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2010 Prophecy in the News Magazine 12 Issue Set

by Prophecy in the News


This collection includes all 12 issues of Prophecy in the News Magazine from 2010.

In stock

2010 Prophecy in the News Magazine Set (12 Issues)

This set includes 12 issues of the classic Prophecy in the News Magazine from 2010.

January – Our New TV Studio
February – The Extraterrestrial Question
March – The Passover Lamb
April – Earthquakes! Are They Increasing?
May – Psalms 111-117 Have A Menorah Design!
June – Has Noah’s Ark Been Found At Last?
July – The Gulf Oil Spill (A Sea of Blood?)
August – Did God Destroy Pompeii?
September – Rosh Hashanah – 5771 – Happy Jewish New Year!
October – The Illusion of Middle-East Peace
November – Chip Implants Linked To Animal Tumors
December – The Case for the Date Of Our Savior’s Birth

12 Issues