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Mount Sinai in Arabia Book - Joel Richardson

by Joel Richardson
SKU: S1557


The true location of Mount Sinai revealed!

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Mount Sinai in Arabia presents a clear case in laymen’s terms for the true location of Mount Sinai.

Mount Sinai is the very place where God’s presence was revealed in “a blazing fire” (Hebrews 12:18). This is the mountain where Elijah fled to and heard the “still small” voice of God (1 Kings 19). It is also likely the place where Paul the apostle traveled to shortly after his conversion experience to receive a fuller revelation of his gospel from Heaven. It is a mountain that is literally drenched with divine history. So where is Mount Sinai?

The debate over where the true Mount Sinai is located goes back thousands of years. Since the popularization of the view that Jebel al-Lawz in Saudi Arabia is the real location by American explorers Ron Wyatt, Bob Cornuke, and Jim and Penny Caldwell, the debate has only raged all the more. Join New York Times bestselling author and internationally recognized teacher Joel Richardson as he explores the many reasons why this controversial location is by far the best candidate for the true “Mountain of God.”

With the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia presently building a mega-city known as Neom around this ancient mountain, Mount Sinai in Arabia highlights the many reasons why Jebel al-Lawz is by far the best candidate to be the true “Mountain of God.”

Complete with more than fifty full-color photographs and maps, Mount Sinai in Arabia looks at:

  • the biblical evidence for Mount Sinai being in the land of Midian;
  • Mount Sinai in ancient Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions;
  • the evidence that Paul journeyed to Mount Sinai;
  • the discovery of Moses’ altar and the golden calf altar;
  • a massive split rock located near Jebel al-Lawz;
  • Egyptian-like petroglyphs depicting cows;
  • paintings of archers guarding the base of the mountain;
  • Jethro’s caves;
  • … And much more.
200 pages