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Seven Lies We’re Being Told About America (DVD) Dan Fisher

SKU: X1016


How often have you heard that the Constitution demands a “strict separation between church and state” or that “deists and atheists” founded America? Are these statements true?

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Seven Lies We’re Being Told About America (DVD) Dan Fisher

In this informative DVD, Dan Fisher proposes that most Americans are completely unaware of the “true” history of our nation’s founding, and consequently they believe things that simply are not true, or we are unable to defend the truth even if we know it. In this presentation, he discusses seven of the most often told and believed lies about America.

Dan Fisher serves as the chief elder and senior pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon, Oklahoma. As a pastor who is actively engaged in the fight to return America to its founding principles, Dan speaks from the perspective of one who is on the “front lines.”