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Prophetic Messages for America Bundle (3 DVDs) Michael Samuel Smith

SKU: G711


This bundle includes three dynamic Bible teaching DVDs from Michael Samuel Smith.

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Prophetic Messages for America Bundle (3 DVDs) Michael Samuel Smith

This bundle includes three dynamic Bible teaching DVDs from Michael Samuel Smith.

American Destiny 400 Years 

Are there parallels between America’s early history and ancient Israel’s? Join us as we take a trip back in time and discover how America as we know it came to be. We begin with the story of Columbus in 1492. You may be surprised to know there is much more to his story that you have never heard. From there we fast-forward to the colonization of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607. There is a love story there unlike any you have ever heard! Lear about Pocahontas’s being America’s first princess and her audience with the Queen of England. In this video you will get the real history of the pilgrims and how their colony became the foundation of our great nation. Just as God instructed Joshua to place twelve stones in the promise land as a memorial, our forefathers left us a memorial as well, a memorial that most Americans are not aware of. You will learn how the geography of America is a typing shadow of the tabernacle in the wilderness, how William Bradford  was a type of Joshua and Dr. Martin Luther King was a type of Moses. At the end of the video I interview a very special guest, Pastor Dan Fisher,  who tells us the story of the Black Robed Regiment. You will learn that it was preachers who assisted General Washington in securing our victory on the American Revolution.

The Cyrus Effect 

This DVD contains two historical films—“The Cyrus Effect” and “The Revival of the Modern Hebrew Language.” “The Cyrus Effect” is a high-definition film describing many events that took place in 1917 and 1948, including the 1967 Six-Day War in Israel. There are also many parallels between King Cyrus and our president, Donald J. Trump, that will surprise you. The second film which is about 16 minutes in length, is a lesson on how the modern Hebrew language was created by one man—namely, Eliezer Ben Yehuda, and was filmed on the corner of  Ben Yehuda Street in modern Jerusalem in 2014. We believe you will be amazed at all the “golden nuggets” in both films. Mike shares a number of historic talking points that have never been made public by the established media. We believe that after watching this DVD, you will be greatly inspired as you see the hand of God connect the Hebrew people, time after time, with their Eternal City.

The Mystery of the Red Heifer

Would you believe that two cows born in America in 2014 with the number 7 on their foreheads are a sign from God for America?
  1. In Part 1, join investigative reporter Michael Samuel Smith and his research team as they travel to Gatesville, Texas, to interview the owner of a red heifer named Shemaiah and make comparisons between that one and the one born in Pennsylvania.
  2. In Part 2, see what God told Israel to do with a red heifer and why. You will also learn what is happening in Israel today.
  3. In Part 3, see how Jesus the Messiah fulfilled all the types and shadows of the red heifer 2,000 years ago.
Aside from this DVD being the most detailed film ever made about this subject, it gives you a front row seat to view an entertaining production you will thoroughly enjoy. Shar it with your friends, relatives. church and others, so they too can be stirred by the knowledge and the beauty of some of God’s wonders/creations and mysteries of Christ.
3 DVDs