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Out of the Night and Into the Light – Cynthia Esters

SKU: B216


The New Age Movement Exposed!

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Out of the Night and Into the Light: A True Story of One Woman’s Struggle

There is presently a spiritual conspiracy being perpetrated against the hearts and minds of people throughout the world. Its ultimate mission – to discredit the only true living God. The label on the package reads “New Age.”

From transcendental meditation to the power of positive thinking, New Age thought and its attendant belief system denies the need for submission and obedience to God – the God who reveals Himself through the pages of the Holy Bible. Rather, the New Age movement avows that you can ultimately become a god through creating your own reality. New Age devotees believe that they can become “empowered” through the practice of, and obedience to, doctrines that diametrically oppose the Word of God.

This booklet is the personal experience of Cynthia Esters with New Age doctrine which spanned a period of twenty years. During that time, she sincerely believed that she was following after the things of God. In this booklet, you will discover that she was sincerely wrong.