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Disarming the Powers of Darkness Gift Offer Zoom

Disarming the Powers of Darkness Gift Offer

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    Disarming the Powers of Darkness is about personal victory for you and your home in Spiritual Warfare. As the second scripture above proclaims, our utmost responsibility as Christians is to rescue those being led away to death. We cannot shrink from it. It is because of this that both of us feel so passionately about this issue. Our goal is to teach and live biblical truths, expose Satan’s ploys, and lift up Jesus Christ as the only hope. And we hope that by what is written here you too will be inspired and will strive to do likewise. However, we’ve already used two words that confuse, even frighten many today —"Spiritual Warfare." But fear not, you can have victory and you can win in the spiritual war! In the nineteen-eighties and nineties, we heard lots of discussion about "Spiritual Warfare." Just about everywhere you looked within Christendom someone was talking about some form of "Warfare." It became chic. In the process, excesses surfaced, demonism and deliverance became frightening for some, and true victory in Christ became obscured and seemed unattainable for many. There truly is no shortage of differing views on this controversial issue. Some evangelicals and fundamentalists exhibit confusion on the issue by ignoring some of the more intense aspects of spiritual warfare such as demon possession. On the other hand, some pentecostal and charismatic believers tend to see a demon behind every door and under every rock, when in fact many of the sicknesses and sins plaguing mankind are simply a continuation of original sin (Genesis 3). Furthermore those caught in the trap of liberalism completely disavow any intrusion of the Devil and thus are easy targets for his deceptions. So what is the truth and where is the balance?
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