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Attack of the Drones on USB Flashdrive Zoom

Attack of the Drones on USB Flashdrive

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    Imagine a world where Drones are everywhere. Now imagine a world where Drones control everything. This scenario might seem far off into the future or even a little far-fetched. However, what if it were revealed to you that this technology is not only being developed, but it's already being implemented on a global scale. In this documentary, you'll discover the truth about all sorts of Drones, including armed and deadly ones, and what their arrival is leading to. The question is, are you ready? There's an emerging movement in the scientific community that you might not be aware of. It's called Artificial Intelligence or A.I. and it's actually been in development for quite some time. In fact, a lower form of Artificial Intelligence has been in front of us the whole time that most are oblivious to. In this DVD set, you'll receive a wealth of information that proves beyond a shadow of doubt where this A.I. movement is going. Including its connection with Drone Technology and how it will be used to create a real live horrible Skynet scenario, just like in the Terminator movies. Judgment Day is coming!
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