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The Mystery of the Red Heifer (DVD) Michael Samuel Smith

SKU: X1395


Two cows born in America in 2014 could be a sign from God for America.

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The Mystery of the Red Heifer (DVD) Michael Samuel Smith

Would you believe that two cows born in America in 2014 with the number 7 on their foreheads are a sign from God for America?
  1. In Part 1, join investigative reporter Michael Samuel Smith and his research team as they travel to Gatesville, Texas, to interview the owner of a red heifer named Shemaiah and make comparisons between that one and the one born in Pennsylvania.
  2. In Part 2, see what God told Israel to do with a red heifer and why. You will also learn what is happening in Israel today.
  3. In Part 3, see how Jesus the Messiah fulfilled all the types and shadows of the red heifer 2,000 years ago.
Aside from this DVD being the most detailed film ever made about this subject, it gives you a front row seat to view an entertaining production you will thoroughly enjoy. Shar it with your friends, relatives. church and others, so they too can be stirred by the knowledge and the beauty of some of God’s wonders/creations and mysteries of Christ.