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Beyond Covid (DVD Set) Billy Crone

SKU: X1577


Pastor Billy Crone exposes more Covid deception!

In stock

Beyond Covid (DVD Set) Billy Crone

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse with the pre-planned Covid 19 agenda of the Global Elites, it just did. As if manipulating an election, removing our freedoms, violating our rights to assemble, and murdering a massive amount of people across the whole planet wasn’t enough for them, a whole new layer of evil has been recently discovered that frankly will shock you to the core. Believe it or not, these same sick twisted megalomaniacs have plans with their Covid agenda to also produce a whole new race of people that they proudly call Human 2.0. A better upgraded human they say, a genetically modified one that’s created in their own image. Therefore, this DVD set, Beyond Covid The Global Elites Plan for Human 2.0 seeks to equip you with the solid evidence revealing this satanic plan for the end of humanity as we know it. Here you will learn such shocking agendas as:

  • The Exposers of Human 2.0
  • The Resisters of Human 2.0
  • The Genocide of Human 2.0
  • The Signal of Human 2.0
  • The Trigger of Human 2.0
  • The Super Soldiers of Human 2.0
  • The Design of Human 2.0
  • The Zombies of Human 2.0
  • The Control of Human 2.0
  • The Response to Human 2.0

As wild and seemingly impossible as all this might sound, we encourage you to deal with facts before it’s too late. Sticking your head in the sand is exactly what these Global Elites want you to do. Apathy and denial are how they get to continue to march forward with their evil plans. Your life and your family’s life are not only on the line, but so is your actually humanity itself. Get your copy of Beyond Covid The Global Elites Plan for Human 2.0 before it’s too late!