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The Lost Shipwreck of Paul (Book and DVD Bundle) Bob Cornuke

SKU: G678


This book and DVD take a look at the documented specific find of all four 13-foot Alexandrian Roman anchors discussed in Acts 27:29 of the Holy Bible.

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The Lost Shipwreck of Paul (Book and DVD Bundle) Bob Cornuke

Get both the book and the DVD of The Lost Shipwreck of Paul.

In September of 2000, Bob Cornuke flew to Malta. That trip marked the start of nearly two years of research and discovery in search of the lost anchors described in Acts. The true story of The Lost Shipwreck of Paul reads like a gripping fiction novel, as Cornuke takes readers along with him into the investigation. Using techniques, he learned as a police officer and crime scene investigator, he probes each angle of the mystery. Cornuke takes you into his life experience to find the answer in The Lost Shipwreck of Paul. Suspense and drama unfold in this riveting, true account that presents one of the most astounding discoveries of the century. Page-by-page, it is history found and history made.

  • Was St. Paul’s Bay really the site of Paul’s shipwreck?
  • What route did Paul’s boat take, and where would that leave them when they dropped the anchors?
  • What type of boat was used, and what type of anchors would it have had?
  • Would the anchors have decayed over time?
  • What exactly happened on the night of the shipwreck?

Find out these answers and more in the book and DVD of The Lost Shipwreck of Paul.