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The Ahriman Gate – Tom Horn with Nita Horn

SKU: S1817


A fictional story about the real truths that have been hidden from us.

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The Ahriman Gate – Tom Horn with Nita Horn

Some gates should not be opened!

This supernatural thriller tells the incredible story of a young Marine and his sister who discover information connecting the U.S. Government with UFO’s.

“…brings the reader face to face with the return of the Nephilim… a little too close for some folks!” — Dr. Lynn Marzulli, Best Selling Author Of

“…the world is right on schedule, winding down. Our redemption is ever closer…” — Cal Thomas, LA Times Syndicate, on the Transgenic Research of The Ahriman Gate

“Dr. and Mrs. Horn are obviously conversant with ancient Biblical sources, and make good use of it in their novel.” — Legendary Ufologist Dr. I.D.E. Thomas

“Scared the Hades out of me! Then I realized, that’s what it’s SUPPOSED to do!” — Historian of the Year, Egyptologist Dr. Donald C. Jones

“Thomas Horn… has got his answers, and I’ve got to tell you, they’ll put chills down your spine!” — Barbara Simpson, The Babe in the Bunker, On Coast to Coast

Tom and Nita Horn are at the top of the game and at the top of the list among conservative Christian ufologists. Perhaps as much as anyone, the Horn’s are routinely called upon to answer the question – what are UFOs/aliens from a biblical perspective? Their talents shine in The Ahriman Code, one of the most intense pieces of Christian fiction in a long time.