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Ancient Epistles of John and Jude – Ken Johnson

SKU: S1769


The Apostles vs. The Gnostics

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Ancient Epistles of John and Jude

This book provides commentary for the epistles of John and Jude from the ancient church fathers. It gives the history of the struggles of the first century church. You will learn which cults John and Jude were writing about and be able to clearly identify each heresy. You will also learn what meditation and sorcery truly are. At the end of each chapter is a chart contrasting the teaching of the church and that of the Gnostics. Included are master charts of the doctrine of Christ, the commandments of Christ, and the teaching of the apostles. Learn the major doctrines that all Christians must believe: Jesus is the only Christ; Jesus is the only Savior; Jesus is the only begotten Son of God; Jesus is sinless; Jesus physically resurrected; Jesus will physically return to earth; God is not evil; The Rapture; Creationism; Eternal Life only by Jesus; The sin nature; Prophecy proves inspiration; and Idolatry is evil.