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The EMP Threat (DVD) Ambassador Henry Cooper

SKU: X1110


Ambassador Henry Cooper presents dynamic evidence for the EMP Threat.

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The EMP Threat (DVD) Ambassador Henry Cooper

Are we prepared if the nation’s electric grid suddenly went down? Are you? The grid is the most complex machine mankind has ever built. It supports all of our life-sustaining critical infrastructure. The possible, if not probable, threat from a Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Burst could easily take out the grid. In three days or less, social unrest would begin. Imagine your world with no food, no water, no sanitation, no medical care and no way to communicate. One of the top experts in the field, Ambassador Henry Cooper reveals declassified knowledge of the coming EMP threat.

Henry F. Cooper, chairman of Applied Research Associates and senior associate of the National Institute for Public Policy, was director of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization during the Bush administration and ambassador and U.S. chief negotiator at the Geneva Defense and Space Talks during the Reagan administration.