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November 1 - 2 , 2017

Time Chroniclers...Part 1

Time Chroniclers... Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino
Guest: Kyle Justice

Based on real places and real scientific discoveries, we pray that it’ll build your faith as well as keep you on the edge of your seats. What do a boy, a watch, and a journal have in common? They’re all clues that unravel a past that has the Penner family trying to figure out what really happened on the voyage of the HMS Beagle. From the original creators of the Jonathan Park series, Time Chroniclers is an audio drama that continues to give great evidence for creation in an exciting and informative way. Follow the Penner family, Scott, Suzanne, Winny, Hope, and Heath, as they find secrets from the past that unlock their future! This project is an opportunity for kids of any age to see that they are not the products of random chance process, but were made especially by God. “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” – Ephesians 2:10 Album Summary: It’s the year 1831. Jimmy’s life changes in one night, when he’s seen by two men who’ve lit the family barn on fire. Meanwhile, in modern-day Los Angeles, the Penner family is battling the day to day issues that keep them from living out their faith. Two families from different eras separated by a ribbon of time; how do their lives intersect?.

November 3, 2017

The Journey our Tv program... Part 22

Host: Pastor Larry
Guest: Bob Glaze

Southwest Radio Presents "The Journey" Our Tv Program.




November 6-7, 2017


Unearthing the Lost Wold of the Cloudeaters... Part 1


Unearthing the Lost World of the Cloudeaters... Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino
Guest: Tom Horn

NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME, IN UNEARTHING THE LOST WORLD OF THE CLOUDEATERS: · DISCLOSED! The truth behind the great Smithsonian cover up · REVEALED! The pre-Flood architecture of the Giant Kings · DECIPHERED! Pre-Flood angel civilizations and the remnants of Watchers ·

November 8-9 , 2017

The Final Countdown Volume 2...Part 1

The Final Countdown Volume 2... Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino
Guest: Billy Crone

The ultimate sign that you're headed for the worst day of your life would have to be this...You wake up one morning only to realize that your family has suddenly disappeared. So you run to turn on your TV to see what's happening and there you watch a special worldwide news report declaring that millions of people all over the planet have simply vanished. As you spy the Bible on the coffee table, it suddenly dawns on you that your family was right after all when they kept telling you about the rapture of the Church. Then to your horror, you realize that you've been left behind and have been catapulted into mankind's darkest hour, the 7-year Tribulation that really is coming upon the whole world. But thankfully, God is not only a God of wrath; He's a God of love as well. And because He loves you and I, He has given us many warning signs to show us that the Tribulation is near and that His 2nd Coming is rapidly approaching. This second volume of The Final Countdown Volume 2 takes a look at the last five signs given by God to lovingly wake us up so we'd give our lives to Him before it's too late. These signs are The Rise of Apostasy, The Rise of a One World Religion, The Rise of a One World Government, The Rise of a One World Economy and The Mark of the Beast. Like it or not folks, we are headed for The Final Countdown

November 10, 2017

The Journey our Tv program... Part 23

Host: Pastor Larry
Guest: Bob Glaze

Southwest Radio Presents "The Journey" Our Tv Program.




November 13-14, 2017


Meet the Skeptics... Part 1


Meet the Skeptics... Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino
Guest: Bill Foster

Meet the Skeptic is a new approach to apologetics and evangelism that organizes a non-believer’s objections into four basic root ideas. Learn how to effectively share your Christian faith without reaching for comebacks and offering “churchisms.” This new approach to apologetics and evangelism is written for teens, college students and adults. A leader’s guide and workbook are available for church and educational classroom settings. Are you equipped to handle the skeptic’s questions

November 15-16 , 2017

Israel in the Footsteps of God...Part 1

Israel in the Footsteps of God... Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino
Guest: Aaron Lipkin

Aaron Lipkin, and his friend, Zac Waller, on an amazing adventure to see where the earliest Israelites first set their feet in the Land! Every ancient civilization has its remarkable landmarks. Egypt has the pyramids, Greece has the Acropolis, and Rome has the Colosseum! But what about the ancient Hebrews? When it came to observing the Feasts and worhipping the God of Israel, we all know about the Jerusalem Temples and Shiloh, but what about those years before the Temples? What evidence exists from the early days of Joshua and the Conquest? Watch as Aaron Lipkin and Zac Waller uncover the secrets of six footprint formations—all dated from the early Israelite period and all found in central Israel.

November 17, 2017

The Journey our Tv program... Part 24

Host: Pastor Larry
Guest: Bob Glaze

Southwest Radio Presents "The Journey" Our Tv Program.