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Genesis 3 Bundle (Book & DVD) Carl Gallups & Mike Hoggard

SKU: G719


This bundle includes two dynamic teachings over Genesis 3: The book God’s of Ground Zero and the DVD set The Seeds.

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Genesis 3 Bundle (Book & DVD) Carl Gallups & Mike Hoggard

This bundle includes two dynamic teachings over Genesis 3.

Gods of Ground Zero: The Truth of Eden’s Iniquity BOOK BY CARL GALLUPS


  • Did you know the Bible tells us exactly where the original Garden of Eden was located?
  • Have you ever wondered what really happened in the Garden?
  • What is the full truth of why the Garden was created in the first place?
  • Was the Garden serpent really a walking-talking snake?
  • Did Jesus reveal deep secrets about the Garden of Eden?
  • Did you know that Jesus actually mentioned the Garden of Eden while He was on the cross?
  • Exactly what is it that Satan, and the demonic realm, is so desperately trying to hide from us?
  • How does what happened in the Garden directly relate to today s world, our personal lives, our walk with the Lord, and where eternity is actually headed?
The Bible actually reveals the explosive answers to all of these questions, and so many more like them. Now, you will know the important truth.

The Seeds: The Seed of the Woman Vs. The Seed of the Serpent DVD SET BY MICHAEL HOGGARD 

A war exists between God and Satan involving “the seed” of the woman and the seed of the Serpent. In this DVD, we lay the foundation for understanding the prophetic importance of the seed—the Seed of the woman v. the seed of the Serpent.

About Pastor Michael Hoggard: Few pastors in America possess such a deep and keen insight into the workings of Secret Societies and in Freemasonry. Pastor Hoggard further understands the role Freemasonry played in the formation of America, as he has studied the individual Founding Fathers very well. Hoggard also understands spiritual warfare and how it is impacting this world today and its current leadership, both political and religious. In fact, Hoggard is very aware of the unique prophetic role which this era is playing in world events; time and time again, Hoggard will demonstrate which news events are fulfilling prophetic Scripture right in front of your eyes. Pastor Hoggard uses the King James Bible exclusively and gently demonstrates its inherent superiority.