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Revelation: Are We In Earth's Final Hour? Zoom

Revelation: Are We In Earth's Final Hour?

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    We are going to examine areas which no other teacher has even addressed, but you should expect this kind of in-depth valuable information from Cutting Edge Ministries! Jesus wrote this prophetic book through John the Apostle, addressing: 7 Christian Churches in Asia Minor 7 Prophetic Seals 7 Trumpet Judgments 7 Histories (Persons) 7 Bowls (Vials) 7 Judgments (Dooms) 7 New Things Since God considers the number Seven as His Perfect Number, we can see that God is offering a final prophetic book which consists of 7 subjects, each of which contains 7 events. A Divinely Perfect Book in all ways! We are living in an age in which the question, Is there any hope for mankind? seems to become more relevant with each passing hour. Every waking hour is filled with reports of a new crisis, new disasters, new terror threats, and the realization that the fate of all of mankind is spinning out of control. Additionally, this generation is facing more onslaughts of pure evil than has ever been witnessed in the entire history of man. As we search for answers, we must realize that God has given us a guidebook to prepare us for the future, and that guidebook is none other than the last book of the BibleThe Book of Revelation. While there have been any who have taught and studied this book, most who teach it either teach it out of the context of the balance of the Word of God or fail to ask the hard questions surrounding the prophecies in this book. We at Cutting Edge Ministries are presenting this series to provide answers to not only the mysteries of this book, but also to deal with difficult subjects and answer the hard questions.
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