUMF for Iraq

IG Report: Pentagon Can't Find Thousands of Firearms in Afghanistan

Terrorists Kill 85 Syrian Army Troops

Tanker of Crude Oil From Kurdistan About to Arrive at US Port

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorist Attack on Iraqi Prisoner Convoy Kills 60

ISIS Terrorists Destroy Jonah's Tomb in Iraq

VA Congressman Blasts President for Ignoring Christian Genocide in Iraq

Jordan Shoots down Drone Near Syrian Border

Egyptian Troops Shoot, Kill Terrorist Heading to Israel

Iranian Christian to Be Punished for Eating During Ramadan

Terrorists in Iraq Order Women to Undergo Genital Mutilation

ISIS Moves Into Baghdad Suburb, Attacks in Two Iraqi Cities Kill At Least 16

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Eliminating Christians in Iraq

ISIS Terrorists Destroy 1,800-Year-Old Church in Mosul

Gunmen Attack Kabul Airport

Terrorist Attacks on Two Military Checkpoints Kill 14 Tunisian Soldiers

Saudi Arabia Increases Security on Border With Iraq

Wall Painting in Tomb of Ancient Priest Found New Great Pyramid

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Force Iraqi Troops to Withdraw From Tikrit

Libyan Government Collapsing, Calls for International Aid

Benghazi Suspect Found Dead in Eastern Libya

Syria's Assad Sworn in for Another 7-Year Term

Kurds Take Control of Two More Iraqi Oil Fields

Heavy Fighting Between Armed Groups Causes UN to Pull Staff Out of Libya

90% of Planes at Tripoli Airport Destroyed

Egypt Fears Muslim Terrorists Gathering on Libyan Border

US Signs $11 Billion Arms Sales With Qatar

Iraqi Parliament Finally Elects Speaker

Report: Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists, Iran Have Infiltrated Iraqi Military

Six Dead as Hezbollah, Syrian Rebel Terrorists Fight on Lebanon's Border

Explosions Kill Eight in Sinai

Heavy Fighting Near Tripoli Airport Kills At Least 3 in Libya

Terrorists Kills Almost 30 Prostitutes in Baghdad

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Seize Nuclear Materials From Mosul University

Next Stop for Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists: Baghdad Airport

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Destroy Shrines, Mosques

Drone Strike Kills Six Terrorists in Pakistan

UAE Airlines Buys 150 Boeing Planes

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Seize Former Chemical Weapons Factory in Iraq

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Slaughter 5 Children in Front of the Mothers

53 Corpses Found in Iraq, South of Baghdad

Maliki Accuses Kurds of Collusion With ISIS Terrorists

Shi'ite Rebels Seize City Near Yemen's Capital

Middle Eastern Investors Buying Residential Property in London

Remains of Long-Lost Pagan Temple Found in Iraq

Al Qaeda ISIS Is About to Destroy Biblical History in Iraq

Suicide Terrorist Kills 12 Afghans, Four NATO Soldiers

Abdullah Claims Victory in Afghanistan's Presidential Election

<>Egypt Raises Fuel Prices 78% Overnight

Bahrain Asks US Assistant Secretary of State to Leave Country

Saudi Human Rights Lawyer Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison Under New Laws

President, White House Ignored Many Warnings on Al Qaeda Terrorists in Iraq

Ibrahim Ali al-Badri, Islam's New Caliph, Makes First Appearance

Senior Iraqi Commander Killed in Shelling

Iraqi Military Forces Try to Regroup

Terrorists Kill Five Afghan Policemen

Libya Restarting Oil Exports From Major Eastern Ports

Afghanistan Delays Presidential Election Results

US Surpasses Saudi Arabia, Russia as World's Largest Oil Producer

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Destroy Shi'ite Mosques, Shrines in Iraq

Suicide Terrorist Kills 15 Iraqi Troops

Two Suspected Al Qaeda Terrorists Blow Themselves Up in Saudi Arabia

Terrorist Attack Kills Policeman in Bahrain

Egypt Sentences Muslim Brotherhood Leader to Life in Prison

Saudi Arabia Sends 30,000 Troops to Iraqi Border

Kurds Call for Vote on Independence

Islamic Banking Wants to Go Mainstream

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Recruiting More Children to Fight in Iraq

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Hiring Judges, Doctors, Engineers

Iraqi Envoy: We Desperately Need US Military Support

Nuns, Orphans Kidnapped in Mosul

. . ."Soon a Day Will Come When the Muslim Will Walk Everywhere as Master"

Suicide Bomber Kills 8 Afghan Military Officers

Al Qaeda ISIS Puts on Military Parade in Syria

President Sends Another 300 US Soldiers to Iraq

Iraq's New Parliament Adjourns, Can't Agree on Speaker

CIA Under Fire for Failure to See Rise of Terrorism in Iraq

Mission Accomplished

Pakistan Starts Military Operations Against Taliban Terrorists

Al Qaeda Iraqi Terrorists Vow to Destroy Ka'aba in Mecca

Al Qaeda Terrorists Declare Islamic Caliphate in Iraq, Syria

Al Qaeda Terrorists Crucify 9 Syrian Rebels for Being "Too Moderate"

Iraqi Government Forces, Al Qaeda Terrorists Fight in Tikrit

Russia Delivers Five Combat Planes to Iraqi's Air Force

Bombs Kill Two Policemen Near Presidential Palace in Cairo

Al Qaeda Terrorists May Blow Up Haditha Dam

Iraqi Government Helicopters Fire at Terrorists in Tikrit

Expanding Control of Al Qaeda Terrorists Poses Threat to Iraqi Oil Production

Content Warning: Mass Executions, Throwing Iranians Over Cliffs in Syria

Iraqi Terrorists Threaten Lebanon With Suicide Attacks

John Kerry: Syrian Rebels/Terrorists Could Fight Terrorists in Iraq

Syrian Rebels/Terrorists Said to Control 95% of Syrian Golan Heights

Content Warning: Al Qaeda Terrorists Crucify Fighter

Shi'ites, Pro-Government Tribesman Fight in Yemen

Bomb at Cairo Telecom Center Kills At Least One

Saudi Arabia Threatens Non-Muslims With Deportation

Egypt Ready to Send Troops to Saudi Arabia to Fight Al Qaeda Terrorists

US President Wants to Give $500 Million to "Moderate" Syrian Terrorists

ISIS Terrorists Kidnap 140 Kurdish Schoolboys

Al Qaeda Terrorists Executed At Least 160-190 in Tikrit

Maliki Admits Political Solution Also Needed in Iraq

Iraqi Shi'ite Leaders Want Maliki's Removal

UN Rejects Request by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait to Condemn Israel

Egyptian Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison for "Liking" Christian Facebook Post

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists About to Take Balad Airforce Base

Iraqi Forces Land in Tikrit to Fight Terrorists

Saudi Arabia Taking "All Measures" to Protect Borders from Iraqi Terrorists

Saudi Arabia Sending Weapons to Sunni Terrorists in Iraq

Al Qaeda Terrorists Attack Airport in Southern Yemen

Another Car Bomb Kills Security Officer at Checkpoint in Beirut

Jordanian Court Acquits Radical Muslim Preacher Abu Qatada

US: Syrian War Planes Strike Terrorist Targets in Iraq

Iraqi Female Politician Killed Fighting Terrorists

Maliki Rejects National Emergency Government

Report: Terrorists to Use Iraq, Syria to Launch Attacks on US

Four Explosions Hit Cairo Subway

Egyptian Christian Gets 6 Years in Prison for Insulting Islam

Report: Kurds Offered to Stop Iraqi Terrorists Months Ago, US Didn't Respond

Iran Sponsored, Aided Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorist Founder

Jordan Attacks ISIS Terrorists at Syrian Border

Shi'ites Describe Al Qaeda Terrorists' Massacre in Iraq

Al Qaeda Terrorists Reportedly Issue Pro-Rape Fatwa in Iraq

Kurdish Leader Calls for Kurdish Independence

Suicide Bombing in Beirut Injures At Least 19

Al Qaeda Terrorists Capture More Border Crossings, Cut Off Escape Routes

Al Qaeda Terrorists Now Using US Humvees in Syria

The End Is Near: Iraqi Leaders "Fearful" as World Abandons Them to Terrorists

Al Qaeda Terrorists Execute Judge Who Sentenced Hussein to Death

US President: We Can't Play Whack-a-Mole With Terrorists

Tony Blair: Hey, Don't Blame Me!

US "Special Forces" Troops Won't Receive Combat Pay in Iraq

150 Egyptian Drivers Kidnapped in Libya

Egypt Sentences Al Jazeera Reporters to Prison for "False" Reports

Shi'a Cleric in Iraq Threatens Americans

Al Qaeda Terrorists Seize Iraqi-Syrian Border Post, Kill At Least 30

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Execute Iraqi Soldiers

Al Qaeda ISIS Executes Three Syrian Rebel Officers in Syria

Allahu Akhbar! Somalis in US Join Terrorists in Iraq

British Citizens Join Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists in Syria

Kurds Edge Toward Statehood

Putin Offers Iraq's Maliki Russia's Support Against Terrorists

Foreign Terrorists Calling for Recruits to Join Iraqi Terrorists

Three US Troops Killed in Afghanistan

Egyptian Court Confirms Death Sentence of Muslim Brotherhood Members

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Seize Saddam Hussein's Chemical Weapons

Iraqi Political Bloc Calls for Expulsion of US Ambassador

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Killing Christians in Iraq, Destroying Churches

. . .Catholics Flee

Million Barrels of Crude Oil From Kurds Floating Around Mediterranean

Iraqi Forces Reportedly Retake Oil Refinery From Terrorists

Al Qaeda Terrorists Reportedly in Control of 75% of Baiji Oil Refinery

Al Qaeda Terrorists Control More Territory Than at Anytime in History

US Wants Iraq's Maliki to Resign in Return for Airstrikes on ISIS

John Kerry Says US May Give Iran Information About Iraq

Saudi Arabia Warns Iran to Stay Out of Iraq

. . .Blast Malaki's Shi'a Favoritism Over Sunnis

US Ambassador to UN: President Has Amazing Foreign Policy Team

Terrorists Destroy Historic Tomb at Libyan Mosque

Egyptian Court Sentences 14 Muslim Brotherhood Members to Death

Muslim Brotherhood's UK Network Revealed

Dubai International Airport Surpases Heathrow as World's Busiest

Al Qaeda Terrorists Launch Satellite Channel From Mosul

Exxon-Mobile, BP Start Pulling Out of Iraq

Iraq's Al Qaeda Group Agrees Not to Attack Iran

Turkey Suddenly Fine With Independent Kurdish State - for the Oil

Former US Army General Jerry Boykin Says Iraq Is Already Lost

US State Dept. Spokesperson Refuses to Say Terrorism Is On the Rise

The Sunni-Shi'a Divide Explained in 100 Seconds

Al Qaeda Terrorists Less Than 40 Miles Away From Baghdad

. . .Attack Iraq's Main Oil Refinery in Baiji, Employees Flees

Over 5,000 Iranians Sign Up to Defend Iraq's Holy Sites

How Nice of You: Iran Vows to Do Everythng Possible to Protect Iraqi Shrines

Al Qaeda Terrorists Including Children in Atrocities

Iraq's Prime Minister Defies US, Refuses to Reach Out to Sunnis

. . .Accuses Saudi Arabia of Supporting Al Qaeda Terrorists

. . .Dismisses Four Senior Security Commanders

Al Qaeda ISIS Has Released Annual Reports on Assassinations, Attacks

Oil Companies in Iraq Evacuating Staff

Content Warning: Europeans Fighting for Al Qaeda ISIS Killed in Iraq

Arabs in Gaza, Judea, Samaria Celebrate Al Qaeda Terrorists in Iraq

Ted Cruz: Under No Circumstances Should US Partner With Iran

Al Qaeda Knocks Out Electrical Grid in Yemen

President Obama Sends 65,000 MREs to Sunni Terrorists in Aleppo, Syria

African Union Ready to Readmit Egypt

Al Qaeda Terrorists Marching Toward Baghdad From North, West, NE

US Sending 275 American Troops to Protect Baghdad Embassy

Dept. of Homeland Security Employee Supports Return of Caliphate

Al Qaeda Terrorists in Iraq Moving US Military Equipment to Syria

Turkey Gives Injured ISIS Commander Free Medical Treatment

UN Pulls Staff From Iraq, Relocates to Jordan

US Arrests Ahmed Abu Khatallah for Attack on Benghazi Consulate

Afghan Police Kill Terrorists Who Chopped Off Fingers of Voters

Residents of Syrian Christian Village Return After Army Expels Rebels

Egypt President Swears in New Government

In Qatar, Released Taliban Terrorists Live in Luxury

Egypt Closes Stores Tied to Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian Christian Teacher Sentenced for Blasphemy

John Kerry Open to Teaming Up With Nation on US State Sponsors of Terror List

Terrorists Take Town in Northwest Iraq

Baghdad Airport Reportedly Under Attack

Iran Sends Troops Into Iraq

US Orders Partial Evacuation of Baghdad Embassy

Terrorists Post Pictures of Mass Killings in Iraq

Terrorist Leader in 2009: See You in New York

Tony Blair: Situation in Iraq Would Be Worse If We Hadn't Invaded

Iraqi Air Force, Not US Air Force, Rescuing Americans in Balad

US Naval Aircraft Carrier Sent to Gulf, On Standby

200 Americans Surrounded by Terrorists, Fighting for Their Lives in Iraq

Terrorists Tied to ISIS Claim Responsibility for Kidnapping Israeli Teens

30 Killed in Explosion in Syria Near Iraqi Border

Jordan Destroys Four Vehicles Trying to Enter From Syria

US President Releases 12 Prisoners From US Prison in Afghanistan

Al Qaeda Terrorists Threaten to Attack Two Shi'ite Holy Cities in Iraq

Al Qaeda Terrorists Leave Roads Lined With Decapitated Heads

Al Qaeda Claims Responsiblity for Attack on Tunisian Official's Home

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Take Two More Towns on the Way to Baghdad

Former Saddam Hussein Military Officers Fighting With Al Qaeda Terrorists

Iranian General Reportedly in Baghdad to Direct Defense Against Terrorists

ZeroHedge: US Armed Al Qaeda Terrorists in Iraq That Came From Syria

Al Qaeda Terrorists Capture Thousands of Iraqi Soldiers

US Companies Evacuating Some Employees to Baghdad

. . .Others Having to Fight Their Away Across Iraq

Al Qaeda Now Controls More Land Than Lebanon and Israel Combined

President Obama in 2011: We're Leaving Behind Sovereign, Stable Iraq

Jordan Charges Iraqi Journalists With Terror, Closes TV Station in Amman

Saudi Arabia Says It Wants Better Relations With Iran

Oil Hits Nine-Month High Over Terrorist Takeover in Iraq

UK's Guardian: ISIS Terrorists Moving Into Syria

ISIS Terrorists Imposing Medieval Form of Sharia Law on Conquered Cities

Iraq's Parliament Can't Muster a Quorum for Emergency Session

White House Caught Off Guard by Iraqi Terrorists

US President Says Iraq Needs Assistance

Iraq's Al Qaeda-ISIS Terrorists Reach Samarra, Move Toward Baghdad

. . .Takes Control of Iraq's Largest Oil Refinery?

. . .Mass Beheadings Reported

US Rejects Pleas for Air Strikes From Iraqi Government

US Released ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in 2009

US Held Al-Baghdadi at Camp Bucca, a US Facility in Southern Iraq

Kurds Seize Kirkuk to Try to Stop ISIS Terrorists

US Drone Strike Kills 10 in Northwest Pakistan

Suicide Terrorist Attack Injures Five Policemen in Benghazi, Libya

Tikrit, Saddam's Hometown and Provincial Capital, Falls to Iraqi Terrorists

Iraqi Terrorists Loot Mosul's Central Bank of $429 Million

Worn Down Iraqi Government Soldiers Desert Military

UAE Introduces Compulsory Military Service, Imports More Arms

Egyptian Activist Sentenced to 15 Years for Violating Country's Protest Law

Al Qaeda ISIS Captures More Iraqi Territory

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Seize Fleet of US Humvees in Mosul

. . .Also US Blackhawk Helicopters

500,000 Flee Mosul

Iraq's President Offers Weapons to Citizens to Fight Al Qaeda Terrorists

EU Diplomats Meet With PLO-Hamas in Gaza

Gaza Banks Reopen After PLO-Hamas Dispute

John Kerry Says US Combat Role in Afghanistan Is Over

Saudi Arabia Among World's 6th Largest Spender on Defense

Women in Egypt to Hold "Walk Like an Egyptian" Rally in Cairo

Al Qaeda Terrorists Seize Control of Mosul, Iraq

. . .Northern Province of Nineveh, Too?

5 US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan by Friendly Fire

Iraq Declares State of Emergency in Mosul

Pakistan's Military Kills 15 From Early Morning Air Strikes

US State Dept. Thanks Qatar for Helping Them With Freed Terrorists

OPEC Convenes, Will Leave Oil Production Unchanged

US Stinger Missiles May Have Been Used Again American Troops

Freed Taliban Terrorist Vows to Return to Fight, Kill More Americans

Iran's President Visits Turkey, Will Sign 6 New Agreements

Taliban Leader Says US Troop Kidnappings More Appealing After Bergdahl Deal

Obama Adminstration Reportedly Holding Talks With Hamas for 6 Months

. . .US State Department Denies

John Kerry in Lebanon Supports US "Engagement" With Hezbollah Terrorists

US Delivers F-16 Jets, Arms to Iraq


And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name - Revelation 13:17

Hamas Supporters Block London Tunnel, Display Al Qaeda Flags

Arab-Owned Supercars Hit London Streets

Hungary Returning to Tyranny

Report: Surveillance Programs Hinder Journalists, Lawyers

Breitbart Report: UK Schools Facing Muslim Takeover

UK Retailer Tesco Bans Goods From Israeli Settlements in Judea, Samaria

Google to Collect More Data on You

France Sends Military to Guard Plane Crash Site in Mali

Snowden: UK Manipulates People Through Facebook, Spies Through YouTube

UK Spies Hack Online Polls to Control Internet

Germany Expels US Top Intelligence Official

French Police Foil Muslim Plot to Blow Up Eiffel Tower, Louvre

Middle Eastern Investors Buying Residential Property in London

Sudan Bans Newspaper for Articles About the Government

60 Kidnapped Nigerian Girls Escape Boko Haram Terrorists

UK Health Care System Denies Surgery to Seniors

Former President of Georgia, Eduard Shevardnadze, Dies at 79

EU Court Upholds France's Burqa Ban

Terrorist-Supporting UK Muslim Cleric Lives off UK Taxpayers

Leftist Website: Is Climate Change the Reason for the Terrorism in Iraq?

Blackout Cuts Power in the Communist Paradise of Venezuela

Hospitals Begin Data Mining on Everything You Eat, Do - It's for Your Own Good

Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, France Ban Commercial Ties With Judea, Samaria

Ukraine Signs Trade, Economic Agreement With EU

Moldova Says It Will Ignore Russia's Threats to Sign EU Agreement

Spain to Tax Bank Deposits

Head of Fourth-Largest Albanian Bank Assassinated in Broad Daylight

UK School Features 4-Year-Olds Pole Dancing to Disney Movie Tunes

Poland Rethinking Alliance With US

Report: Radical Leftists Have Been Manipulating Global Warming Data for Years

Muslim Brotherhood's UK Network Revealed

South African Company Develops Drone That Shoots Bullets for Riot Control

Dozens of Bodies Found in Mexican Mass Grave

Dubai International Airport Surpases Heathrow as World's Busiest

US Falls to 101st Most Peaceful Nation on Earth

Workers in Greece Receive Two-Thirds of Their Salary in Barter Arrangements

Marine Jailed in Mexico Reportedly Becoming Despondent

American Flag Burned at World Cup

Radical Muslims Appointed on Governing Bodies for London Schools

Wind Farms Charged With Causing Miscarriages, Aggressive Behavior in Animals

New Zealand May Be First to Mine Ocean Floor

President Tells College Grads to Attack Climate Change Deniers

Change in Defense Attorneys for Marine Sergeant Held in Mexico

US Government Spends $50,000 to Make "Green" Cooking Stoves

Latest Shortage in Venezuela: Coffins

Australia Seizes $360 Million From "Dormant" Bank Accounts

Denmark Passes Law Forcing Churches to Marry Same-Sex Couples

European Taxi Drivers Stage Protest Against Uber

Books Promoting Stoning, Lashing Found at UK Islamic School

NSA: Our Systems Are Too Complex, We Can't Stop Deleting Evidence

IN County Sheriff Justifies Military Vehicles: US Is a War Zone

Five UK Muslim Schools Accused of Pushing Extremism on Students

American Businessmen Attend London Conference on Marxism

Australia's Prime Minister Working on Coalition to Fight Carbon Tax

It's Global Warming! It's Global Cooling! Icebergs Seen on Lake Superior

Mexican Official Leads Life of Luxury in US on $7,982 Yearly Salary

UN Envoy's Visit to Gaza Signals Approval of PLO-Hamas Government

IMF's LaGarde Admits Group Makes Bad Decisions

President Says He Would Love to "Go Off" on Climate Change Deniers

How Orwellian! Argentina Appoints New Secretary of National Thought

Spain to Deport Filmmaker for Criticizing Islam

ECB Cuts Deposit Rate to Negative for First Time


Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you. . . - Matthew 24:9

Return to 18th Century: Europe Pays Ransom to Muslim Terrorists

Boko Haram Terrorists Kidnap Wife of Cameroon's Deputy Prime Minister

Boko Haram Bombs Catholic Church in Nigeria, At Least 5 Dead

French Police Foil Muslim Plot to Blow Up Eiffel Tower, Louvre

Boko Haram Terrorists Gang Rape, Shoot Christian Schoolgirls

Dozens Feared Dead From Car Bomb in Nigeria

Explosion at Medical School in Nigeria Kills At Least 8

Over 60 Women, Girls Kidnapped in Nigeria

Cameroon Arrests 40 Suspected Boko Haram Terrorists

Suicide Terrorist Kills At Least 14 at World Cup Party in Nigeria

Al Shabaab Claims It Killed 48 in Kenya

Boko Haram Terrorists Caught Planting Bombs at Nigerian Church

Islamic Terrorists Kill At Least 48 in Kenya

. . .Spared Muslims, Killed Christians

Spain Raids Al Qaeda ISIS Terror Cell Let by Former Gitmo Terrorist

President Released Terrorist Who Had Key Role in 9-11-2001 Attacks

Top Al Qaeda Terrorist Commander Captured in Philippines

Al Qaeda Terrorists Seize Control of Mosul, Iraq

. . .Northern Province of Nineveh, Too?

Boko Haram Kidnaps Another 20 Girls in Nigeria

President to Free Terrorist in Gitmo for Taking Up Yoga

GOP House Wants to List PLO-Hamas Unity Gov't as Terror Group

Freed Taliban Terrorist Vows to Return to Fight, Kill More Americans

Boko Haram Terrorists Dress as Soldiers, Kill 30 Christians in Church

President Wants to Release Another Terrorist From Gitmo

Taliban Leader Says US Troop Kidnappings More Appealing After Bergdahl Deal

Obama Adminstration Reportedly Holding Talks With Hamas for 6 Months

. . .US State Department Denies

John Kerry in Lebanon Supports US "Engagement" With Hezbollah Terrorists


For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled - Luke 21:22

Breitbart Report: UK Schools Facing Muslim Takeover

President Obama Defends Religious Freedom of Muslim Extremist

Muslim Prayer Rug Found on Mexico-Arizona Border

Japan Promoting Halal Tourism to Attact Muslims

President Has 72% Approval Rate Among Muslims

60 Kidnapped Nigerian Girls Escape Boko Haram Terrorists

Red Cross Stops Ebola Treatments in Guinea After Truck Attacked

Islamic Banking Wants to Go Mainstream

EU Court Upholds France's Burqa Ban

Patients in South Sudan Hospitals Shot in Their Beds

US Military Bans Bibles, Forces US Troops to Observe Ramadan

Terrorist-Supporting UK Muslim Cleric Lives off UK Taxpayers

Saudi Arabia Threatens Non-Muslims With Deportation

Malaysia's Prime Minister Urges Party Members to Be Like ISIS Terrorists

Malaysian Court: Only Muslims Can Use Word "Allah"

Saudi Cleric Linked to Terrorists Speaks to Islamic Student Conference

TX Man Told to Take Down US Flag Because It's a Threat to the Muslims

US Holds Conference for Nigeria's Muslim Leaders, Excludes Christian

Radical Muslims Appointed on Governing Bodies for London Schools

Books Promoting Stoning, Lashing Found at UK Islamic School

Five UK Muslim Schools Accused of Pushing Extremism on Students

Islamic Finance Moving Into Kazakhstan

Vatican to Allow Islamic Prayer This Weekend

Europe's Largest Islamic Bank Financing Virgin Mobile ME for $15 Million

Muslims Attack Catholics in Indonesia Holding Home Prayer Meeting

Muslims Set Fire to Christian Shops in Southern Egypt

Saudi Arabia's Religious Police Arrest 60 Women for Attending Mixed Party


Yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service - John 16:2

Red State Critic Wants Americans to Support Religious Rights of Satanists

China Orders Demolition of Over 100 Churches in Zhejiang Province

Federal Appeals Court Allows Display of World Trade Center Cross

Boko Haram Bombs Catholic Church in Nigeria, At Least 5 Dead

Scientists Accuse UK Government of Dishonesty Over "GM" Babies

US Doesn't List Pakistan, Iraq, Vietnam on Religious Freedom Blacklist

President Defends Polygamy in Obama Family

US State Dept. Says Christianity in Danger of Disappearing in Middle East

ISIS Terrorists Destroy Jonah's Tomb in Iraq

VA Congressman Blasts President for Ignoring Christian Genocide in Iraq

President Refuses to Mention Christianity in Statement on Meriam Ibrahim

ABC Family Kids' TV Show Has Lesbian Couple Having Late Term Abortion

Sudan Frees Meriam Ibrahim, Family Now in Italy

Christian Claims Newspaper Fired Him for Criticizing Homosexual Bible

Homosexuals, Lesbians Attack NY Giants for Hiring Christian Coach

Iranian Christian to Be Punished for Eating During Ramadan

President to Sign EO for Homosexuals, Lesbians in US Government

US Gov't: Less Than 3% of Americans Are Homosexual, Bisexual, Lesbian

Senate Democrats Propose Bill Overriding States' Late-Term Abortion Bans

South Florida on 100th Birthday: Trust in the Lord and Do Good

NY Senator Schumer: Religious Americans Must Choose Between Faith or Business

Obama Administration Pushes Caregiver Training for Homosexual Seniors

Christian Bookstores Promoting Same-Sex Unions

Boko Haram Terrorists Gang Rape, Shoot Christian Schoolgirls

Content Warning: Senate Dems Introduce Bill to Override SC Hobby Lobby Ruling

Benham Brothers Finish What They Start Despite Firing

NV Democrat Candidate for Lt. Governor Campaigns on Her Abortion

China Sentences Christian Pastor to 12 Years in Prison

Federal Court Demands Atheists Present Rational Argument Against Cross

Planned Parenthood Gives Award for Exceeding Abortion Expectations

Radical Atheists Attack Conservative SC Justices, Demand Repeal of RFRA

Poll: Voters Support Hobby Lobby Decision by 10-Point Margin

NOW President Displays Her Ignorance on RFRA, Hobby Lobby Case

NJ Governor Christie on Hobby Lobby Case: Who Knows? Who Cares?

Pastor Declared Dead, Spend 90 Minutes in Heaven

Shooters Restaurant in Rifle, CO Welcomes Guns, Jesus

Court Exempts Catholic TV Network From ObamaCon Contraception Mandate

Hobby Lobby Wins!

US Military Bans Bibles, Forces US Troops to Observe Ramadan

US, Sudan Negotiating Meriam Ibraham's Immigration to America

Pentagon Openly Recruiting "Transgenders"

Egyptian Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison for "Liking" Christian Facebook Post

North Carolina Passes Bill Protecting Student Prayer in Public Schools

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down UT Traditional Marriage Amendment

California Increases Budget for Abortions by 40%

Meriam Ibrahim Reportedly Freed Again in Sudan

VP Biden: Rights of Homosexuals Trump Culture, Religion, Tradition

Egyptian Christian Gets 6 Years in Prison for Insulting Islam

Sudanese Christian Re-Arrested After Being Freed

First Picture of Freed Christian Meriam Ibrahim After Release

Charge: More Babies Aborted Under President Than Jobs Created

MA Senator Wants Special "LGBT" Envoy in US State Department

Fox News: Sudan Frees Christian Sentenced to Death

. . .Attorneys to Meet With US Embassy Representatives Tomorrow

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Killing Christians in Iraq, Destroying Churches

. . .Catholics Flee

China Expands Removal of Crosses, Destruction of Churches

US Holds Conference for Nigeria's Muslim Leaders, Excludes Christian

Catholic Bishop: Marriage Is the First Domino of Civilization

Supreme Court OKs Pro-Life Group's Challenge to OH Free-Speech Ban

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal Over Graduations in Church

National Guard Banned at San Francisco Pride "Festival"

Nancy Pinocchio Tells Bishop to Stop Supporting Traditional Marriage

School Salutatorian Speaks About His Christian Faith in Graduation Speech

Egyptian Christian Teacher Sentenced for Blasphemy

Duck Dynasty Family Receives Honor From Louisiana Governor

Denmark Passes Law Forcing Churches to Marry Same-Sex Couples

Plano, TX Bans Bible Study, Prayer Meetings for Women in Crisis

Liberal/Progressive Barry Lynn Defends Nontheists, Muslims

Transgendered Priest to Give Sermon at National Cathedral

San Diego School Asks 8th Grade Girls How Far They Will Go Sexually

UT Police Dept. Suspends Cop for Refusing to Work at Pride Parade

Vatican to Allow Islamic Prayer This Weekend

Judge Overturns WI Same-Sex Marriage Ban: Traditional Marriage Is Polygamy

Plank on Homosexuality in TX GOP Platform Causes Fight

Judge Grants Injunction Against ObamaCon Mandate to Catholics

Masterpiece Cakes Owner Willing to Go to Jail for His Christian Beliefs

OR Schools to Offer Condoms to 6th Graders

WA School Awards Ceremony Featured Profane Language, Sex Toys

MO HS Principal Wows Crowd, Angers Atheists With Speech About God


And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven - Luke 21:11

2014 Coolest Summer on Record in US

Los Angeles Driest Since 1877

Typhoon Kills At Least 10 in Philippines

Supermoon: Another Sign of the End Times?

6.9 Earthquake Kills Four in Southern Mexico

NC Evacuates Outer Banks Before Hurricane Arthur Hits

7.9 Earthquake Rattles Alaska, Triggers Tsunami Warning

Winter Storm Hits Utah, Wyoming, Montana

Tornadoes Terrorize Nebraska, Kill At Least One

Scientists Can't Explain Increase of Earthquakes in Alaska

6.0 Earthquake Shakes Pakistan

Eight Tornadoes Cause Damage, Injuries in Colorado

Series of Earthquakes Occurring in Yellowstone Park

4.2 Earthquake Rattles Los Angeles


But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased - Daniel 12:4

New Bluetooth Shoes Vibrate to Give Wearer Directions

US Military Developing Tiny Pocket Drones as Spy Tool

Electronic Devices Containing Nickel Causing Rashes, Blisters in Users

Big Brother Technology Monitors You Now at Work, Too

Scientists Protest Notion of "Free Will" in Humans

Scientists Developing Chips to Plant False Memories in People

Genetically Modified Bananas Imported Into US

Scientists Developing "Bionic Pancreas" to Help Diabetes Patients

Stephen Hawking Warns of Dangers of AI

Solar Flares Disrupt Communications on Earth

Star's Explosion Caught by Hubble Space Telescope

Google "Nearby" Lets Others Know When You're Around

Supercomputer Passes "Human" Test, Technology Could Be Used in Cybercrimes

Transhumanism: Scientists Transplant Human Cells Into Pigs

Google Glass Detector Cuts Off Glasses' Wi-Fi

Robotic Mannequins Used for Training at NJ Hospital