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Sites of Interest

The list of websites below are some we feel that our listeners will find informative about Israel and the signs of the times in which we live.

The websites listed below do not constitute an endorsement of everything espoused or found on those websites.

  • World Net Daily—Joseph Farrah, a Christian Arab-American, presents news about Israel, the Middle East, the NASCO Corridor, the North American Union, and religious and moral issues from a Christian and pro-Israel perspective.
  • Bulletin of Atomic Scientists—The Doomsday Clock and world military and nuclear issues.
  • Spy Chips Threat—Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre have the latest information on use of RFID chips to track consumers without their knowledge.
  • Eternal Productions—Jim Tetlow offers Christian DVDs and materials on creation and end-times Bible prophecy.
  • Arutz Sheva or Israel National News—A conservative religious Jewish newsite with latest news about Israel.
  • Debka File—News about Arab military tactics, politics, and espionage in the Middle East from a pro-Israel perspective.
  • Koenig's International News—Conservative Christian pro-Israel newsite.
  • Joel Rosenberg—Hailed as a "modern Nostradamus," Joel Rosenberg is the author of The Last JihadThe Ezekiel Option, and Epicenter. Joel's uncanny ability to foretell current events in the Middle East before they happen is based on his analysis of biblical prophecies in both Old and New Testaments.
  • Temple Institute—Information about how the Temple Institute in Jerusalem is preparing to rebuild the Temple and reinstitute Temple worship. Rabbi Chaim Richman is director of the International Department at the Temple Institute.
  • Institute of Creation Research—Christian scientists who provide evidence that proves that biblical account of creation.
  • Aish—Jewish religious site. Place a prayer in the Wailing Wall by email.
  • Eternal Path—Specializes in revealing the dangers of New Age religions, including the Emerging Church, refuting their beliefs with what Scripture actually says.
  • Arabic Bible on the Internet—Allows you to read the Bible in Arabic.
  • Watchman Fellowship—Provides resources and information on cults, world religions, and Christian apologetics. Go to Watchman for more information.
  • The Weather Space—Go to to sign up for Kevin Martin's free email weather alerts.