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Journey Through The Ark Encounter Book and Poster Zoom

Journey Through The Ark Encounter Book and Poster

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    Take an amazing tour through the pages of this book as the world’s true history is shared through unique, world-class exhibits. Experience the reality of Noah’s Ark, an immense wooden ship built to biblical dimensions to survive the violent forces of the global Flood. See common-sense solutions that would have enabled eight people to care for the animals. Discover the Ark’s remarkable animal kinds, based on a multi-year study of both living and extinct creatures. Now experience a special overview of the 120,000-square foot Ark Encounter that includes: - Detailed displays of the architecture of the Ark, pre-Flood world, intelligence of ancient man, as well as design features and living quarters for the family - Sensible solutions for collecting water, removing waste, and minimizing manual labor with effective cage designs - Beautiful photos that capture the quality and artistic beauty of this extraordinary presentation of the Genesis account. Far from being a fairy tale or a myth, the Ark Encounter challenges believers to realize that the Book of Genesis accurately records the history of real events. Every inch of this timber-framed structure challenges the secular attacks on Scripture. Featuring designs based on clues from ancient cultures, the Ark Encounter brings the biblical account to life and shows that humanity does have its roots in the courageous, faithful family that trusted God Poster in 12" x 16"
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