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    Is it possible that there exists a Master Blue Print from ancient times that lies behind everything that’s happening before our eyes? Could events that transpired almost 3000 years ago be determining the news of modern times, the people of modern times, and the events that have changed our lives? Could this ancient mystery not only have foretold the events of our times, but actually given the timing as to when they were to take place – pinpointing the year – and in some cases the month, the date, and even the hour? As unbelievable as it sounds – it’s real - the blueprint actually exists. And what would happen if you could open it right now? If you had known The Paradigm years ago, you could have actually marked into your calendar the calendar the timing of one of the most momentous events in history – years before it happened and before anyone knew it would – down to the exact date. Jonathan Cahn, the author of The Harbinger and The Book of Mysteries now reveals the master blueprint of our times: THE PARADIGM. The Paradigm… - Not only reveals the events of our day – but the people of our day – from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton – and even Donald Trump. - It gives the exact times that world leaders are allotted to be on the world stage - It has foretold the outcome of American elections – including the last one – when every major poll said the opposite. - It has foretold Osama Bin Laden and revealed his assassination and when it would take place - It has pinpointed the most pivotal news event of our times down to the year, the month, the week, the date – and even the hour. - It reveals the secrets and scandals of high places, and from heaven’s viewpoint - even pagan worship in the White House - What does it reveal is happening right now – that even the media has no idea of? - How has the ancient paradigm already affected your life? - How are all of us replaying it? - What does it say will happen in the future? - And what is the warning it contains crucial for all of us to know THE PARADIGM – the book that will stun you, amaze you, and change the way you see the world The Book you can’t afford NOT to read • And don’t miss THE PARADIGM UNCENSORED - The Full Revelation DVD Album I & II which will reveal what could never be revealed before. • It not only includes the full revelation but you’ll be given exclusive information, material, and revelations so explosive that they’re not even in the book and you can’t get anywhere else in the world! • It’s totally uncensored – including such revelations not in the book as - The 9th of Tammuz Mystery – The mystery behind the Arch of Baal – The time parameters of Donald Trump - The 4000 year old mystery that determined the election of 2016 – And much more - Not to mention the story behind The Paradigm – and what the future holds • 2 Special Albums – each with 4 complete DVDs including The Mystery of Days – The War of Thrones – Final Revelations & the harbingers of things to come – a total of 8 1 hour DVDs • In which Jonathan Cahn will personally open for you the mysteries of the ancient blueprint that are manifesting and affecting your world right now - and what lies ahead in the future. ALBUM I includes…. The Master Blueprint The Mystery of the King The Mystery of the Queen The Mystery of the Nemesis ALBUM II includes… The Mystery of Days The Days of the Heir The War of Thrones Final Revelations & Things To Come You will be stunned! You cannot afford to miss opening up and discovering the revelations in THE PARADIGM the book and THE PARADIGM UNCENSORED – The Full Revelation 8 DVD ALBUM
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