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Offerings and Contributions

Since its inception in 1933, Southwest Radio Ministries has been funded through the generous support of its listeners. For more than 80 years, this ministry has depended upon the Lord to provide the funds needed to continue to proclaim the blessed hope we have in the Lord Jesus Christ and His soon return.

However, most Christians are simply not aware of the expenses it takes to operate a Christian radio ministry. General operating expenses to operate Southwest Radio Ministries, including radio time, salaries for 28 full-time employees, computer and technical equipment, building upkeep, electric and water bills, postage, paper, printing, and other miscellaneous expenses comes to $250,000 for one month.

We continually strive to be good stewards of the funds with which God entrusts us. Every offering or contribution given to Southwest Radio Ministries general fund goes toward the operating expenses listed above.

In addition, we support several missionary efforts, including Pakistan, Russia, China, and our own prison ministry.

NOTE: If you donate through our website, only click the submit button once. If you click more than once, this may result in double and triple charges to your credit card. If you are unsure if your donation was processed, please call 1-800-652-1144 and we will be more than glad to verify your donation was submitted.

If you feel the Lord leading you to support Southwest Radio Ministries, we are privileged to have you as our partner in faith.

There are several ways to give to our ministry:

  • Online on our website by using your credit card
  • Call our toll-free line at 1-800-652-1144
  • Mail in an offering to Southwest Radio Ministries, P.O. Box 100, Bethany, OK 73008

All donations to Southwest Radio Ministries are tax-deductible.

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