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Epicenter: Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your Future – Joel Rosenberg

by Joel Rosenberg
SKU: S924


THE EYES OF THE WORLD ARE ON THE EPICENTER: Iran’s president vows to wipe Israel ‘off the map’ and says the end of the world is just two or three years away. A leading U.S. presidential candidate says that if Iran goes nuclear, ‘we could have Armageddon.’ Russia signs a billion-dollar arms deal with Iran and helps Iran build nuclear facilities. The president of the United States refuses to rule out preemptive nuclear strikes to stop Iran. What does the future hold?

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Epicenter: Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your Future

With over one million novels in print, New York Times best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg has been called “eerily prophetic” and a “modern Nostradamus” for his uncanny ability to write political thrillers that come true. In his first nonfiction book, this evangelical Christian from an Orthodox Jewish heritage takes readers on an unforgettable journey through prophecy and current events into the future of Iraq after Saddam, Russia after Communism, Israel after Arafat, and Christianity after radical Islam. You won’t want to miss Joel’s exclusive interviews with Israeli, Palestinian, and Russian leaders, and previously classified CIA and White House documents. Similar to the approach Joel takes in his novels, his desire is to draw readers into stories, anecdotes, and predictions in a way that builds confidence that allows Joel to share his faith in Jesus Christ and the reliability of Scripture as a guide to understanding the past and the future.

Drawing on his experience in Washington, his own exclusive interviews with world leaders, and his astute political acumen, Joel makes sense of the events surrounding the Middle East. He connects information in a way that will make you understand and really care about the world’s most important events and how they impact your life–from gas prices to your bank account.

Epicenter is about:
Change–big changes, dramatic changes, changes that will transform the world as we know it
Answers–what the changes are underway in the world’s most important countries
Insight–readers will understand the trajectory of world events by being taken inside the governments of Iran, Iraq, Russia, China, and more
Accessibility–aimed for a wide audience in both the general and Christian markets
Faith–Joel shares his faith in Jesus Christ and the reliability of Scripture

Epicenter will answer questions like:
Will Iraq go from bad to worse? Will Israel and her Arab neighbors find peace, or is another major Middle East war just around the corner? If the new, post-Soviet Russia is our friend, why is the Kremlin creating a new class of thermonuclear weapons and building an alliance with radical Islam?

312 pages