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Afghan Women Take On Taliban

by Larry Spargimino

Reza Gul (center), her daughter Fatima (left) and daughter-in-law Seema, killed 25 members of of the Taliban after watching them gun down her son. Reza Gul (center), her daughter Fatima (left) and daughter-in-law Seema, killed 25 members of of the Taliban after watching them gun down her son.

Since the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban has escalated attacks. A new level of mayhem has been reached as the bloodbath grows more serious every day. However some—even women—are fighting back.

Henry Austin, for, writes that a grieving Afghan mother takes revenge for the death of her son by killing 25 militants during a seven-hour battle. Her son was killed while manning a checkpoint.

The mother, Reza Gul, flanked by her daughter and daughter-in-law, led a counterstrike. “I couldn’t stop myself and picked up a weapon,” Gul told reporters. “I went to the checkpoint and began shooting back.” Her daughter-in-law, Seema, added: “The fighting was intensified when we reached the battlefield. …We were committed to fight until the last bullet.”'

The Taliban has remained tight-lipped about the incident. Some believe it is because disgrace is associated with dying from the hand of a woman. Men who are killed in battle by a woman cannot go to paradise. The shame and loss of face would be unbearable.

Women are also fighting back against the Islamic State. An emir—a high-ranking official in the Islamic State in Mosul, Iraq—has been killed by a woman who had been captured and used as his sex slave for three months. The revenge was taken against the man, Abu Annas, for the rape of the woman.

Thousands of women have been captured by ISIS and forced into sex slavery. Some of the women are as young as twelve years of age. The women are forced to convert to Islam and then officially “married” to their captors. Many of them bear children for the Islamic State jihadists. In this way they pursue a “jihad of the womb.”

For Christians, such brutality as the physical and mental rape of human beings is unconscionable. The message of the cross is a message that is applied by the Holy Spirit, not by the sword. What kind of religion forces people to convert, and to accept a worldview against their own will?

Though Christianity is under fire even in our own country, what other view of God and man operates by gentle persuasion? What other view simply presents the facts, and then allows the individual to freely choose?

Indeed, we have moved into the age of the bully.

As it was in the days of Noah, the world is NOW filled with violence. In Matthew 24:37 Jesus said: “But as the days of Noah, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

As the signs of the Lord’s soon return grow more evident, we must ask every listener: Are you prepared to meet God?

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