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Revelation: Are We In Earth's Final Hour? Volume 2 Zoom

Revelation: Are We In Earth's Final Hour? Volume 2

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    The control of the earth that Adam transferred to Satan is documented in Heaven in the form of a Title Deed of the Earth. As we take up our study in Revelation chapter 5, we are given by God in this inspired account the details of the exercising of this title deed. As with any deed that is held by a lienholder, payment for the property will eventually come due. In volume 2 and following, we become witnesses to this payment and the judgment for the abuse of said property by those who were entrusted with its care. The Book with Seven Seals, a seven-sealed scroll, is this very title deed, and as the Lord Jesus Christ breaks each of these seals, the demand for payment is executed. Volume 2 details the breaking of the first four of the seven seals, and with the breaking of each of these seals, the lien-holder (God) allows the empowerment of Satan and his minions their opportunity to exercise their will over the earth and mankind. The manifestation of the will of Satan is illustrated as 4 horsemen who are loosed and empowered to work their evil will over the planet earth and its inhabitants. The results are both tragic and devastating: " Satan will install his man to rule the earth over a one-world government " This ruler will deceive the Jews into believing he is their long-awaited Messiah and the savior of the world by instituting world peace. " However, because this is a false peace, war will break out that reveals the evil that controls the planet. " Subsequently, there will be famine, pestilence, and death to more than one-third of the earths inhabitants " Finally, the world ruler will declare war on the Jews and set up his image in a rebuilt Jewish Temple.
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