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Xavier Lemoine: "It's Them or Us"

by Jerry Tyson

Sometimes it is necessary to state the obvious. From, an article dated September 29, 2017, by Tim Brown reports that the mayor of the French town of Montfermeil, “Xavier Lemoine, said that the current war between Islam and Western Culture is a war declared on France.

“‘It’s them or it is us,’ Lemoine said.

“He has already several times presented his ideas of ‘war of civilizations’ in the French press, but has obviously been self-censored every time so as not to fall under the anti-racist law. On the other hand, when he speaks to the foreign press, Xavier Lemoine takes less precautions.

“For Lemoine, the ‘Muslims’ declared war on France and sought to subdue it. For the French it is a matter of life or death. France must set an example on Israel to take care of the Muslims on its soil.

“‘Look,’ he said, standing in front of his office window and pointing to the neighbors of immigrants. ‘It’s them or it’s us. If they win, we are dead. I am proud to be French and Catholic and I do not intend to live as a “dhimmi”  in my own country. We are different from them and these people are not compatible with France. We are caught in the middle of an Islamic war on all fronts. Everything that happens there has repercussions here in France and influences immigrants. ’

“Initially he believed that ‘rebellion’ was caused by poverty and problems of integration into a new society. But he quickly realized that Muslims represent a cultural challenge for his country.

“He is convinced that Muslim immigrants have declared war on France and intend to bring it to their knees. He considers that in this war the Jews are allies. ‘I feel that my country is ashamed of its culture and values. When France denies its own history and continues to ask for forgiveness for slavery, conquest and colonization, how then can we be surprised that the immigrants stand up against it and show no respect for it? Unfortunately, by welcoming them, France did not require them to change. It allowed them to speak Arabic and cultivate their culture at the expense of French culture.’

“‘It’s a struggle between two cultures. It’s a war between Islam and Western culture. France and all of Europe are in danger. If we refuse to see the extent of the Muslim threat, we are seriously at risk.’”

Brown continued with the opinion, “I do not believe that Christians are to convert men at the tip of the sword as Islam does. However, the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation and if those who name the name of Christ would get their Gospel right, calling sinners unto repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and trust that God would save his people, then we might actually stand a chance.

“Yet, we are too busy telling people ‘God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.’ Tell me, how did God’s plan work out for Pharaoh? or Herod? or Pilate? or Simon the Magician? Not too good.

“While I oppose Islam and do believe as the French mayor says, that it is a war between the ideologies of both: one that is born of the Lord Jesus Christ and one that is clearly of the father of lies, the devil, … there is no doubt in my mind that the same curses we read about in the book of Deuteronomy that were promised to Old Testament Israel are occurring before our eyes today not only in France and Europe, but also to the United States because we no longer honor God as God (Romans 1) and have become wise in our own eyes yet, are essentially fools.

“It’s time that we return to the God of our forefathers, confessed our sins, plead for the mercy of God that comes through Jesus Christ and see the hand of God, once again, heal our nation.”

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