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The End of Humanity: Genetic Manipulation and Transhumanism (DVD) Billy Crone

by Billy Crone
SKU: X1449


Time for humanity is simply running out!

In stock

The End of Humanity: Genetic Manipulation and Transhumanism (DVD) Billy Crone

What if I were to tell you that virtually every plant species known to mankind is on the verge of going out of existence?
Then what if I were to inform you that all the animals on planet earth as we know them today are being genetically altered in ways that will have dreadful irreversible side effects?
Now, add to that the shocking news that mankind himself is being permanently modified inside and out to where the actual scientists and think tanks performing these dangerous experiments upon humanity even admit that if we keep this up, “there will be no true humans left.”
All three nightmarish scenarios are not only happening around the world as we speak, but there is virtually little to no oversight to stop them, which means our planet is being thrust headlong into a horrible apocalyptic ending of Biblical proportions. These grotesque and bizarre endeavors might be news to you, but they’re not to God. He actually warned us about them in the Bible some 2,000 years ago that they were a clear sign that Jesus Christ was getting ready to come back to this planet again and judge and put a stop to all this wicked rebellion. Time for humanity is simply running out!
Subjects covered on these 2 DVDs are:
1. Hybrids and the Return of Noah’s day
2. Human Hybrids ad the Coming Chimeras
3. Super Soldiers and the Battle of Armageddon
4. Transhumanism and the End of Humanity
Over 3 hours