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The Place: HaMakom Where Jerusalem’s Temples Stood – Ian Heard

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Take a captivating narrative journey of discovery from Adam to John as the mystery of the Place unfolds.

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The Place: HaMakom Where Jerusalem’s Temples Stood

Jewish dreams of a third temple on Temple Mount seem thwarted by the Islamic shrine the Dome of the Rock, or Qubbat As-Sakhrah. But was this where the biblical temples ever actually stood? What if this was never the correct site? What if there is nothing to prevent the temple being built on its actual correct site, the site known through the ages as the Place? Adam, Melchizedech, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, and many more through to Jesus and the apostles all have this in common: their lives and ministries centred around and related to what had become known as the Place. What is the Place? Where is it? And what is its extraordinary meaning and significance? Take a captivating narrative journey of discovery from Adam to John as the mystery of the Place unfolds.


Ian Heard’s book adds a unique fictional aspect to the growingmovement of people accepting the City of David location for the templesin Jerusalem. His perspective on how many biblical events convergeda tthis location brings many insightful possibilities to thetable.Especially moving are his heartfelt expressions of faith in andlove for the prophets and the Savior of the world.
Marilyn Sams, Author: The Jerusalem Temple Mount Myth

‘I Iove it, I love it!! This book is The Place to find your Place! ….. I share the view that the temple in Jerusalem was more likely to be found in the city of David rather than where the present western wall is situated.’
Barry Buirski, Celebrate Messian Ministry, Australia

From the Author

There is a site which became known throughout the Bible as The Place. In Hebrew it was called ha makom and this name was used by Abraham, and Jacob and David and Jeremiah and others–even by John in the New Testament. In fact, when David stood where Jacob had stood, he used the same words as Jacob had used, ‘this is the House of God (Bethel)’. Discover this site and learn its fascinating history in ‘THE PLACE Ha Makom: whereJerusalem’s temples stood’

About the Author

Ian is an Australian pastor, Bible teacher, and businessman who resides on Sydney’s magical northern beaches where he enjoys sailing, sharing his faith, and preaching–as well as writing.