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Strength for the Battle: Wisdom and Insight to Equip You for Spiritual Warfare – Francis Frangipane

by Francis Frangipane
SKU: S1784


Author Francis Frangipane empowers the reader each day to yield to Jesus, pray, love and fight to destroy the works of darkness. This daily devotional makes a perfect gift.

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Strength for the Battle: Wisdom and Insight to Equip You for Spiritual Warfare

Pursue holiness, engage in effective spiritual warfare, and find strength to stand against the enemy.

This book of daily readings will help you learn that spiritual warfare begins with holiness as you examine the three arenas of spiritual warfare that every maturing Christian will face: the mind, the church, and the invisible spiritual realm. You will find strength to stand against the enemy by focusing on:
• Areas of darkness in their hearts that the Lord wants to expose
• Unity and love—two keys that unlock the power of God to move
• Jesus and the power He gives to contend in the heavenly realm

This balanced, biblical view of spiritual warfare will arm you with the discernment, wisdom, and insight you need for taking ground in your life and contending with unseen spiritual forces all around you.

About the Author

Francis Frangipane is the founding pastor of River of Life Ministries in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which he began in 1989. Publication of Francis’s book The Three Battlegrounds fueled demand for him as an international conference speaker. Frangipane is well known for his efforts in uniting thousands of church leaders in hundreds of cities around the world. The author has also been a frequent guest on Christian television programs and has been profiled in several Christian magazines. His online school, In Christ’s Image Training, has students in over 120 nations.
192 pages