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Jewish Roots Book & Calendar – Larry Stamm

by Larry Stamm
SKU: G792


This collection features the book Jewish Roots of Christianity and the 16-month calendar based on the book.

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Jewish Roots Book & Calendar – Larry Stamm

This collection features two outstanding items from Larry Stamm:

Jewish Roots of Christianity BOOK Discovering your Jewish roots means discovering your Biblical roots! In one sense it may be stated that the gospels are simply a Jewish debate among Jewish people about the true identity of a Jewish man, Jesus. And the story takes place in the Holy Land, Israel. Now what could be more Jewish than that? In “Jewish Roots of Christianity: A Biblical Survey of Redemptive History from Genesis to Revelation”, Larry Stamm, a first-generation Holocaust survivor and Jewish follower of Jesus, examines the religion of the Old Testament and in its ultimate fulfillment in the messianic hope as detailed in page after page of the New Testament. Jesus himself challenges us to “search the Scriptures…it is these which bear witness of me” (John 5:39). In this biblical survey, Larry Stamm introduces such topics as the gospel in the Old Testament, how the Feasts of Israel point to the person and work of Messiah Jesus, the historical interaction between Biblical Judaism and New Testament faith, and more.

Jewish Roots of Christianity 16-Month CALENDAR The Southwest Radio Church Calendar has been produced and enjoyed by many thousands of our supporters for several decades. This year we are focusing on the Jewish Roots of Christianity. The script for this calendar was written by Larry Stamm, and it is based on his book Jewish Roots of Christianity. The calendar features all major biblical/Jewish and Israeli holidays, plus U.S. holidays. All dates are in both Jewish and Gregorian systems. Each day contains Scripture references to help you read through the Bible in a year. You will be blessed by the gorgeous photos and artwork!

Each month spotlights an event in Jewish history and prophecy:

  • September 2022 – The Feast of Trumpets
  • October 2022 – Day of Atonement
  • November 2022 – Road to Emmaus
  • December 2022 – Jesus Is Born in Bethlehem
  • January 2023 – The Scriptures
  • February 2023 – Justification by Faith
  • March 2023 – His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful…
  • April 2023 – Passover
  • May 2023 – Feast of Weeks
  • June 2023– Mediator of the New Covenant
  • July 2023 – Substitutionary Atonement and Resurrection
  • August 2023 – A Better Sacrifice
  • September 2023 – The Fall Feasts of Israel
  • October 2023 – Scripture Fulfilled
  • November 2023 – As It Is Written
  • December 2023 – Feast of Dedication

Our prayer is that those who receive this calendar will be encouraged and have their faith strengthened. For those who are unsaved, our prayer is that the convicting power of the Holy Spirit will bring you to Christ. Part of the proceeds from this calendar go to the Onesimus Prison Ministry, and when you order a calendar, a calendar is also sent to a prisoner!



Book & Calendar