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The Pilgrims (DVD) Bill Federer, Dennis Prager, Alveda King

SKU: X1532


DVD The Pilgrims, The Foundations of American Liberty Series, Presented by American Foundation Films

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The Pilgrims (DVD)

In these times of national uncertainty, it is important to rediscover our nation’s roots.

In 1620, the Pilgrims established Plymouth, Massachusetts. This was not British North America’s first colony. But the Pilgrims initiated a lot of positive things that are still with us to this day, such as recognizing our God-given, the importance of the rule of law, respect and tolerance toward others — even those who are different than us, the importance of free enterprise and self-government. Even our annual holiday of Thanksgiving gets back to them. To this day, America, despite all its flaws, is a dream for many around the world clamoring to come here. What is the Pilgrim story and why does it matter?

Here is a journey of discovery on the Pilgrims and their search for religious freedom.cThis is the first episode in The Foundation of American Liberty series by TV-producer and author Jerry Newcombe, highlighting the critical role that Judeo-Christian tradition played in the shaping of America.

Guests in this particular episode include: Dennis Prager, Paul Jehle, Leo Martin, Rod Gragg, William Wrestling Brewster, Bill Federer, and Alveda King.

Learn America’s true history – including this important early chapter and the long positive shadow the Pilgrims cast.

Approximate running time: 57:00 for the documentary. 20:00 bonus footage