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Deliver Us From Evil Bundle

SKU: G1049


These two DVD studies will attempt to inform and incite action to battle Evil. It will reinforce the fact that we worship an all-powerful, supernatural God, and if God is supernatural, His Word is a supernatural book.

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In Part 1 of the series, we began examining the first of 3 rebellions found in Genesis 1-11 that unleashed the forces of evil upon the world and mankind. In Part 2, we will study the rebellion of the “sons of God” found in Genesis chapter 6. We will learn the identity of these sons of God and the profound and ominous effect this rebellion had on humanity. We will discover how this rebellion was part of a diabolical plan to annihilate the human race, and how the Flood was actually the event that saved mankind. We will lay the groundwork to understand how this series of events actually “gave birth” to the spiritual entities that would subsequently be worshipped as what we today would call pagan gods.

Deliver Us From Evil (Part 2)

The Birth of the gods

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus specifically taught His disciples to pray, “…deliver us from evil.”

While we here in the United States have enjoyed a relatively peaceful existence, it seems that the Gates of Hell were opened in 2020, and the citizens of this country (and all of humanity, for that matter) have been assaulted on every side by the oppressive forces of evil from the spiritual realm. It has gotten so bad that even secular individuals are publicly proclaiming that we are under attack from evil spiritual forces. Cutting Edge Ministries has produced this teaching series to give all who are seeking the truth answers as to where the attacks originate and to provide a path for victory over Evil.

Please stay with us for the entire series, as there is much to be learned and applied to give Bible-believing individuals the biblical path to deliverance from the evil entities that are attacking mankind today.