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Broadcasts February 2017

Our broadcasts are available to listen to online, or to download to your computer for transferring to an audio player like an iPod or other music device. For instructions on downloading, click here 

February 1 - 3, 2017

The Book of Mysteries

The Book of Mysteries... Part 2

The Book of Mysteries... Part 3

Host: Pastor Larry
Guest: Jonathan Cahn

Imagine if you discovered a treasure chest in which were hidden ancient mysteries, revelations from heaven, secrets of the ages, the answers to man’s most enduring, age-old questions, and the hidden keys that can transform your life to joy, success, and blessing…This is The Book of Mysteries. Jonathan Cahn, who caused a national and international stir with the New York Times best-seller The Harbinger and then The Mystery of the Shemitah, now brings us a treasure chest inside of which are contained some of the greatest mysteries of all time. The reader will discover life-transforming secrets, mind-blowing realities, and heart-changing revelations in such mysteries as the Face in the Waters, the Leper King, the Land of Gezarah, the Secret of the Third Prince, the House of Spirits, the Mystery of the Rains, How to Alter Your Past, the Second Scroll, the Similitude, the Mystery of the Eighth Day, and much more. The Book of Mysteries takes the readers on a journey of divine revelation through ancient Scriptures, the laws of Creation, the deep of God’s Word, the hidden streams of history, the most important keys of spiritual truth, end-time mysteries, and the secrets of life. The Book of Mysteries opens up with a traveler and his encounter with a man known only as “the teacher.” The teacher takes him an on odyssey through desert mountains, valleys, gardens and plains, encounters with nomadic tent dwellers, caverns and ancient ruins, chambers of scrolls and vessels, and more. The reader is taken along to partake in the journey and in all the teachings and revelations. The traveler keeps a journal in which he writes down each of the mysteries given to him by the teacher in his one-year odyssey—365 different mysteries—one for each day of the year. Thus, on top of everything else, The Book of Mysteries is also a daily devotional unlike any other. And each mystery contains a special mission for each day of the year, a mission that takes the revelation and applies it to reality for a life-changing journey.

February 6 - 7, 2017

The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment... Part 2

Host: Jeff Cobble

Mr. Cobble was a featured speaker at our East Coast Prophecy Conference in Gettysburg, PA in October 2016. He is a Constitution authority and exposes how far we have wandered from the original intent of the Founding Fathers, especially when it comes to the Second Amendment.

February 8 - 9, 2017

Myths of Eschatology

Myths of Eschatology... Part 2

Host: Pastor Larry
Guest: Chuck Missler

Eschatology is a part of theology concerned with the final events of history, or the ultimate destiny of humanity. This concept is commonly referred to as the “End Times” or “Last Days”. In this field of study, there is a minefield of disinformation, misunderstandings and myths concerning many future events: The Rapture Does the Church go through the “Great Tribulation”? Is there a literal “Millennium”? Does the Church “replace” Israel? What happened to the Davidic Covenant? Is everyone in Heaven equal? Under grace, does behavior matter? Dr. Chuck Missler sheds light on these and some of the widely accepted myths surrounding some of the most important events on our horizon.

February 10, 2017

The Onesimus Project...Part 2

Host: Pastor Larry
Guest: David Benoit

The Onesimus Prison Project is a special ministry to those men and women interred in prisons and jails and to the chaplains who minister to them. Onesimus was a runaway slave who belonged to Philemon, a Christian and a friend of the Apostle Paul's. Paul sent a letter to Philemon, asking Philemon to forgive Onesimus and receive him. This message of forgiveness and acceptance is a very important one to men and women incarcerated in prison. The Onesimus Prison Project has three major outreach activities: Outreach to prisoners Outreach to prison/jail chaplains and other prison/jail ministries Outreach via our annual Prophecy Calendar Outreach to Prisoners Free religious ad counseling materials are sent to prisoners upon request from either a prisoner or a friend or family member of a prisoner.

February 13 - 14, 2017

Mystery Babylon

Mystery Babylon... Part 2

Host: Pastor Larry
Guest: Joel Richardson

New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson carefully explores what is arguably the greatest prophetic mystery in all of the Bible. Mystery Babylon is an in-depth look at the prophecy of Revelation 17 and 18. Richardson dissects the longest prophecy in the New Testament - the final chapters of the Bible - in order to make sense of these deeply elusive and profoundly controversial passages. At once a queen, a prostitute, and a cold-blooded killer, this great harlot waves a golden cup filled with blood. Adorned in purple and scarlet and gold and precious stones, she seduces the kings of the earth with luxury. Most commonly known, perhaps, is that she rides a beast with seven heads and ten horns. Her title is Mystery, Babylon the Great, the mother of all harlots and of the abominations of the earth. From the early days of Christianity, believers have struggled to understand the mystery of the great harlot. Scholars and students alike have arrived at many different conclusions. In his characteristically easy-to-understand style, Richardson works through the history of Christian interpretation of Mystery Babylon, weighing the strengths and weaknesses of each view, making a powerful case for a solution to this prophecy that will rock the prophecy world.

February 15 - 16, 2017

Abaddon Ascending

Abaddon Ascending... Part 2

Host: Pastor Larry
Guest: Tom Horn and Josh Peck

We [plan to open a portal into] an extra dimension. Out of this door might come something...unknown. Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN CERN is easily one of the most secretive organizations of our times. With controversy and conspiracy theories abounding, it takes specialized researchers to weed through the lies in order to find the truth. But sometimes, truth is stranger and far scarier than fiction. This is where internationally celebrated investigative researcher Dr. Thomas R. Horn and Into the Multiverse television host Josh Peck arrive to expose the reality of a plan so nefarious that it involves not only the history of Apollyon-Abaddon, but his near-future fulfillment of biblical prophecy and entrance into the world. Are powerful occultists from the highest levels of governments, science, and academia to the lowest echelons of modern witchcraft even now invoking the arrival of this destroyer and his legions from the abyss?! ABADDON ASCENDING WILL SHOCK READERS WITH THE FOLLOWING INCREDIBLE REVELATIONS: The ancient origin of CERN s modern-day mission The latest information pertaining to interdimensional portals The real meaning of the bizarre Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony and how it connects to the return of the old gods Who the horned god is, fertility rites of the triple goddess, and how this connects to CERN CERN s beastly logo and destroyer god imagery CERN s role in the formation of a new Babylonian single language system Exactly how the Large Hadron Collider at CERN operates, and what it is trying to find The mind-bending reality of quantum field theory Eye-opening interviews with such personalities as physicist Don Page, who works with Dr. Stephen Hawking The doomsday scenario involving the Higgs field that scientists don t want you to know The future manipulation of human consciousness through an A.I. beast at CERN The connection between Ezekiel s vision and the locusts of Revelation 9 The coming holy war between the Titans and the one, true, living God!

February 17, 2017

Fat Chance

Host: Pastor Larry
Guest: Ray Comfort

Why Pigs Will Fly Before America has an Atheist President. A provocative glimpse at politics, faith, and science in America! Most atheists don’t know that there’s never been an atheist president, that no members of Congress are atheists, and that in seven states it’s illegal for atheists to run for office. Atheists are convinced that atheism is intellectual when it’s the exact opposite. There is nothing more foolish than believing the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything. Ray addresses this fact, at the same time showing that there is credible scientific evidence for God, and exposing what atheists are doing to the once great country. This is a book that you can give to your partying and boozy neighbor, your likeable but unsaved Uncle Fred, or the Christian mom who is grieved that her beloved church-going son has turned atheist. America is having a revival of atheism, and is being swallowed by moral darkness. This book is a small but powerful light. Written to help reach atheists because of the horrid reality of Hell...Contains a clear gospel presentation to help Christians share the power of God’s grace...Here is the book to give away to those who are wandering into the darkness of atheism.

February 20 - 21, 2017

Who Is the King In America

Who Is the King In America... Part 2

Host: Pastor Larry
Guest: Bill Federer

Before you answer, do you know what the most common form of government in world history is? From the invention of writing around 3,300 BC, what do the records show? Pharaohs, Chieftans, Emperors, Caesars, Sultans, Khans, Maharajas, Monarchs… Why does Power, like gravity, inevitably concentrate into the hand of One Person? How does this One Person treat his friends? His enemies? King George III was the most powerful monarch in the world. America’s founders wanted to break away from him. Was the founders’ intent to set up a government as far away from a king as possible? What previous examples did they look at? Rome? Athens? Ancient Israel? What role did pastors play in America’s new system? You will be surprised! What are the key ingredients necessary for a nation to function without a king? Was the God of Bible an integral part of this system? Is the Constitution, in effect, simply a collection of hurdles to keep power from snapping back into the hands of a king? Find out the difference between a democracy and a republic. How is socialism really just a monarchy makeover? How did past democracies and republics rise and fall? Did subversive political philosophers actually suggest tactics to help them fail? Are these tactics being used in America today? What is the dangerous relationship between Islamists and LGBT activists? The surprising answers to these questions and more are in “Who is the King in America? -And Who are the Counselors to the King?”

February 22 - 23, 2017

The Mysteries of CERN Decoded

The Mysteries of CERN Decoded... Part 2

Host: Pastor Larry
Guest: S. Douglas Woodward

The focus of the DVD is primarily built around the insights of Anthony Patch, who has become the most noteworthy expert on the Internet today concerning the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the nuclear research institute known as CERN outside of Geneva, Switzerland. Additionally, S. Douglas Woodward provides considerable insight into why Christians need to “revise their reality” by regaining a biblical worldview to challenge the secular (and sometimes atheistic) views espoused by many academics and intellectuals today. Together, the two combine a scientific approach to spirituality in light of a biblical worldview. Lyn Leahz, one of the most famous personalities on “fringe” subjects among the Christian on-line community, plays host to the two who never hesitate for a moment, expounding details that you likely have never heard uttered before anywhere else. Information Overload! The video has been compacted from the original three-hour discussion taking place over two weeks on the Lyn Leahz Channel. By compacted, we mean that three hours of material was distilled into two hours thanks to clever editing by John Mark. After creating the soundtrack from his careful editing, JM merged a comprehensive and colorful presentation deck designed by Woodward with hundreds of detailed photographs assembled to deepen the educational value and create a fast-moving, entertaining work that listeners will likely want to watch several times. The revelations will provide stunning and sometimes shocking insights into the Cosmos as well as CERN. Viewers will probably invite friends to watch along with them to acquire the unique understanding provided by Patch and Woodward. THE SIGN OF THE BLACK SUN – SATURN WORSHIP Danger, danger! The information is stunning, to say the least. Patch paints an amazing picture of the science of CERN and the dangers of CERN’s particle accelerator. Patch goes into considerable detail explaining the science behind these threats that could generate massive earthquakes, create quark-gluon condensates known as “strangelets” — merely the most explosive force in the universe — as well as the admitted goal to open portals to other dimensions. Even CERN officials seem hell-bent to invite Ultra-Dimensional entities into this world from other universes. But there is more: the possible creation of microscopic black holes and the possible transformation of the earth into a neutron star have been considered so severe that for decades many scientists have warned the scientists at CERN do not understand the forces “they are tampering with.” This warning has been put forth by no less a brilliant mind than that of Stephen Hawking. Einstein vs. Tesla. Woodward provides the overall context for the video by discussing the relevance of Cosmology and the challenges Christians face from decades long brainwashing of academic science that is being tested and frequently disproved today. Featured in the discussion is the intellectual contest of Nikola Tesla against Albert Einstein — the issue of whether the universe is knit together by gravity or instead, as Tesla propounded (if not proved) the power of electromagnetism. Today’s official teachings by such Cosmologists as the well-known Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Michio Kaku are targets for scientists from The Thunderbolts Project. Wallace Thornhill and Donald Talbott, among many others, provide new insights (and many videos) to flesh out a new model collectively known as The Electric Universe.

February 24, 2017

One Race One Blood

Host: Pastor Larry
Guest: Charles Ware

“Although racism did not begin with Darwinism, Darwin did more than any person to popularize it.” Discover the origin of people groups (there is only one race), the genetics of skin color, and biblical truths on “interracial” marriage. This fascinating book explores racism and its roots in the hearts and minds of millions. Most people do not realize how intimately connected the popular idea of evolution and the worst racist ideology in history are. Ken Ham and Dr. Charles Ware reveal the compelling history of the effect of an evolution-based belief system on the history of the United States, including slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, and abortion. They go beyond politically-correct speech to show the tragic global harvest of death and tragedy that stems from Darwin’s controversial beliefs. Uncover the the origin of the word race and the tragic legacy of Darwin’s theory. Discover the disturbing connection between evolutionary thought and the most ruthless (and bloody) dictators in history. Join an eye-opening discussion on racism and its roots in the hearts and minds of millions. Step beyond the legal precedents to find the true solution in the Bible—one that resolves this issue in the hearts of mankind..

February 27 - 28, 2017

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare... Part 2

Host: Pastor Larry
Guest: Karl Payne

The Bible is explicit: We live in a world of distinct opponents; our very lives are a battle. Yet too many Christians lose more battles than they win and endure their walk with God rather than enjoy it because they don't recognize the enemy when they see it. More importantly, they have no idea how to respond. While society tells us we can react simply, the truth is that a wish, a hope, and a prayer are not the best responses to attacks from those who stand between us and the Father. Christians must be strategic in their reactions to these clearly defined enemies, learning how to fight biblically and effectively rather than just sincerely. In Spiritual Warfare, Dr. Karl Payne - pastor of Leadership Development and Discipleship at Antioch Bible Church and Chaplain for the NFL's Seattle Seahawks - has written a guidebook for defense that is simple, biblical, and transferable. Through his teaching on how to recognize and resolve attacks from the world, we learn that we are more than conquerors in Christ.