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Last Days Diary: A Journal Analyzing Today’s Most Crucial End-Times Issues and Events – Terry James

SKU: S1143


There is no better author than Terry James to clearly present geopolitical events through the lens of Bible prophecy. He tells the reader exactly how world affairs fit into pre-trib, pre-mil, dispensationalist theology, and does so in the most unique, poignant, and delightfully encouraging way. This diary, written over a period of two years, shows remarkable insight into what the Bible teaches about the end of the age.

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Last Days Diary: A Journal Analyzing Today’s Most Crucial End-Times Issues and Events – Terry James

Is this generation looking the end of the world squarely in the face? Many fears are wrapped up in global issues and events and whether they signal “doomsday,” or the end of the world as we know it. That is the very thing this book is all about.

In his weekly commentaries for, the number-one Bible prophecy site on the Internet, Terry James carefully analyzes the scenarios that Jesus and the prophets of the Bible foretold will precede Christ’s Second Coming. Last-Days Diary presents these commentaries in a journal format to give a running narrative of what in the world has been going on for the past two years. This insight helps readers know what to make of headlines and happenings in light of biblical prophecy, and it unveils just how near we are to the Tribulation hour.

  • Israel is back in the Holy Land and in the spotlight of world attention.
  • Jerusalem is the cause of great controversy.
  • The world’s monetary systems are in chaos.
  • Computer and surveillance technologies threaten to end liberty around the globe.

The progression of these prophesied issues and the march of these unfolding events ignites a burning necessity to look more deeply into these matters so critical to our immediate future.