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L-R: Ruins of Beit She'an - Israel, City of Nain - Israel, Rev. Noah Hutchings, Mount Hor - Jordan, Jerusalem from Mount of Olives - Israel


And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh - Luke 21:28


Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh - Matthew 24:32

Three Hamas Terrorists Killed in "Workplace Accident"

Israeli Murdered in Terrorist Attack Laid to Rest, Officials Meet With PLO

Thousands Show Up for Priestly Blessing at Wailing Wall

Israel Shuts Down Temple Mount After Riot

"Mystery" Explosion in Gaza Strip Kills 3

IDF Forms Intel Unit That Includes Austistic Soldiers

Terrorists Kill Israeli Jew in Hebron, Wounds His Children

Israeli Border Police Injured From Arabs Throwing Stones, Molotov Cocktails

Israelis Almost Ready for Passover

Signs in the Heavens: Week of the Blood Moons

Gaza Terrorists Fire at IDF Near Border

Israeli Official Repeats He Will Resign If Terrorists Released

Arab Teenager Says Her Life's Goal Is to Murder Jews

US Sends Martin Indyk to Israel to Try to Save Phony Peace Talks

Spoiled Rich Kids Refuse to Serve in IDF

Pro-Israel Ads Now on Washington, DC Buses

PLO to Join Geneva Conventions

PLO Terrorist Thug Jibril Rajoub: Hitler Would Have Learned From Israel

Israeli Coalition Member Threatens to Bring Down Gov't Over Terrorists

Israel Launches Advanced Ofek 10 Spy Satellite

Israel Launches Spy Satellite After US Refuses to Push Iran on Nuke Program

IDF, Gaza Terrorists Trade Fire Across the Border

Arab League Pledges $100 Million to PLO

Israel Adds Super Hercules Samson to Transport Fleet

Israel Sets New Record for Tourism in March

PLO Says Hamas Is Not a Terrorist Organization

Israel Orders No Meetings With PLO After Phony Peace Talks Collapse

PLO Urges Boycott of Israeli Settlements

Gaza Terrorists Shoot at IDF Near Border Fence

Terrorist Rocket From Gaza Strip Lands - in Gaza Strip

Israeli Drones Reported Over Lebanon

Former Likud Politician Returning to Israeli Politics

John Kerry Blames Israel for Breakdown of Phony Peace Talks

PLO Refuses to Backdown From Joining International Groups

IDF Destroys "Illegal" Jewish Buildings in Judea, Samaria

Vassar College Alumni Protests BDS Movement on Campus

Arabs Throw Firebombs at Israeli Border Patrol Officers

Signs in Jerusalem Printed Only in Arabic

Israeli-Developed Camera Helps Blind to "See"

PLO: We Can Do Anything We Want and the US Won't Punish Us

PLO Sets New Conditions for Phony Peace Talks With Israel to Continue

Israel's Air Force Strikes 5 Terror Targest in Gaza Strip After Rocket Fire

Released Arab Terrorist Sends Message to Jailed Terrorists in Israel

Cairo's Dwindling Jewish Population Will Forego Community Seder This Year

UN Receives 13 Letters From PLO for Admittance to Treaties, Conventions

US Ambassador Power Argues Against Defunding UN Bodies That Admit PLO

Israeli, PLO "Peace Talks" Negotiating Teams Shout, Curse at Each Other

Arab Students Organize Talk by Convicted Terrorist at Tel Aviv University

Arabs Accuse Israel of Poisoning Them Through Marijuana, Heroin

Ancient Biblical Fortress Discovered in Jerusalem

PLO Rejects Israeli Concessions in Phony Peace Talks

Israel Approves Construction for 700 Housing Units in Jerusalem

MI University Defends Anti-Israel Student Stabbing Pineapple

NJ Governor Chris Christie Refers to Israel as "Occupied Territories"

US May Free Jonathan Pollard If Israel Will Agree to Free More Terrorists

Waqf Official Beats Jewish Man on Temple Mount, Israeli Police Arrest Victim

11 Ancient Burial Coffins Discovered in Israel

John Kerry Makes Unannounced Trip to Israel

PLO: We'll Continue "Peace" Talks If Israel Releases 1,000 Terrorists


Persia. . .shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land - Ezekiel 38:5, 16

John Kerry: It's Acceptable to Keep Iran 6-12 Months From Having Nukes

Iran Unveils New Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

Iran Equips Navy Destroyers, Warships With Cruise Missiles

Cry Me a River: Iran Protests US Visa Denial for Ambassador to UN

Iran Delays Sending Warships to US

Iran Cutting Aid to Hezbollah

Iran Increases Executions

Iran, Pakistan to Hold Joint Naval Exercises in Hormuz Strait

Iran's Increase of Executions Seen as Politically Motivated

Ahmadinejad Urges Iranians to Raise Flag of Martyrs Over the White House

Ted Cruz Wants to Block Iranian Terrorist From Entering US

Iran Names 1979 Hostage Taker as Its Ambassador to the UN

Wealthy in Iran Hold Wild Drinking Parties, Alcohol Abuse Becoming Real Problem

Iran Building Mockup of US Ship

Ayatollah Khamenei Unsure If Holocaust Happened

Russia Threatens to Change Stance in Iranian Nuclear Talks

Iran Says Nuclear Sites Attacked


And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates. . .that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared - Revelation 16:12

Richest Man in Asia Selling Everything in China

China's Economic Growth Slows to 24-Year Low

South Korean Ship Sinks, Almost 300 Missing

China Urges Its Air Force to Increase Military Presence in Space

China Buys Huge Cooper Mine in Peru

Chinese Civil Rights Activist Warns Communists: We Cannot Be Stopped

Communist China Says It Has Too Many Christians

China Warns US Not to Support Japan, Philippines Against Chinese Aggression

China Tells US Defense Secretary: We Can Do Anything We Want

Russia, China Preparing for World Changing Gas Deal

North Korea's Dictator Kills Another Uncle for Being "Enemy of the State"

China Buying Up Property in UK

US Sending Two Warships to China Sea to Counter China, North Korea

Christians Surround Church to Prevent China's Government From Destroying It

Japan Orders Its Military to Intercept Any North Korean Missile Deemed a Threat

Drone That Crashed in South Korea Came From North Korea

North Korea Appears to Have Made Nuclear Test

100,000 Taiwanese Protest Trade Deal With China as Economic Invasion

China Plans Global Network of Spy Surveillance Satellites

North, South Korea Fire Hundreds of Shells Into Each Other's Waters

North Korea Threatens to Carry Out 4th Nuclear Bomb Test

China Confiscates Billions in "Ugliest Corruption Scandal" in Its History

Chinese Importers Defaulting, Backing Out of Deals

North Korea's Dictator Orders Men to Get His Haircut

Bank Run in Rural China

Editor Leaves Bloomberg News, Cites "Mishandling" of Coverage on China

Russia Endorses China's Yuan as World's Reserve Currency

Bloomberg News Service Says No More Critical News Articles About China

North Korean Born in Prison Camp: My Favorite Word Is Freedom

China's Yuan Collapsing

. . .Chinese Liquidating Offshore Luxury Homes for Cash


Son of man, set they face against Gog, the land of Magog. . .And I will. . .put hooks into thy jaws and I will bring thee forth - Ezekiel 38:2, 4

Three Pro-Russian Protesters Killed at Ukraine Military Base

NATO to Increase Military Presence Around Russia

Putin Says Russia Will Respond to NATO

Russia, US, EU, Ukraine to Meet in Geneva for Talks

US Pulling Troops From Europe

Jews in Ukraine Told to Register or Have Property Confiscated

Content Warning: Pro-Russian Ukrainians Proclaim Profane Message to US

Combat Vehicles Flying Russian Flags Seen in Eastern Ukraine

Russia Arrests Georgian Journalists Along South Ossetia Border

Ukraine Recaptures Eastern Airport

Ukraine Launches Operation to Oust Pro-Russian Forces

Germany Warns of War in Europe Over Ukraine

Russia Tests Multi-Warhead ICBM

Ukraine Sends Special Forces to Eastern Ukraine City

US Blasts Russia for Blocking Voice of America

Russian Fighter Jet Taunts US Warship in Black Sea

US Treasury Gives Ukraine $1 Billion to Pay Its Overdue Gazprom Bill

Ukraine Threatens Military Action Against Russian Takeover of Cities

Putin to Europe: Pay Ukraine's Gas Bills or You Won't Get Gas

Russia Bans Islamic Hizb Ut-Tahrir Terrorist Group

Region in Moldova Moves to Rejoin Russia

Pro-Russians Storm Government Buildings in Ukraine

Ukraine Accuses Russia of Fomenting Unrest, Violence

Communists Win Mayoral Race in Novosibirsk, Russia

Russian Ambassadors Discussed Invading CA, Miami in Leaked Call

Russia Considers Bill to Criminalize Denial of Holocaust

Russia Raises Gas Prices to Ukraine 80%

NASA Suspends Ties With Russian Gov't Officials Over Crimea

Ukraine Says Former President Ordered Killing of Protesters

Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan Creating Eurasian Economic Union

JP Morgan Backs Down From Blocking Russian Money Transfers

Russia Demands NATO Retreat From Supporting Allies in Eastern Europe

JP Morgan Backs Down From Blocking Russian Money Transfers

Russia Demands NATO Retreat From Supporting Allies in Eastern Europe

Bulgaria Fearful as Russia Increases Military Flights

US May Move Warship Into Black Sea

NATO Suspends Cooperation With Russia

Thousands Flee Crimea Into Ukraine After Russian Invasion

Russia Raises Gas Prices to Ukraine by 40%

Licking His Chops: Putin Adviser Says Russia Wants to "Reclaim" Finland

100,000 Russian Troops Mass on Ukraine's Border

President Gives Ukraine Food Stamps Instead of Military Aid

Coroner Says Russian Oligarch's Death Remains "Unexplained"

Russia to Create National Payment System to Reduce Dependence on West

The New USSR: Russia Holds Military Exercises in Moldova

Russia Seizes 51 Ukrainian Ships in Crimea

World Leaders Play Nuke Game While Putin's on the Move

World Leaders Exclude Putin From G8 Meeting

Russia Slowly Cutting Off Natural Gas to Europe

Ukraine Dismisses Defense Minister, Far Right Leader Killed by Police

Poland Quietly Mobiling Its Army Reservists


The first was like a lion, and had eagle's wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked. . . - Daniel 7:4

ObamaCon Scam Forces AL County to Drop Health Insurance for Widows

Progressive Lawyer Slams Bundy Family for Defying US Gov't Use of Force

Harry Reid's Son: We Don't Want to Depend on Ranching and Mining in Nevada

First Person Charged Under CT Gun-Control Law for Shooting a Squirrel

New Oklahoma Gun Range Will Offer Bullets and Booze

Indiana Releases Final Draft of Common Core Replacement

Common Core Delay Fails in CA State Legislature

Breitbart: 7 More "Acts of Love" From Illegals in the US

Video: Young People Surprised Richest 1% in America Pay 35% of the Taxes

Politico Reporter That Attacks Conservative Talk Radio Worked for Soros

Study: Kids Stop Eating School Meals When Flavored Milk Is Banned

Irvine, CA Councilman Proposes Adding Nha Trang, Vietnam to Friendship List

FBI Plans to Have 52 Million Photos in Facial Recognition Database by 2015

Post Office Wants to Mine and Sell Data Gathered From Your Mail

Fox News Finally Realizes Smart Meters Are Spying on Americans

Record Number of Government Regulations Are Controlling Your Life

President Wants $600 Million for Another Failed Job Training Programs

President Wants $182 Million to Curtail the Second Amendment

Wind Farm Subsidies Not Assured of Passing Congress

Federal Government "Beige Book" Mentions Weather 103 Times

CO Couple Caves in Eminent Domain Case, Sells Land for $115,000

Op-Ed: If Feds Can Send Defend NV Turtles, Why Can't They Defend the Border?

Op-Ed: NV Standoff Shows Rising Anger Against Gov't Seizure of Private Lands

Deportations Have Dropped 43% in the Last Five Years

ObamaCon Denies Brain Surgery Patient Access to Medications, Doctors

IRS Says Abortions Are Now Tax Deductible

TX Pumping More Oil Since 1980

Electricity Prices Skyrocketing in the US

Parents Revolt Against Nebraska Schools Bully Rules

MS GOP RINO Attacks Conservatives in Emails

MT Congressional Candidate Shoots Down Drone to Show Opposition to Big Gov't

Romney Supports RINO US House Representative

FBI Investigating SC Gunshops Over "Small Government" Americans

IRS Scandal: Were Other Federal Agencies About to Attack Conservative Groups?

IRS Now Considering Taxing Your Work Perks Like Food, Gym Memberships

86 Million American Workers Support 148 Million on Welfare

President Wants to Give $100 Million of Your Money to Bailout Detroit

US Gov't Leaves Trail of Destruction in Nevada After Bundy Ranch Standoff

Major US Banks' Mortgage Originations Tumble to Record Low

Michael Bloomberg to Spend $50 Million Against the NRA

NY City's Communist Mayor Only Paid 8.3% Tax Rate in 2013

Not Only Fruits & Veggies: Beef, Pork, Shrimp Prices Explode

Harry Reid's Son, Rory: Bundy Family Should Be Prosecuted

Mark Levin Gives In-Depth Explanation of Bundy & US Government Situation

Pentagon Reveals Plans for Swarm Drones With Fuel-Filled Wings

Police Scanning Your License Plates to Track You 24/7

No Terrorists Here: NY Police Disbands Unit That Spied on Muslims

CNN, MSNBC: Conservatives Are the Real Terrorists

US Government Worried About Security at Power Grids

Sanctuary City: Philadelphia to Release Illegals

1 Million New Yorkers Fail to Register "Assault" Weapons by Deadline

. . .Shred Registation Forms

<>ObamaCon Taxes Add Billions to Rising Health Insurance Premiums

Just a Coincidence: Prices Soaring for Speciality Drugs

$100,000-Plus Earners Pay 72% of Federal Income Taxes

Oil Companies Paid the Highest Corporate Income Taxes 2007-2012

Fruit, Vegetable Prices Rising for American Consumers

Justina Pelletier Writes Shocking Note of Hospital Abuse to Parents

Backpack Detonated on Boston Street Contained Confetti, Rice

Tea Party Patriots Sue IRS, Treasury for 501c4 Documents

Dr. Ben Carson: President Wanted Me to Apologize for "Offending" Him

Record Number of Black Republicans Are on 2014 Alabama Primary Ballot

Sarah Palin: Elect Candidates Who Support Convention of the States

US Gov't Begins Fingerprinting Medicare Providers, Suppliers

Filmmaker: Bundys Should Pay Fee to US Gov't When Drug Cartels Do

Census Bureau Revises Survey to Hide ObamaCon's Negative Effects

Erick Erickson: Common Core, the Sleeper Issue of 2014

WA University Plans to Phase Out White Students

Fourth Person Charged in Murder of Australian Athlete Chris Lane

Dirty Harry Vows to Seize Bundy Ranch for Sale to China, Profit for Family

Former AZ Sheriff Reveals Strategy to Put Women Up Front

Bundy Family: Harry Reid Needs to Be Removed From Office

US Government Still Planning to Seize Bundy Ranch

Bundy Family Still Missing Over 100 Head of Cattle Taken by US Gov't

Bundy Family Charges US Government Mistreated Their Cattle

Cliven Bundy Explains Why He Refuses to Recognize Federal Authority

Canada Free Press: American Ranchers and Farmers and We The People

Why Is the US Post Office Stocking Up on Ammo?

IRS Appears to Rethink New Rule Attacking Conservative Groups

President Refuses to Meet With Survivors of 2009 Ft. Hood Massacre

TV Station Documents Illegals in Florida Are Voting

President Has Proposed 442 Tax Increases Since Taking Office in 2009

Social Security Suspends Program to Recover Tax Debts From CDead Taxpayers' Kids

Food Stamp Recipients in US Outnumber Women Who Work Full Time

AG Eric Holder Selectively Blocks Mergers by Republican CEOs

Google Buys Drone Company

President Asked UN to Downplay Costs of Global Warming Report

Fukushima Radiation Reaching West Coast?

Mastermind of Bell, CA Corruption Scheme Gets Less Then 3 Years in Prison

UK's The Guardian, WaPost Share Pulitzer Prize for NSA Spy Revelations

The Federalist: The GOP's Unconstructive Governing Agenda

Conservative Author Fleeing Chicago for Nashville

NY School Punishes Kids for Parents' Rejection of Common Core

SCOTUSBlog Having Trouble Renewing Credentials

US Gov't Vows to Destroy Bundy Family Through the Courts

. . .Cattle Come Home to the Bundys

Nevada Militia to US Gov't: Control Our Borders, Not Our Ranchers!

Don't Forget the CO Family Fighting to Keep Their Property

President Defends Voter Fraud, 35,570 Double Votes in North Carolina

The Better to Spy on You: Dept. of Homeland Security Has New App for You

US Navy's Zumwalt Appears as Fishing Boat on Enemy's Radar

TX House Rep. Introduces Bill to Protect Personal Biometric Data

Trillion-Dollar Firms Dominate Bonds, SEC Investigating

60% of Californians Complain They Pay Too Much Tax

Maryland's Backlog of Background Checks Allows Criminals to Get Guns

CA Pro-Second Amendment Citizens Fight to Overturn Open Carry Ban

Shooter Kills Grandfather, Grandson at Jewish Community Center in Kansas

. . .Former KKK Grand Dragon?

. . ."We Are Slaves to the Jews"

UT Woman Kills Her Seven Children After Birth

First Lady Bans Junk Food in US Public Schools

Ted Cruz Tests Presidential Waters in New Hampshire

Jeb Bush Draws Boos at Not-So-Conservative New Hampshire

Erick Erickson on Big Government Republicans

NY House Representative Steve Israel Calls Republicans Racist

NV Senator Harry Reid Behind Bundy Ranch Land Grab for China Solar Farm

US Gov't Shuts Down Cell Towers, Orders No Fly Zone Around Bundy Ranch

Charlie Daniels Supports Bundy Family on Twitter

Utah Rangeland Clash Now Targets Wild Horses

ZeroHedge: Real Americans and the Bundy Ranchers Have Had Enough

IRS Targeting Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty

TSA Investigated for Gun Scheme

NSA Said to Have Used Heartbleed Bug to Spy on Americans

Group Demanding Amnesty for Illegals Holds Hunger Strike Outside White House

President Gives $30 Million to La Raza

Rand Paul Defends Jeb Bush's "Act of Love" Comments

Scheme to Dump Electoral College Advances

White House Spokesman Jay Carney's House Filled With Soviet Posters?

New York Times Editor: Obama White House New Level of Secrecy, Control

Sharyl Attkisson: CBS Would Pull Me Off President's Scandals

Mexican Caught Smuggling $81,000 of Drugs Into US

ROPE Lobbies at OK State Capitol Against Common Core

10 Killed in Crash Between School Bus, FedEx Truck

President Obama Pays 20% Tax Rate, Charitable Giving Falls Sharply

NE GOP Senate Candidate Shane Osborne Fakes Navy Memo

The Bobsey Twins Support Shane Osborne, Oppose Ben Sasse in Nebraska

Western States Lawmakers Heading to Nevada to Support Bundy Family

NV County Commissioner: Bundy Supporters Better Have Funeral Plans

OR Judge Rules Use of Headlines Is Freedom of Speech Issue

George Will: I'm Confident We're Going to Rebel Against Abusive Government

US Government Giving $1.5 Million to Belize for Job Creation

US Gov't Spending $3 Million to Fight Climate Change in Pacific Islands

Liberal Comedian Stephen Colbert Destroys Common Core

Planned Parenthood, OR Host "Adolescent Sexuality Conference"

Denver Schools Hiring Illegals to Teach Classes

CA Republican Says Eric Cantor Behind Illegal Amnesty Push in NDAA

Nancy Pinocchio Compares Immigration Laws to Internment of Japanese

Lack of Border Security Allowing Thousands of Illegals from Central America

Sheriffs Warn Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Coming Into US

AL Senator: President Trying to Collapse US Law Enforcement System

Ugly, Divisive AG Holder Calls Congress Ugly and Divisive

Judge Says Holder Is Disrespectful for Changing Sentencing Guidelines

Ted Cruz Calls to Impeach AG Holder Over IRS Targeting Scandal

US Government Bringing Out-of-State Rangers to Threaten Nevada Ranchers

US Government Rangers Taser Bundy Son

Militia Members Arrive in Nevada Ranch to Support Bundy Family

Dana Loesch: If Bundy Cattle Were Illegals, They'd Get Welfare

US Military Launches Spy Satellite

HHS Head Sebelius Resigning, President to Replace With Another Statist

Two Studies Slam ObamaCon Scam

CA Doctors Illegally Charging Insured Patients Extra Fees

CA TSA Bans Mute Stroke Victim From Flight, Forces Her to Take Bus

US Sgt. Major: Lower Pay for Marines Will Raise Discipline

Federal Judge Rules in Favor of LA Voucher Case Against AG Eric Holder

Stocks Collapsing

Federal Reserve Sellout Does Not Result in Stock Market Rebound

Marc Faber: Next Crash Will Be Worse Than 1987

Carl Icahn Warns: Stock Market Correction Coming

Your Portion of US Debt Is $106,000

Wall Street Journal Calls Tea Party Movement "Racist"

Charlie Rangel Calls Republicans Racists

AL Democrat Calls Whites Racists

40-50 House Conservatives Plot to Get Rid of Boehner as Speaker

Hillary Cancels Appearance Where Benghazi Victims' Mother, Prosters Wait

Rupert Murdoch Supports Democrat, GOP Statists for President

More Rob Lowe: Individuals Do Better Job Than Big Government

IRS, Lois Lerner Colluded With Democrats on Info About Targeted Groups

. . .Democrat Elijah Cummings Guilty of Obstruction?

NOAA, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Has 96 Armed Agents

NV GOP Governor Slams US Government for Threatening Bundy Family

Nevada GOP Senator Dean Heller: US Targeting Law-Abiding American Citizens

Small Iowa Town Gets Military Tank

Lawsuit Claims NY Anti-Gun SAFE Act Allows Warrantless Police Searches

Obama Administration Targeting Non-Union Plants

Federal Reserve Admits Policies Benefit Rich

Treasury Lew Pushes Amnesty for Illegals as Good for US

VA GOP Director Wants to Deport Republicans for Not Supporting Amnesty

. . .Calls Conservative Republicans Nativists, Racists

House GOP May Arrest Lois Lerner If AG Eric Holder Doesn't

Democrat Senators Explode After Defeat of Phony Paycheck Equality Bill

Three Missouri Teachers Come Out Against Common Core

President's Promise Zone in CA Benefits Donors, Not the Poor

NJ Senator Menendez Crony Received $21 Million From Medicare in 2012

TN Wants to Ban UN From Monitoring Its Elections

MO State House Passes Right-to-Work Bill

Washington, DC Buses Carrying Anti-Israel Ads

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Says She's Condemned for Highlighting Violence in Islam

Houston Cop Shoots Man Dead, Sues family for Negligence

OH Military Police Arrest Grandmother for Playing License Plate Game

Hank Aaron Compares Republicans to KKK

GOP Rep. Mike Rogers' Wife Was CEO of Company Contracted by State Dept.

NJ Governor Chris Christie Is For Liberal Minimum Wage Hike If Done Slowly

Soviet-Born Igor Birman Running for Office in California

Ohioans Against Common Core Hold Meeting in Columbus on April 9

Eric Holder: ATF Will Use Drones Against Americans

Russia, China Preparing for World Changing Gas Deal

IRS Offices Plastered With "Vote For Obama" Stickers

Democrats Want President to Abuse Regulatory Power for Their Re-Elections

1% of US Doctors Account for Over $10 Billion in Medicare Billings

ObamaCon Lawsuit by Houston Doctor Moving Forward

Suspect in Custody After Pennsylvania School Stabbings, 20 Injured

Erick Erickson Comes Out Against Jeb Bush

China Tells US Defense Secretary: We Can Do Anything We Want

President Is Cutting US Nuclear Weapons to Comply With Russian Treaty

AG Holder: I Can Do Anything I Want About Enforcing, Not Enforcing US Laws

Trey Gowdy to Holder: You Don't Have Discretion on Whether to Follow the Law

AG Holder Tells Louie Gohmert: You Don't Want to Go There, Buddy

200 Armed Federal Agents Now Surround NV Rancher, Farm

CO Couple Fights Eminent Domain to Seize Their Land

Dept. of Homeland Security Holds WMD Drill at Pittsburgh Ball Park

Ft. Hood Soldier Writes Letter for God-Given Right to Arm Himself on Base

Mark Levin "Ashamed" by President's Plan to Fundraise After Ft. Hood Memorial

Another ObamaCon Surprise: You Can't Buy Insurance Until End of Year

Federal Reserve Orders 8 Largest Banks to Raise Capital "Buffers"

US Government Accuses Man in CT Drone Bomb Plot

Former Cop Must Sue for Right to Carry Firearm in California

President Signs Phony Gender Pay Gap Executive Order

WH Spokesman Snaps When Confronted With President's Lying About Pay Stats

Beef Prices Hit New Record High

Bringing Home the Bacon Will Cost More, Prices Skyrocketing, Shortages

Wealthy New Yorkers May Be Taxed 164% When They Die

Drug Cartel Kingpin "El Taliban" Pleads Guilty in Texas

NY Senator Calls Koch Brothers Unamerican, Took Their Money in 2010

Karl Rove Supports RINO CA Gubernatorial Candidate

President's Illegal Alien Aunt Dies at 61 From Cancer

AG Eric Holder Wants $2 Million for Anti-Second Amendment Gun Technology

More Details on Dispute Between US Government, Nevada Rancher

The Trouble With Drones: Drone Smashes Into Triathlete During Race

Texas Arrests 50 Illegal Immigrant Criminals in One Week

Cop Seizes Phone From Man Recording Police Searching His Car

US Gov't to Spend $750,000 of Your Money to Study How Cartoons Make Kids Fat

IL Democrat Senator Pays Male Staffers $11,505-a-Year More Than Women

Former Mayor, Now US Senator Cory Booker Bankrupted Newark, NJ

NH School Fires Beloved 79-Year-Old Teacher for Facebook Friends

More Mothers Are Staying at Home With Their Children

US Gov't Sends Snipers to Threaten NV Rancher, Steal His Cattle

Clive and Carol Bundy Explain US Has Seized Their Land

Tension Growing Between Ranchers, Mustang Supporters in West

AG Eric Holder: We Want Gun Tracking Bracelets for Those Violent NRA Members!

OK Senator Jim Inhofe to Force Review of All New Major EPA Clean Air Rules

Mark Levin Slams "Dumbest" Bush on Liberal Amnesty Blatherings

Ted Cruz Crushes Bush on Illegal Immigration: Not a Humane System

Charles Krauthammer: Bush's Comments on Illegals "Bizarre"

House GOP Considers Charges Against IRS Official Lois Lerner

President's War on Women: Obama Doesn't Pay Female Staffers Same as Men

Americans Spending More on Taxes Than Food, Clothing, Housing Combined

More Americans Now on Medicaid Than Entire Population of the UK

US Gov't Agency Charges Americans for Documents Found Online for Free

Parents All Across the US Are Revolting Against Common Core

CA GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Comes Out Against Common Core

Stocks Lose 2014 Gains

FTC Charges Napster Co-Founder With Misusing Data for

Drought in Texas Affecting Two-Thirds of State

Californians Testing Pacific Ocean for Fukushima Radiation

Married GOP Congressman Caught Kissing Staffer

Tax Dodger Charlie Rangel Now Dodging Paying Rent

. . .Blames Republicans

Democrats "Offended" by Nancy Pinocchio Used on Breitbart Website

Harry Reid, Attacker of Koch Brothers, Took Money From Koch Lobbyist

Black Chicago Preacher Supports GOP Candidate for Governor

IRS Agents: No Liberal/Progressive Groups Were Targeted by IRS

MS Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel Threatens to Kill Obamacon

Rob Lowe: I Want the Government Out of Almost Everything

Depth of the Arming of Federal Departments Should Alarm Americans

Big Government Republicans Expand ObamaCon Scam

Kentucky Jail Enrolling Released Inmates in ObamaCon

New Jersey ObamaCon Cancels Insurance Plans for 1,800 Children

German Journalist Says More NSA Revelations Are Yet to Come

Jeb Bush: Illegals Who Come Here Are Committing "Act of Love"

More Jeb: Yes, Illegals Broke the Law But It's Not a Felony

MN Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison Pushing Financial Transaction Tax

Kansas Bill Voids Local Gun Control Laws

George Zimmeran Jurors' Names Released to the Public

60 Minutes TV Show Admits Faking Tesla Motor Sound

Content Warning: Students Rebel Over First Lady's Healthy School Lunches

Jay-Z Wears Medallion From "Whites Are Devils" Group

Two Teens Arrested For Mob Attack on Man Who Stopped to Boy He Hit

Dog Saves Owner's Life From Cancer

Russian Ambassadors Discussed Invading CA, Miami in Leaked Call

House Intel Chairman: President Knows Where Benghazi Terrorists Are Hiding

AG Eric Holder Defends Using DOJ Plane for His Personal Trips

IRS Wasted $11.6 Million of Your Money on Computer Software

Labor Board Denies Request to Extend Public Comment on Ambush Election Rule

Private Health Insurance Outside ObamaCon Scam Still for Sale

US Gov't Started ObamaCon Enrollments for Americans Without Permission

ObamaCon Increases Health Insurance Costs for North Carolinians

Two Years, $45 Million Needed to Fix OR ObamaCon State Exchange

Californians Upset Over Lack of Doctors Under ObamaCon

House Republicans Pass Bill Defining Full-Time Work Week to 40 Hours

Hillary Responsible for Losing $6 Billion at State Department

MO Gun Company to Sell New York Compliant AR-15 Rifle

Rush Limbaugh: US on the Road to Another Great Depression

Trey Gowdy: Members of Congress Are Grossly Overpaid

TN GOP Senator Bob Corker Blocking Venezuela Sanctions Bill

Vet Faces Possible Eviction for Posting US, Marine Flags on Apt. Balcony

Global Warming Ranks at Bottom of Environmental Issues for Americans

MSNBC Host Thinks Declaration of Independence Written in 20th Century

. . .Says Charles Koch Is Illiterate, Couldn't Have Written WSJ Op-Ed

Mike Huckabee Endorses Anyone Who Hires His Son-in-Law's Campaign Firm

Two Drug Tunnels With Rail Systems Found at US-Mexico Border

MD ObamaCon State Exchange: 73,000 Lose Insurance; 60,000 ObamaCon Enrollees

ObamaCon Makes It More Difficult to Buy Year-Round Insurance

CA School Threatens Mother With Arrest for Opposing Common Core

Michelle Malkin: Common Core Group Employs Lobbyists

180,000 More Women Unemployed in March

State Department Loses $6 Billion of Our Taxdollars

President Racks Up $1.5 Million Hotel Bill in Brussels

Amnesty Supported Cheered by President Indicted for Immigration Fraud

ZeroHedge: Unemployment Rate by Industry

WI Republican RINO Running From His Washington, DC Record

Acts of Courage Emerge in Ft. Hood Shooting

President Wanted Primetime Coverage From Networks for ObamaCon Celebration

GOP After Second Ft. Hood Shooting: Let Troops Carry Their Guns on Base!

GOP Protests EPA Rule to Seize, Regulate All Water Sources in the US

Energy Department Revives Failed Car Loan Program to Waste Your Taxdollars

FBI Illegally Steals Indian Artifacts From Man's Rural Indiana Home

ICE: If You Are in US Illegally, Close to Zero That You'll Be Deported

FL Legislature Passes Warning Shot Bill After Woman Sentenced to 20 Years

MO State House to Vote on Right-to-Work Laws on Tuesday, April 8

Hillary Cancels San Diego Appearance, Doesn't Want to Face Benghazi Protesters

MS Tea Party Candidate Chris McDaniel Neck-and-Neck With GOP RINO

Poll: 75% of Americans Says Politicians Are Corrupt

GOP Including Amnesty Plan in Defense Authorization Bill

Graphic Shows Chicago's Middle Class Disappear Before Your Eyes

School Suspends Student for Questioning MD Governor About Anti-Gun Laws

Ft. Hood Shooter Quit Firing Only After Being Confronted by Armed Guard

JP Morgan Backs Down From Blocking Russian Money Transfers

Four Dead, Including Gunman, at Fort Hood

President Makes Statement on Shooting, Then Heads to Fundraisers

Police Catch Shooter at Kent State

EPA Charged With Conducting Pollution Experiments on Children

US Government Breaches of Personal Info on You More Than Doubles

Sharyl Attkison Notes Contradictions in Benghazi Hearing

Woman Says Border Patrol Agents Slashed Tire, Terrorized, Threatened Her

St. Louis Police Beat Mentally-Disabled Man in His Home

NC State Election Board Find More Than 35,000 Cases of Double Voting

President Spent Billions of Your Money to Promote ObamaCon

Kansas Hospital Lays Off Employees Due to ObamaCon

Employers: ObamaCon Will Cost Them $5,000 More Per Employee

Mother of Five: ObamaCon Is Jeopardizing My Family's Future

Insurance Company: 15%-20% Aren't Paying ObamaCon Premiums

LA Governor: Gives States the Tools and Let Them Take Care of Health Care

Americans See Middle Class Status Slipping Away

David Stockman: Gang of Unelected Elites Have Staged Economic Coup D'Etat

SEIU Teams With Socialists, Marxist Revolutionaries in US

OR University Pays $100,000 for Stifling Conservative Student Newspaper

Supreme Court Strikes Down Overall Political Campaign Contribution Limits

First Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Nevada ObamaCon Exchange

EPA Tested Deadly Pollutants on Humans to Push President's Agenda

KS, AZ Win Court Case Requiring Proof of Citizenship to Vote

Ted Cruz Signs $1.5 Million Book Deal With HarperCollins

US Intelligence Admits Spying on Americans Without Getting Warrants

US Government "Curtails" Major Counterterrorism Drill in DC

Previously Uninsured Americans Who Have Paid for ObamaCon Only 858,298

HI ObamaCon Exchange Spent More Per Enrollee Than Cost of New BMW

Harry Reid Continues to Demonize Cancer Patients Who Lost Insurance

President Says ObamaCon Has Improved Health Care System in US

US Gov't Says Transgender "Females" Can Use Women's Bathrooms, Locker Rooms

President Wants 33% More of Your Money for UN, Other International Groups

Some New York Students Refuse to Take Common Core Tests

Rand Paul: GOP Needs to Get Beyond Illegal Aliens in This Country


Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. . .All these are the beginning of sorrows - Matthew 24:7-9

Three Hamas Terrorists Killed in "Workplace Accident"

Jordanian Strike Destroyed Al Qaeda Force Heading for US Military Base

Attack on Military in Mosul, Iraq Kills At Least 12

Egypt Postpones Morsi Trial

Saudi Court Orders Arrest of Human Rights Lawyer

Egypt's Prime Minister Orders Movie to Be Pulled From Theaters

Algeria's President Expected to Win Re-Election

Egypt to Spend $570 Million for Smart Technology Village

Al Qaeda Terrorists Meet in Yemen

Bombs Explode in Cairo, 5 People Wounded

"Mystery" Explosion in Gaza Strip Kills 3

UN Views Photos of Torture From Syria

Female Lawmaker in Afghanistan Injured in Kabul Shooting

US Study Shows Afghanistan Not Ready to Govern

Three Hezbollah Terrorists Arrested in Thailand

Al-Quds Professor Slammed for Taking Students to Auschwitz

Yemen Says Al Qaeda Terrorists Have Killed Deputy Governor

Turkey Behind Chemical Attacks in Syria?

Libyan Gunmen Kidnap Jordanian Ambassador in Tripoli

Baghdad Prepares for Al Qaeda Assault on City

Syrian Amy Seizes Ancient Christian Town Near Lebanon Border

Muslim Teenager, Family Kill Christian Teacher in Egypt

Only 10% of the Vote in for Afghanistan Elections

Conflicting Claims Over Dubai Involvement in CA Coliseum City Project

Hamas Turns to Laser Shooting

700 Christian Women a Year Forced Into Islamic Marriages in Pakistan

Arab League Pledges $100 Million to PLO

OPEC Will Allow Extra Oil from Iran, Iraq, Libya

PLO Says Hamas Is Not a Terrorist Organization

Content Warning: Christians Kill 65 Syrian Terrorists Defending Church

Muslims in Pakistan Force Christian Women to Convert to Islam

Content Warning: Bomb Blast Kills At Least 23 in Pakistan's Capital

Series of Bombs in Baghdad Kill Dozens

Egyptian Coffin, Gold Seal With King's Name Found in Israel

Terrorists in Syria Murder Jesuit Priest

PLO Ambassador to Prague May Have Been Killed by Bomb

Cruz Leads The Way! US Senate Blocks Iranian Ambassador From Entering US

Lebanon's Prime Minister Wants to Disarm Hezbollah

Germany Bans Pro-Hezbollah Group

PLO Refuses to Backdown From Joining International Groups

Egypt's Ambassador Begs for Aid From US

Muslim Brotherhood Students Protest at Egypt's Al-Azhar University

Kuwait Defends Global Oil Price as "Fair"

US Arming Syrian Rebels/Terrorists With Anti-Tank Missiles, Heavy Weapons

29 Muslim Terrorists Die When Car Bomb Explodes Early

Egyptian Court Upholds Three-Year Prison Sentence for Activists

Fighting in Refugee Camp in Lebanon Kills 5

Christian Couple Sentenced to Death in Pakistan for Insulting Mohammed

$75 Billion of Gold Traded Through Dubai in 2013

Afghans Defy Taliban to Vote in First Election

Christian Who Opposes Hezbollah Running for President of Lebanon

23 Killed in Egyptian Family Feud

One Million Syrian Refugees Now in Lebanon

AP Photographer Killed, Reporter Wounded in Afghanistan

"Soldiers of Egypt" Take Responsibility for Cairo University Bombing

Muslim Brotherhood Urges UK Not to Yield to Foreign Pressure Over Review

Farmer Imprisoned for Naming Donkey After Egypt's Military Chief Sisi

UN Receives 13 Letters From PLO for Admittance to Treaties, Conventions

US Ambassador Power Argues Against Defunding UN Bodies That Admit PLO

Assassination Attempt on Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan Fails

Syria's Civil War Kills 150,000 in Three Years

Sunnis, Shi'ites Believe Middle East Wars, Unrest Predicted in 7th Century

US Admits Efforts to Reach Diplomat Solution in Syria Are a Failure

Content Warning: Muslims Tells Victims They Will Be Sacrificed to Allah

Bombs at Cairo University Kill At Least Three

Saudi Arabia Declares All Atheists to Be Terrorists

US Government Spends $400,000 of Your Money on Statue of Camel in Pakistan

3,300-Year-Old Tomb Pyramid Discovered in Egypt

Muslims in Egypt Drag Christian Woman From Her Car Then Murder Her

Terrorists Blow Themselves Up Preparing Bombs at Afghanistan Mosque

Taliban Gunmen Storm Guesthouse Kabul, Hold Foreigners Hostage

Counting the Votes: Ruling Party of Turkey's Erdogan Wins in Blowout

US President Talks to Saudi King for More Than Two Hours

Saudis Lay Out the Food for US President

UN: Lebanon Close to Collapse

US President, Saudi King Hold Meeting

Another Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy

Former Terrorist Blasts, Blames PLO Leadership for Arabs' Suffering

Egypt to Hold Two More Mass Trials of Muslim Terrorists

Egypt to Build Anti-Terror Fence in Sinai

Court in Turkey Overturns Prime Minister's Twitter Ban

Turkey, Israel to Reopen Embassies

Egypt's Army Chief Announces Run for President

Syria's Army Advances Near Lebanese Border

Court in Qatar Sentences American Couple for Daughter's Death

State Dept. Withholds Study of Saudi Textbooks, Would Embarrass Saudi King

Hamas Holds Military Rally at Al Quds University

IT'S NOT YOURS: Jordan's King Abdullah Vows to Protect Jerusalem

Arab League Holds Annual Summit

Polio Worker Tortured, Murdered in Pakistan

Saudi Arabia Bars Jewish Reporter From Covering President's Visit

Syrian Christians Start New Militia to Fight Terrorists

Iraq Buys 36 Tons of Gold in March

Two More of Assad's Relatives Reportedly Killed in Syria

Islamic Court in Jordan Says Woman Must Hijab to Testify

Harvard Students Visit Yasser Arafat's Grave

Turkey Shoots Down Syrian Jet After It Violated Airspace

Egyptian Court Sentences 529 Muslim Brotherhood Supporters to Death

Three Years After US Overthrew Qaddafi, Libya Is a Failed State

Syrian Muslims Arrest Christian for Not Wearing Veil

Study: Younger, Educated, Affluent Muslims More Prone to Support Terrorism


And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name - Revelation 13:17

Rome's Riot Police Drag Squatter Families From Abandoned Offices

UN: Vaccuming CO2 Out of Air May Be Only Way to Save the Planet

UK Conservative Condemns New Push for United States of Europe

Bomb Explodes at Bus Station in Nigeria, Dozens Killed

Muslim Brotherhood Leaving London Headquarters After Launch of Investigation

Norway Opens Taxpayer-Funded Muslim School

London Teacher Tells Jewish Teenager She'd "Go to one of Your Gas Chambers"

UN Orders You to Give Up Meat, Coal, Oil, Economic Growth, & Sovereignty

Radical Muslims Trying to Take Over British Schools

Nurses in UK's Version of ObamaCare "Stretched to the Breaking Point"

Venezuela's Government Militias Vow to Die for Communism

TN Wants to Ban UN From Monitoring Its Elections

Drug Cartel Kingpin "El Taliban" Pleads Guilty in Texas

EU Court Overturns Law Forcing Internet Providers to Store Data

Venezuela, Anti-Government Opponents Hold Meeting

Venezuelan Female Journalist Kidnapped at Gunpoint

Argentina Descending Into Crime, Violence, Chaos

Bombings in Southern Thailand Kill At Least 1

Britain Clones Dog for $100,000

Germany Bans Pro-Hezbollah Group

China Buying Up Property in UK

Survey: UK Schoolchildren Terrorized, Brainwashed by Eco Propaganda

UK Official: UK Is Christian Nation, Militant Atheists Should Get Over It

Austrian Politician Quits After Comparing EU to Third Reich

CEO of Lichtenstein Bank Murdered in Broad Daylight

Dutch Banker, Family Found Dead

Searchers for Malaysian Flight Detect More Pings in Ocean

Did Malaysian Flight Bypass Indonesia to Avoid Radar?

India to Being World's Largest Elections

Anti-Semitic Party Claims 21% of the Vote in Hungary

Retired UK Art Teacher Commits Suicide, Couldn't Adapt to Modern Life

Thomas Friedman Compares Global Warming Deniers to Trotsky Marxists

Deadly Fungus Destroying Global Banana Crop

Chinese Ship Finds Detects Signal From Possible Missing Plane

Venezuela's Newspapers Run Out of Paper

EU Accepts Biometric Passports From Moldova

Tea Party Movement Rising in France

US Soccer Stars Banned From Playing Match Against Mexico

Panic in Africa as Ebola Outbreak Spreads

Grandson of Muslim Brotherhood Founder Now Advisor to UK Government

UK Government Orders Persecution Against Officials That Doubt Climate Change

UK's Cinderella Law Will Imprison Parents Who Emotionally Abuse Their Children

Australia's Supreme Court Recognizes Neutral Third Gender

Muslim Brotherhood Urges UK Not to Yield to Foreign Pressure Over Review

Reports of Torture Coming Out of Marxist Venezuela

Venezuela's Supreme Court Removes Opposition Leader From Assembly

Venezuela Imposes Food Ration Cards to Prevent Hoarding

Radical Muslim Leader Shot Dead in Kenya

UK's Prime Minister Orders Investigation of Muslim Brotherhood

US, UK Targeted Private Germany's Merkel, Private German Companies

US Spying on 122 World Leaders

How NSA Uses Metadata to Predict Your Personality

Independent Report Finds No Link Between Man and Climate Change

China Plans Global Network of Spy Surveillance Satellites

President Wants to Regulate Cow Flatulence to Stop Global Warming

Global Warming "Health Expert" Says Humans Could Become Extinct

Senegal Closes Border to Guinea Due to Deadly Ebola Outbreak

Socialist Elected First Female Mayor of Paris

Socialists Lose Big, Front National Wins Big in France

Venezuela Arms Militias to Roam Country, Shoot, Kill Protesters

UK Islamist Who Trained 7-7 Bomber Opens Primary School in Britain

French Rail Company Bidding on Light Rail Project in Maryland

Disney Investing in Visitor Tracking Technology


Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you. . . - Matthew 24:9

Russia Bans Islamic Hizb Ut-Tahrir Terrorist Group

PLO Says Hamas Is Not a Terrorist Organization

Content Warning: Christians Kill 65 Syrian Terrorists Defending Church

Grandson of Muslim Brotherhood Founder Now Advisor to UK Government

"Soldiers of Egypt" Take Responsibility for Cairo University Bombing

Muslim Brotherhood Urges UK Not to Yield to Foreign Pressure Over Review

UK's Prime Minister Orders Investigation of Muslim Brotherhood

UK Islamist Who Trained 7-7 Bomber Opens Primary School in Britain

Boko Haram Terrorists Sing "We Will Enter Churches, Slaughter Christians"

Philippines Signs "Peace" Deal With Muslim Terrorists

Central African Republic "Peacekeepers" Call Christians Enemy Combatants

Study: Younger, Educated, Affluent Muslims More Prone to Support Terrorism

Muslims Wiping Out Entire Christian Villages in Nigeria

Muslim Brotherhood on Board of Trustees at CT's Hartford Seminary


For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled - Luke 21:22

Arab Pledges $2 Million for Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, MI

US President Promoting Islam in Czech Republic

Brandeis University Invited Terrorist Bill Ayers

CAIR Attacked Ali Because They Are Islamic Supremacists, Ties to Terrorists

Andrew McCarthy: The Roots of CAIR's Intimidation Campaign

US President Promoting Islam in Czech Republic

Brandeis University Invited Terrorist Bill Ayers

CAIR Attacked Ali Because They Are Islamic Supremacists, Ties to Terrorists

Andrew McCarthy: The Roots of CAIR's Intimidation Campaign

Muslims Hold Rally in London Supporting 9/11 Terrorists

Muslims in Thailand Behead and Torch Three Women

Facebook Exec to Speak at Islamic Supremacist Group's Annual Gala

"Islam for Journalists" Slammed by Critics

Al Jazeera America Lays Off Dozens

Muslim Brotherhood Leaving London Headquarters After Launch of Investigation

Muslim Father Kills Daughter With Machete for Converting to Christianity

Norway Opens Taxpayer-Funded Muslim School

Muslim Teenager, Family Kill Christian Teacher in Egypt

Washington, DC Buses Carrying Anti-Israel Ads

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Says She's Condemned for Highlighting Violence in Islam

Brandeis University Pulls Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Honorary Doctorate

About Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Muslims in Pakistan Force Christian Women to Convert to Islam

Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR Oppose Robert Spencer Speaking in NE Church

Muslim Parents Upset After School Sends Home Flyers for Easter Egg Hunt

Syracuse, NY Rules Muslims Can Turn Church Into a Mosque, Cut Off Crosses

Megyn Kelly Refuses to Apologize to CAIR for Review of "Honor Diaries"

"Honor Diaries" Documents Physical, Sexual Abuse of Women Under Islam

Saudi Arabia Declares All Atheists to Be Terrorists

Muslim Youth Attack School, Burn Church in Nigeria Over Test Question

Radical Muslim Leader Shot Dead in Kenya

FBI Searching for Muslim US Army Recruit Planning Possible Terrorist Attack

NY City Pushing Halal Lunches for Muslims in Schools

Muslims Massacre 80 Christians in Armenia, Desecrated Churches

Muslims Murder 6 Christians Inside Church in Kenya

UK Integrates Sharia Law Into Legal System, Classifies Women as Second Class

CAIR Bullies ABC Into Canceling Show About US Teen Kidnapped by Saudis


Yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service - John 16:2

Teacher Screams at High School Student for Carrying Bible in School Hallway

NV GOP Deletes Pro-Traditional Marriage, Pro-Life Stands From Party Platform

IRS Says Abortions Are Now Tax Deductible

Colorado Democrats Push Sweeping Pro-Abortion Bill

CO Democrats Kill Their Own Sweeping Abortion Bill

WI Atheists Attack Clemson Football Prayer, Bible Study Program

Christians Criticize Boy Who Went to Heaven in "Heaven Is for Real"

India Creates Official Third Sex for Transgenders

NBA Star Blake Griffin Says He Believes in Biblical Creation Account

UK's Prime Minister: Christians Now Most Persecuted Religious Group in World

Irish Journalist Threatened for Traditional Marriage Views, May Flee Country

Spiderman Actress: Men Need to Be Men, Women Need to Be Women

Judge Rules Indiana Must Recognize Same-Sex Marriages

Pastor John Hagee Says Series of Blood Moons Are End-Times Signs

Bono to Sceptical Journalist: Either Jesus Was the Son of God or He Was Nuts

Fired Sportscaster Craig James Joins Family Research Council

PA School District Bans Biblical Valentine's Day Cards

Mozilla's Firefox Block Conservative

Jeb Bush Meeting With Southern Baptists to Get Their Vote

NYC Tanning Salons Inspected More Often Than NYC Abortion Clinics

UK Official: UK Is Christian Nation, Militant Atheists Should Get Over It

Pro-Life Teen Called Domestic Terrorist in Petition Supporting Professor

Chick-Fil-A Retooling Company to Make It More Friendly to Homosexuals

Erick Erickson: The Greatest Story Never Told

Christian Couple Sentenced to Death in Pakistan for Insulting Mohammed

Radical Activist Compares Same-Sex Union Opponents to Holocaust Deniers

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal of NM Christian Photographers

Student Defies School Ban to Read the Bible

Christians Surround Church to Prevent China's Government From Destroying It

Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR Oppose Robert Spencer Speaking in NE Church

Muslim Parents Upset After School Sends Home Flyers for Easter Egg Hunt

Krauthammer on Mozille CEO: Left Not Happy Until Opponents Are Destroyed

60% of Intel Employees Donated to Pro-Traditional Marriage Groups

Kevin and Sam Sorbo Support Movie About Kermit Gosnell

Syracuse, NY Rules Muslims Can Turn Church Into a Mosque, Cut Off Crosses

Air Force Removes Missing Man Table Honoring POWS Because It Includes a Bible

Google Official Resigns From World Vision Over Same-Sex Married Couples

Mozilla CEO Forced to Resign for Believing Marriage Is Between One Man, Woman

Hot Air: Entering the World of 1984, Minority Report, and Thought Crimes

Hot Air: You Must Comply or Else

Erick Erickson: You Are Not Allowed to Dissent

Australia's Supreme Court Recognizes Neutral Third Gender

Homosexuals, Lesbians Slam MS Religious Freedom Bill

MS Legislature Approves Ban on Abortions After 20 Weeks

Ted Cruz at Liberty University: Defend Your Religious Freedom

Producer Talks About Remake of Left Behind Movie

Homosexuals Throw Human Excrement at Christians in Germany

OK State House Panel Passes Abortion Pill Limits

Former Muslim Explains Why He Became a Christian

Nancy Pelosi Proud to Accept Margaret Sanger Award

Ken Ham: Noah May Be the Worst Film I Have Ever Seen, It's a Pagan Movie

Injustice Department Training Local Police to Respond to Transgenders

Erick Erickson's Review of Noah: Hilarious

MD County Commissioner Defies Judge's Order, Offers Christian Prayer

Appeals Court Unanimously Upholds New Texas Pro-Life Law

Texas Pro-Life Leaders Cheer Court Decision on Law

Restore Military Religious Freedom Group Seeks to Inspire AF Cadets

US Government: We Can Force You to Cooperate in Killing Your Grandchild

UK Horror: Aborted Babies Used to Heat UK Hospitals

Vatican: President Obama's Policies Are Hostile Toward Christians

VP Joe Biden Wants Congress to Pass Special Rights Bill for Homosexuals


And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven - Luke 21:11

Hundreds of Earthquakes Strike Central Idaho

Series of Earthquakes Rattle Nicaragua

Blood Moon Rises

Pictures of Last Night's Blood Moon

4.9 Earthquakes Shakes Idaho

Earthquakes Hit Solomon Islands


But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased - Daniel 12:4

Children No Longer Know How to Use Toy Building Blocks Due to iPad

Study: Brain Changes Even After Casual Use of Marijuana

Drones Can Perch on Power Lines to Recharge

The Beginning of the End? Mars, Earth, Sun Align Tonight

NASA Photo Captures Strange Bright Light on Mars

Leamington, Canada Moving to Online Only Voting

Knowledge Will Soon Double Every 12 Hours

Scientists Say Internet Changing People's Reading Habits, Brain

EU Accepts Biometric Passports From Moldova

Skywatchers Preparing for Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 15

The Cashless Society to Soon Become a Reality?

Electronic Skin Tracks Vitals Delivers Meds, Reports Data on You

Scientists Now Able to Read Minds

Future: Humans Will Be Kept Between Life in Suspended Animation Trials

Scientists Create First Artificial Designer Chromosome

UK Medical Journal: Cell Towers Frying People's Brains

Scientists Discover Pink World at Edge of Solar System

Creation Scientist Doubts Big Bang Theory

Smart Houses Becoming a Reality, By 2020 50 Billion Devices Will Be Wired

Facebook's Facial Recognition Software Nearing Human Level Performance

Airlines Using IT to Get More Personal Info on You

The Push to Have Brain Implants for Improved Memory, Enhanced Vision

Scientists Discover Hypergiant Star 1,300 Times Larger Than Our Sun

Human Unexpectedly Beats Robot in Epic Ping Pong Battle

Scientists Develop Blood Test to Detect Alzheimer's

Some Doctors Claim Daylight Savings Time Can Be Danger to Health

"Disordered Hyperuniformity" Found in Chicken Eye

Google's Schmidt Sees Robots Invading Our Lives as "Good"

Google Glass App Detects Your Emotions, Relays Them to Companies

Scientists Herald Down of Genomic Medicine

New Technology Lets You Send Text Without Touching a Button

NSF Spends $50,000 of Your Money to Humanize Robots

Japanese Scientists Want Robot to Take University Entrance Exam

New Spy Technology Could Begin New Oil Revolution

iPhone Surveillance Startup Moves to NYC

TN State University Requires Students to Wear RFID Chipped IDs

Companies Around the World Developing Phones to Outsmart Government Spying

Google Head: Humans Are Still Occasionally Useful - For Now

Scientists Want to Make Babies From DNA of Three People

Ray Kurzweil: Robots Will Be Smarter Than Humans by 2029

University Professor Warns of Dangers of Robot Technology

New App Lets Strangers Listen to Your Phone Calls

Cisco Developing Smart Roads - Sensors Embedded in Pavement

Laforge Optical Creates Alternative to Google Glass

Robotic Pills May Eventually Replace Injections

Brain Implant Allows Monkeys to Control Each Other

Scientists Create Human Lungs in Lab for First Time

Virgin Atlantic Using Google Glasses to Check In Passengers

Remote-Controlled Robots to Patrol UK Art Museum at Night

Bionic Hand Allows Amputee to Feel Again

New Laser 100,000X More Powerful Than All Earth's Power Stations Combined

New Robot Bonds With Your Feelings

Google Glasses Allow Strangers to ID You Just By Looking at You

CA Realtors Using Drones to Market Expensive Properties

New Purse Uses GPS, Sensors, Automatic Locks to Control Spending

FDA Approves Camera Pill to Screen Colon

High-Tech Injection Heals Gunshot Wounds in 15 Seconds

US Scientists Working on Mini-Satellites to Be Used as "Space Cops"

Creepy: Computer Chips in Food Texts You When It Spoils

Researchers Claim They've Created Fastest Commercial Internet

Study: Texting While Walking Increases Risk of Injury

US Military Considers Replacing Thousands of Troops With Robots

Pocket Camera Drone Allows You to Secretly Record Those Around You

Study: Smartphones Damaging People's Sleep, Work Productivity

Telepresence Machines Allow Families to Stay in Touch Long-Distance

Scientists: Has the Sun Gone to Sleep?

Paramount Stops Producing Movie Film Prints

Google Develops "Smart" Contact Lens

Supercomputer Models Human Brain

Call Centers Using Technology to "Empathize" With You

Incurable Bacterial Disease From China Threatens Orange Groves in Florida

Daily Mail UK: Star Trek-Style Tricorder That Detects Diseases a Reality

Smart PJs Read Bedtime Stories to Kids

Wearable Technology Is New Dress Code at Consumer Electronics Show

French Firm Unveils Internet-Connected Toothbrush

New Contact Lenses Will Project Images Directly on to Your Eyeballs

Star Trek Predicts the Future: Bookless Library Opens in Texas