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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • Is Pregnancy a Disease?

    by Larry Spargimino

    teen girlsIn a society of sliding moral standards, anything goes—and the government wants to use your tax  dollars to support it.

    The Obamacare contraception mandate was a major issue in the 2012 presidential campaign, and there is a high likelihood that the left may soon be pushing for taxpayer-funded abortifacient drugs for young girls as part of the 2016 campaign strategy.

    WorldNetDaily reports on a pilot test program in Colorado, where a private, charitable organization has paid for long-term birth control for teenage girls, such as implants and IUDs. They are reporting a dramatic reduction in the incidents of pregnancy. As a result, activists in Colorado have decided to take the idea statewide on the taxpayers’ tab.

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  • Drones Spoiling Your Day? You Need This

    by Larry Spargimino
    Boeing's new Compact Laser Weapon System (LWS), in four easily assembled parts. Image source: Boeing. Boeing's new Compact Laser Weapon System (LWS), in four easily assembled parts. Image source: Boeing.

    Drones are becoming increasingly popular with police departments, border patrol agencies, and the Forest Service. They are also becoming a nuisance. People keep flying drones where they shouldn’t—like in airport flight paths and over the White House. Boeing, however, has solved the problem with its new Compact Laser Weapon System.

    The aerospace company’s new weapons system isn’t quite as “cool” as what you see in Star Wars—there’s no slashing beams of light and no “pew! pew!” sound effects. But, nevertheless, it has been effectively tested on drones and can take down a troublesome drone with unstinting regularity.

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  • Rising To the Challenge

    by Larry Spargimino

    Crecopia mothOne of the most fascinating events in nature is the emergence of the Crecopia moth from its cocoon—an event that only occurs with much struggle on the part of the moth to free itself.

    The story can be told of someone watching a moth trying to free itself and feeling  sorry for the poor creature. Not realizing the necessity of struggle, a kind-hearted individual snipped the cocoon. Soon the moth came out with its wings weak and shriveled. The moth, which, under normal conditions, would soon fly away, was doomed to crawl during its brief life.

    What the person in the story did not realize was that in the process of struggle the moth would push body fluids out into the wings to strengthen and expand them. The struggle was necessary for growth.

    Despite the pain, suffering, and atrocities caused by Islamic State militants, some are rising to the challenge. Even women.

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  • The Revenge of the Veil

    by Larry Spargimino

    veiled womanThe Clarion Project reports that ISIS publicly has whipped 20 women in the center of a market in Mosul  for not veiling their eyes. The whipping marks the first time that ISIS militants lashed the local women themselves. Previously ISIS has sent female volunteers to mete out such punishments.

    Reports in the Iraqi newspaper Al-Sabach say that the women were lashed on their backs and legs.

    One woman who was present commented bitterly: “I am not surprised to see this occurrence from the cowards of ISIS. They say they are concerned about women being modest, but they are the first who took our free  women as captives and  raped them in Mosul.”

    One of the victims stated: “This ISIS criminal led me to a group of close to 20 women that were in the square inside the market. We were surrounded by a circle of armed ISIS men. An enormous man held a whip the size of which even a large animal couldn’t withstand. The man who had dragged me from the market pushed me, and I immediately began being whipped. The force of the whip almost made my soul leave my body.”

    This victim also said, “He screamed at me that anyone who doesn’t follow ISIS’ rules is an enemy of Allah. My legs were trembling from fear. I had no idea what I had done wrong to deserve this humiliating treatment.”

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  • “How Badly Are We Losing?”

    by Larry Spargimino

    Killing ChristiansIn his new book, Killing Christians: Living the Faith Where It’s Not Safe to Believe, author Tom Doyle chronicles the lives of eight followers of Jesus in hostile environments, namely in Islamic countries.

    Doyle, who has invested his life in studying the work of God under the shadow of the mosque, has written an earlier best-seller, Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening The Muslim World?

    In the Introduction to Killing Christians, Doyle writes:

    “Oppressors over the centuries have never recognized that the persecution of Christians is always a failed initiative. It just doesn’t work. To the contrary, killing believers routinely accelerates the spread of the Gospel and the growth of the church. … Why? Because Jesus’  Message of love and reconciliation thrives in a climate where hostility, danger, and martyrdom are present” (p. xi).

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