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The Magic Man in the Sky – Carl Gallups

by Carl Gallups
SKU: S1801


In The Magic Man in the Sky, you will discover that there is an Intelligent Designer behind all creation, and His existence can indeed be proven.

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The Magic Man in the Sky – Carl Gallups

Are Christians just kidding themselves? Are believers wasting their lives serving an imaginary friend in the clouds? And do Christians even have the courage to confront the hard questions about God’s existence?

Carl Gallups does, and readers should be prepared for a gut-wrenching, exciting, and finally inspiring journey in his new blockbuster of Christian apologetics, The Magic Man in the Sky. Gallups directly addresses the doubts and fears of young Christians in a hostile culture. Seamlessly combining insights from history, quantum physics, and Scripture itself, Gallups addresses the existence of the divine, biblical truth, evolution, the path to salvation, and the meaning of life. He also tells how Christians can fearlessly and effectively defend their faith and take the Good News to an unbelieving world. In a time of doubt and darkness, Gallups brings a confident and joyful message that God loves us, life has a purpose, and best of all, he can prove it.

“One of the best defenses of a biblical world view currently available.” -Dr. Mark Foley, PhD. President, University of Mobile

“A muscular defense of the Christian faith.” – Washington Times ( Jeff Kuhner, columnist and host of the Kuhner Report – WRKO Boston.)

“A great job debunking evolutionists.”
-Jerry McGlothlin – Executive Producer – A LONG WAY OFF

“Strong biblical and scientific case for the validity of Christianity.”  – Dr. Ron Sturgis, CDR, CHC, US Navy

“A strong defense of the Christian faith!” – Dr. Dennis Brunet, PhD. Pastor, Adjunct Professor, NOBTS

242 pages