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Ending in Revelation DVD (16 Sessions) Jeff Swanson

SKU: X1472


Jeff Swanson teaches from eternity and works backward to today covering 2500+ prophetic verses still to be fulilled.

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Ending in Revelation DVD (16 Sessions)

Empowers You to Answer Tough Questions .Today truth is attacked from every media source in an all out assault against your faith. We have an exciting new resource available to annihilate doubt and disbelief as you continue your quest for truth.  This 16-hour DVD series takes you on a journey that delves deeper into the final chapters of God’s plan clarifying the 2,500+ verses of prophecy still yet to be fulfilled. It Starts with eternity and works back to today. These questions are clearly answered:

  • What does the Bible say eternity looks likes?
  • What are the two-possible destinies every person faces?
  • What does the earth look like after Jesus returns?
  • What does the future resurrection look like?

What makes the concept of the rapture so controversial?