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Monthly Archives: November 2017

  • Marriage for One?

    by Larry Spargimino We fondly remember the time when marriage was the union of two people—a man and a woman. One of the purposes of that union was to bring a godly seed into the world. That was something that was a bedrock truth, a verity above refutation. Not anymore...
  • Islamic Jihadi Slams into California Veteran’s Car in the Name of Allah

    By Jerry Tyson reported on October 26, 2016, of war in the streets. “An Islamic jihadi decided to use his vehicle to attack a US veteran on the streets of California earlier this month. After slamming into the veteran’s car, the man told an off-duty police officer, ‘I did...
  • The Law of Unexpected Returns

    by Jerry Tyson There has been a lot said recently about the push for the minimum wage being increased to at least $15. The argument is that no family can exist on less. Forgotten is the idea that the minimum wage was intended primarily for teens at the beginning of...

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