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Angels & Giants, The Watchers & The Nephilim (DVD)

SKU: X1616


This groundbreaking new series travels the world and unveils for the first time ever.

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The series features interviews with experts on the subject, including Douglas Van Dorn; Tom Horn; Dr. Robert (Putty) Putman (Ph.D in quantum physics); pastor and author Carl Gallups; Nephilim researcher and author L. A. Marzulli; Chief Joseph and Dr. Laralyn Riverwind of Native American ministry Firekeepers International; Brien Foerster, expert on megalithic Peru, megaliths, and Inca culture; author and researcher Gary Wayne, and Cairo-based Egyptologist Steven Wunderink.

It has been theorized by many scholars since pre-Christian times that “the sons of God” discussed in the Book of Genesis were fallen angelic beings who produced a race of giants on the earth through the offspring of their union with human women.

“Thousands of years later, we can still find the evidence of the advanced civilization that the interaction of these fallen angels with humanity left behind,” says Landa. “Megalithic relics that abound all over the planet have been approximately dated to a common period in history. We also find cultural, and even spiritual evidence that testifies of such a civilization in the early days of this creation.”

4-part Docuseries on DVD!