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Broadcasts January 2018

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January 1, 2018

The Journey...Part 27

Host: Bob Glaze Host: Larry Spargimino

This is Audio portion of our Tv Show

 January 2-3, 2018

Skills For Battle in Spiritual Warfare... Part 1

 Skills For Battle in Spiritual Warfare... Part 2


Host: Larry Spargimino

Guest: Dave Williams 

The Art of Spiritual Warfare In the Old Testament, King David’s life was marked by battles. David’s battles were significant—they were fought over land and power, and God gave him victory. Today, our battles are more significant and the stakes are higher. People’s souls hang in the balance. Will you trust the Lord to prepare you for this battle? Will you enlist as a soldier in this spiritual war? This book is a manual for recognizing the enemy and will show you how to wield the weapons that God provides to victory. After reading this book you’ll be able to say…span>

 January 4-5, 2018

2018 in Israel... Part 1

 2018 in Israel... Part 2


Host: Bob Glaze

Guest: Avi Lipkin


The Middle East is going through major changes caused by the Islamic rivalry between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. Avi Lipkin's brilliant analysis brings order to what seems to be total chaos. This is a must read for people who want to understand the news and the untold news.

 January 8-9, 2018

 Pearls in Paradise... Part 1


Pearls in Parardise... Part 2

Host: Bob Glaze
Guest: Dr. Carl Baugh

Have you ever wanted to be a Missionary? You can be a Missionary Today! For a minimum $50.00 contribution you will receive your own personal copy of the full-color hardbound 432-page Daily Devotional Creation Science book, Pearls in Paradise, along with an enclosed DVD of the full text and graphics, YOUR NAME on a Certificate signed by a National Representative in Fiji, and a tax-deductible receipt for the full amount you contribute. In turn, we will be able to distribute 10 copies of the same book to students and teachers in the South Pacific. Daily you will be reading the same devotional of Creation/Science/Salvation/Scripture that the students will be reading on the mission field!

January 10 - 12, 2018

 The Paradigm... Part 1

 The Paradigm... Part 2

The Paradigm... Part 3

Host: Larry Spargimino Guest: Jonathan Cahn

Is it possible that there exists a Master Blue Print from ancient times that lies behind everything that’s happening before our eyes?  Could events that transpired almost 3000 years ago be determining the news of modern times, the people of modern times, and the events that have changed our lives?  Could this ancient mystery not only have foretold the events of our times, but actually given the timing as to when they were to take place – pinpointing the year – and in some cases the month, the date, and even the hour?  As unbelievable as it sounds – it’s real - the blueprint actually exists. And what would happen if you could open it right now? If you had known The Paradigm years ago, you could have actually marked into your calendar the calendar the timing of one of the most momentous events in history – years before it happened and before anyone knew it would – down to the exact date. Jonathan Cahn, the author of The Harbinger and The Book of Mysteries now reveals the master blueprint of our times:

 January 15-16, 2018

 Leaving Mormonism... Part 1

 Host: Larry Spargimino, Guest Corey Miller:

Leaving Mormonism... Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino, Guest Lynn Wilder: 

The growing popular perception today is that the Mormon church as just another denomination within Christianity, and representatives of the LDS church often encourage this perspective. Despite points of agreement, major differences exist on foundational theological matters (for example, the Trinity), as well as social and moral issues (such as racial equality).
As former Mormons turned evangelical Christians, each of whom is an accomplished scholar, the four contributors to this volume provide a unique and authoritative corrective. Each contributor shares his or her story of growing up in the Mormon church, and how biblical, theological, moral, or scientific issues forced them to eventually leave Mormonism. The contributors draw on the expertise of their respective academic fields to show how Mormon teachings and practice fall short biblically and rationally.
They also address common objections raised by former Mormons who have lost faith altogether and have embraced atheism or agnosticism--especially under the influence of "new atheists" like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. 

January 17-18, 2018

 Genesis Volume 2, Satan's War Against Man... Part 1

 Genesis Volume 2, Satan's War Against Man... Part 2


Host: Larry Spargimino Guest: Mac Dominic

Amidst God's dazzling and resplendent new creation called the 'Heavens and the Earth', created specifically for the happiness and joy of His really special creation, Adam and Eve, Satan suddenly launched a vicious war against man.  And, Satan knew exactly where to strike. Taking the form of a Serpent, Satan spoke gracious words to an innocent, gullible Eve. He convinced her that God REALLY did not mean what He said when he told Adam that they could not eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and Evil, and then Satan painted such a wonderful word picture of the fruit that Eve simply had to try it.  All mankind faced a world as frightening and dangerous as anyone could have possibly imagined. Little did they know Satans true plan, i.e., to so corrupt every human being that Jesus, the Redeemer of Mankind, would be thwarted in His plan to die on Calvary. Therefore, Genesis 6 reveals that Satan flooded the world with Nephilim who mated with human wives, producing a new creation that was no longer purely human, but mixed with demonic DNA.  Satan's strategy was to corrupt the human race and thus make mans redemption impossible. But, God retaliated with a worldwide flood that saved only one genetically pure family that will make the gift of redemption to mankind a reality.  It is an exciting journey that will give you basic theological truths and the answers to may of life's most difficult questions. Please join us as we will take one more step in our quest to reveal how God will ultimately triumph over Satan and empower mankind to share in the glorious victory. 

 January 19, 2018

The 1769 King James Bible.

 Host: Larry Spargimino Guest: Joel Lampe

1769 "Revised Standard Oxford Edition" of the 1611 King James Bible Facsimile Reproduction The most requested facsimile ever is finally available for the first time in history! In 1769 Dr. Benjamin Blayney completed his revision of the King James Bible and using Dr. Samuel Johnson’s first edition 1755 printing of the Johnson Dictionary the English language “came of age.” Spelling, punctuation, and grammar became standardized making it possible to teach succeeding generations the fledgling languages’ establishment as a great spoken and written language in the world of communication, commerce and education.  Our most popular facsimile in all of our inventory is the 1611 First Edition King James Bible. There are a number of curious comments that we've heard about this exact facsimile and here are just a few: •Why are these words spelled so funny? •Why is this so difficult to read? •Why are there so many punctuation errors? •Why are there so many mistakes? The answer is quite simple to these questions. When the first King James Bible was printed there was not a dictionary. There was not a standarized spelling for most complicated words. The truth is there were many printing mistakes and when Dr. Blayney finished - he had corrected more than 20,000 spelling and punctuation "mistakes" done by Robert Barker and his printing presses that produced the 1611 King James Bible. To fully understand the incredible story of the King James Bible - every novice or scholar should read this essay (click here) written by the leading authority on the history of the English Bible - Dr. Craig H. Lampe. The Bible Museum is making it possible for every Bible loving person to own a facsimile of the first edition of the 1769 Revised Standard Oxford Edition King James Bible. This expert facsimile is designed to be displayed at an altar in your church, your business or your home.  These large format 1769 Family Bibles measure a huge 15 inches tall by 10.5 inches wide by 3 inches thick, and they are bound by hand using the most beautiful and most durable cover of Italian Fiscagoma Buffalino selected to last a lifetime of daily use. This heirloom will be a true collector’s edition to be proudly displayed in observance of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation that we date from Martin Luther nailing the 95 Thesis to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany on October 31, 1517.

 January 22-26, 2018

 The Destruction From Satan and Demons... Part 1

 The Destruction From Satan and Demons... Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino, Guest Billy Crone: 

As a born again Christian, the moment you got saved you entered into a spiritual war against a demonic host whose sole purpose is to destroy you and extinguish your effectiveness for Jesus Christ. This is The Satanic War On The Christian and it’s been raging on for the last 6,000 years. But the problem is, many Christians, even Churches, refuse to talk about it let alone equip others who are in the midst of it. Therefore, this study, The Satanic War On The Christian, not only reveals the shocking reality of this supernatural battle we’re in as Christians, but it also exposes the seductive weapons, traps, and attacks the devil and his evil emissaries use against us to keep us from becoming a mighty army for Almighty God. This second set of studies in this series deals exclusively with The Destruction From Satan & Demons.


January 24-25, 2018

 Keeping Faith on an Age of Reason... Part 1

 Keeping Faith in and Age of Reason... Part 2


Host: Larry Spargimino Guest: Jason Lyle

“You can’t trust the Bible — it’s full of hundreds of contradictions.”

Really? Just because the critic mindlessly declares it so? Don’t be so fast to believe everything you hear! In this book Dr. Jason Lisle examines 420 claims of Bible contradictions and sets the record straight.

Contradiction #139 Was Abraham justified by faith or by works? Romans 4:2 - says by faith VS. James 2:21 - says by works

Bifurcation fallacy. Abraham was justified both by faith and by works (James 2:24, 26). To “justify” means either to be in right moral standing or to show that one is (morally) in right standing. Abraham was justified by faith before God since God knows all things — including Abraham’s faith (James 2:23). God sees our hearts (1 Samuel 16:7), so we are justified before God by our faith alone, which God can see. But men cannot see another man’s faith. They only see the outward works that follow from inward faith. Therefore, Abraham was justified before men by the works that followed from his faith, since men cannot see faith but can see works. James explicitly teaches this (James 2:18–26).  

January 26, 2018

The Day the Earth Stands Still... Part 1

 Host: Larry Spargimino

Guest: Josh Peck 

The secret effort behind official disclosure is revealed at last!  What if the modern push for official disclosure concerning ETI and UFOs is actually an ancient effort? What if this conspiracy can be traced back to the old gods—fallen elohim who rebelled against their Creator long ago? What if they’re planning one final attempt to take control of our planet? Are they evil, or are they benevolent beings offering their assistance? And if they are returning, is it possible to pinpoint the exact date of official disclosure?




 January 29, 2018


 The Day the Earth Stands Still... Part 2


Host: Larry Spargimino

Guest: Derek Gilbert

The secret effort behind official disclosure is revealed at last!  What if the modern push for official disclosure concerning ETI and UFOs is actually an ancient effort? What if this conspiracy can be traced back to the old gods—fallen elohim who rebelled against their Creator long ago? What if they’re planning one final attempt to take control of our planet? Are they evil, or are they benevolent beings offering their assistance? And if they are returning, is it possible to pinpoint the exact date of official disclosure? 


January 30-31, 2018

 Alien Intrusion: UFO's & The Evolution Connection... Part 1

 Alien Intrusion: UFO's & The Evolution Connection... Part 2


Host: Larry Spargimino, Guest: Gary Bates

When actor Richard Dreyfus gazed up into the heavens during the hit film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind audiences looked with him, in rapt attention. Alien encounters cropped up like, well, crop circles. More films were released. Books detailed alleged abductions. NASA funded SETI, an effort to make contact with civilizations from other worlds. But is all this valid? Are there really alien civilizations in our vast universe? In Alien Intrusion, Gary Bates gives a thorough treatment of this fascinating subject. What is behind the numerous sightings from around the world? Does the U.S. Government have evidence of alien craft? Can we hope to make contact in our lifetime? The author comes from an unapologetic Christian perspective, but lets the facts speak for themselves. His expertise on the subject and ability to 'cover the bases' has earned widespread respect - even from many in the 'UFOlogy community' who may be uncomfortable with the startling conclusions to which he inevitable leads the reader. This was especially evident during an amazing three-hour interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast. This invaluable book will help Christians understand the issues, and be able to intelligently answer questions and engage in dialogue with a culture sure were are being watched from space. Heavily illustrated with photographs and drawings - an amazingly comprehensive 'cutting-edge' look at the UFO abduction phenomena.