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A Popular Survey of Apologetics for Today

SKU: S1988


Fast Facts Every Christian Should Know. We need Christians trained in apologetics now more than ever.

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In a chaotic world where many people claim to have their own truth, Christians have been given the unshakable truth that comes from God alone. But simply knowing it isn’t enough. The task of apologetics belongs to all believers, to “make a defense to anyone who asks” (1 Peter 3:14). Although the call is clear, it can be difficult to know where to start.

This comprehensive survey delves into key teachings about our faith, providing pearls of wisdom along the way to help us remember the heart of the matter. Ron Rhodes shares a wealth of straightforward, biblical answers to the questions and issues of our day, addressing

  • the nature of truth—absolute truth versus relative truth
  • hermeneutics—the principles of interpreting the Bible rightly
  • Christian ethics—including controversial topics such as abortion, suicide, and divorce
  • alleged contradictions in the Bible
  • challenging questions unbelievers ask about God and Christianity

Fortify your own understanding of God’s Word and God’s world—from intelligent design to the prophetic future—and let the truths contained in this book equip you for meaningful, effective, and gracious conversations with others.

Paperback ‏ : ‎ 416 pages