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Project Stargate (5 DVD Set) Tom Horn

SKU: X1521


This 5 volume DVD collection features interview by some of today’s top experts on the End-Times Alien Agenda.

In stock

Project Stargate (5 DVD Set) Tom Horn

Twelve of the world’s leading authorities on UFO’S, so-called Aliens, gods, and a coming “day of contact” reveal everything you need to know about the imminent “official disclosure” moment in this never-before released series of private interviews from the SkyWatch TV vault.

Guests include:

  • Chuck Missler
  • Joe Jordan
  • Paul McGuire
  • Joyce Ahrens
  • Michael Heiser
  • Guy Malone
  • Russ Dizdar
  • Stan Deyo
  • Cris Putnam
  • Derrel Sims
  • L.A.Marzulli. 

This massive, 5 DVD Collection will provide HOURS of fascinating disclosure-related content NOT AVAILABLE anywhere else!