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Daily Broadcasts for the Month of October, 2019

All of our broadcasts for the past year are available to listen to online, or to download to your computer for transferring to an audio player like an iPod or other music device. For instructions on downloading, click here

October 1-2, 2019

Courage To Healed...Part 1

Courage To Healed...Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino

News: Marvin McElvany

Guest: Mark Rutland

Here is a simple truth: hurt people hurt people. The damaged do damage to others and to themselves. They become toxic, and their toxicity spills over into the lives of those around them, leaving a trail of broken relationships, squandered opportunities, and shattered dreams. Hurting souls can and often do become suicidal and self-destructive.

This is not a “quick fix” book, but one that illumines the need for, and very real hope for, inner healing. Delve into stories of people finding healing, and understand each stage of the process, including the following:

  • Honestly confronting the past
  • Facing and accepting painful realities
  • Forgiving ourselves as well as the “unforgivable” deeds of others
  • Dealing with disappointment and forgiving God for unmet expectations, unanswered prayers, and unfulfilled dreams
  • Stories of people seeking and finding healing

October 3-4,, 2019

The True Location of Solomon's Temple...Part 1

The True Location of Solomon's Temple...Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino

News: Marvin McElvany

Guest: Robert Cornuke

TEMPLE: Amazing New Discoveries That Change Everything About the Location of Solomon's Temple, by Robert Cornuke, is sending shockwaves through the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian worlds. Can you imagine the upheaval in political and religious thinking if the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is not the site of Solomon's and Herod's temples? And what if the stones of the Wailing Wall are not what tradition says? In this highly-researched, exciting book, the author proposes from current archaeological excavations and Scriptural corroboration that the true temple location is not where tradition teaches. This is must reading for anyone who wants to fit together the pieces of biblical records, current geo-politics, and prophecy. Says the author, "Let the adventure begin as we now take the Bible in one hand and a shovel in the other and dig up some long-lost buried bones of biblical history. Along the way we will walk unknown passageways, known only to the prophets of old, as we search for the true location of the lost temples of Solomon and Herod. We will also lift a candle into the dim recesses of history and uncover secrets about the Ark of the Covenant and the gold Mercy Seat's prophetic obligation as it relates to the future Millennial temple."

October 7, 2019

The Mystery of Anomia... 

Host: Larry Spargimino

News: Marvin McElvany

“For the Mystery of Anomia doth already work” 2 Thess. 2:7

The original language word for iniquity is anomia, meaning lawlessness. 

Anomia is a word that appears several times in the New Testament and describes those times of eschatological upheaval. Can there be any reasonable doubt that we are living in a time of lawlessness. 

October 8-9, 2019

Fulfilling Prophecies in Israel Today...Part 1

Fulfilling Prophecies in Israel Today...Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino

News: Marvin McElvany

Guest: Michael S Smith

Could it be that two cows born in America in 2014 with the number 7 on their foreheads are a sign from God to America?

Join investigative reporter Michael Samuel Smith and his research team as they travel to Gatesville, Texas to interview the owners of a red heifer named Shemitah and make comparisons between that one and the one born in Pennsylvania. All of this in Part One.

In Part two, see what God told Israel to do with a red heifer and why. You will also learn what is happening in Isreal today.

In Part Three, see how Jesus The Messiah fulfilled all the types and shadows of the red heifer 2,000 years ago.

October 10-11,, 2019

God's of the Final Kingdom...Part 1

God's of the Final Kingdom...Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino

News: Marvin McElvany

Guest: Carl Gallups

* What Satan did NOT know about Jesus and God s plan of the ages
* How Satan became the hunted, rather than the hunter, and the shocking biblical truth concerning his final demise
* How Satan literally used and manipulated the nations of history on his cosmic, interdimensional quest to find the seed that would eventually crush his head, and what his plan is now
* What the Bible discloses about time travel, multiple dimensions, portals, and how modern science supports it all
* The contextual biblical truth that may forever change what you thought you knew about death
* Where everything in the universe is actually heading, including you 
* Clear answers to deep theological conundrums that will forever change the way you read and understand Scripture

October 14, 2019

The Discerners...Part 1 

Host: Larry Spargimino

News: Marvin McElvany

Guest: Bob Glaze

When people keep turning their backs on God, they eventually become so wicked that He stops pleading for them to repent. Their hearts and minds simply can’t be returned to Him. Soon after that point, His judgment begins.

Thankfully, Christians have a God-given, spiritual gift of being able to discern the signs indicating how soon that judgment might be. So, it’s up to believers to step up and shoulder the responsibility of being "watchmen on the wall" during these confusing and troubling times.

Discerners: Analyzing Converging Prophetic Signs for the End of Days does just that.

October 15-16, 2019

The Lies We Believe...Part 1

The Lies We Believe...Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino

News: Marvin McElvany

Guest: Dr. Chris Thurman

In a world that is veering dangerously off course from what it calls “truth” comes a classic work that unmasks the lies we unwittingly believe, lies that destroy us and ultimately damage our emotional health, relationships, and spiritual life.

October 17-18,, 2019

Falling Flat...Part 1

Falling Flat...Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino

News: Marvin McElvany

Guest: Dr. Danny Faulkner

Flat earth fallacies are just one more way to muddy the waters in the creation and evolution debate, as well as trying to discredit the Bible as being inaccurate and Christianity as an empty hoax. Now, be prepared when faced with these untruths and misleading agendas and get the facts regarding the flat earth fallacy.

- Powerful answers to refute misleading and false flat earth claims
- Important, thoroughly researched, historical and scientific evidences disproving a flat earth
- Vital context of biblical truths and effective apologetics for Christians

Enjoy a fascinating look at discoveries, science, and the Church throughout history as it faces down and disproves over and over again flat earth fallacies.

October 21, 2019

Global Warming Lies 

Host: Larry Spargimino

News: Marvin McElvany

Guest: Craig Mickelsen

Global warming alarmists frequently make false and deplorable assertions.

Bats Drop from the Sky – In  2014, a scorching summer heat wave caused more than 100,000 bats to literally drop dead and fall from the sky in Queensland, Australia.

Economic Consequences – the costs associated with climate change rise along with the temperatures. Severe storms and floods combined with agricultural losses cause billions of dollars in damages, and money is needed to treat and control the spread of disease.

Shrinking Glaciers –  In 2013, an iceberg larger than the city of Chicago broke off the Pine Island Glacier, the most important glacier of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. And at Montana’s Glacier National Park glaciers have gone from 150 to just 35 over the past century.

October 22-23, 2019

We Walk By Faith...Part 1

We Walk By Faith...Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino

News: Marvin McElvany

Guest: Dorothy Spaulding

“Dorothy Spaulding was a woman who had it all—successful business woman, writer, TV personality—and then lost it all. Facing a season of desperation, Dorothy turned back to God and went on a forty-day fast, after which the Lord led her to walk a wooden cross from Florida to DC, which became an eight-year journey. With no bank account, credit cards, or income, she was forced to give God complete and total faith for all her daily needs. This would prove to be an essential lesson on faith as her journey across the states came to an end.

October 24-25, 2019

The Last Prophecies...Part 1

The Last Prophecies...Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino

News: Marvin McElvany

Guest: Bill Salus

The LAST Prophecies is book three in an end times prophecies book series. It is the sequel to The NOW Prophecies and The NEXT Prophecies.The LAST Prophecies explores the biblical prophecies listed below that happen within the first 3 ½ years of the dreaded Seven-Year Tribulation Period. •The Terminal Generation (What it is and How to Escape it)•How Israel Gains World Renown after Ezekiel 38•The Coming Third Jewish Temple•Supernatural Signs and Lying Wonders•The Harlot Religion of “Mystery Babylon”•The 144,000 Hebrew Evangelists•The Two Witnesses•A Worldwide Christian Revival •The 3 Phases of Christian Martyrdom•The Seven Seal Judgments •The Seven Trumpet Judgments•The Unholy Harlot and Antichrist Alliance•The Ten Kings and Other Kings in the TribulationAncient prophecies are about to roll off of their parchments and pound down on the pavement packing a powerful global punch. Don’t get LEFT BEHIND to face The LAST Prophecies of the Tribulation Period!

October 28-29, 2019

Jezebel's War With America...Part 1 

Jezebel's War With America...Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino

News: Marvin McElvany

Guest: Michael L Brown

Jezebel died 3,000 years ago. But her spirit lives today.

Jezebel was the most wicked woman in the Bible, a powerful seductress who killed the prophets, led Israel into idolatry and immorality, and emasculated men. She was seductive and determined to snuff out the voices coming against her, because these voices were calling out for repentance.

In twenty-first-century America, Jezebel is not a person. But it’s as if the spirit of Jezebel is alive again today. The influence of the same demonic force is being felt in the massive increase of pornography and sexual temptation, the militant spirit of abortion, the rise of radical feminism, and most importantly, in the attempt to silence prophetic voices. Just as Jezebel clashed with strong men almost three thousand years ago, the demonic spirit of Jezebel is powerful in America, and it is going after the church.

October 30-31, 2019

Progressive Evil...Part 1

Progressive Evil...Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino

News: Marvin McElvany

Guest: LTC Robert L. Maginnis

Progressive Evil confirms that Western humanity as we know it is on a downward spiral thanks in part to cultural Marxism: a social and political movement that promotes unreason and irrationality through the guise of various social justice causes. That ideology deliberately deceives and disarms the malleable, unsuspecting masses and is the tool of contemporary progressives, an evil cabal represented by a stable filled with Democratic Party presidential candidates. Progressive Evil reveals in 19 chapters that: