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Are We Living in the End Times? The Last Generation? Zoom

Are We Living in the End Times? The Last Generation?

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    In the updated and expanded edition of this classic title,

    Noted scholar Dr. Tim LaHaye gives reasons for believing that the Rapture and the Tribulation could occur during our generation.

    Ours is the first generation that has the technology and opportunity to fulfill many of the prophecies of Revelation. Understanding prophecy can be difficult and confusing.

    This book takes away all of the mystery—and the intimidation. It is user-friendly for the layperson, yet remarkably complete for the scholar.

    The Last Religion

    - The Antichrist, The image of the Beast, The Singularity and the Great Deception.

    Chuck Missler, Paul McGuire, L.A. Marzulli, John Loeffler, Frank Peretti, Joel Richardson, with NEWLY DISCOVERED interviews from Hal Lindsay, Dave Hunt, Marlin Maddoux, and  David Breese from nearly 30 years ago. EERILY ACCURATE!!

    The Last Religion The ancient Biblical Prophetic narrative tells of a future time when the world will be under the control of a global dictator most commonly known as the antichrist. This is somewhat of a misnomer because this term generalizes what is actually an evil trio of personalities into one.

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    Name Are We Living in the End Times? The Last Generation?
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